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Testosterone Therapy For Women Helps Reestablish Optimum Hormone Balance

By Joshua Collins

A reduction of testosterone in the body is sometimes known as low T levels. Despite what many people think, it is a problem that concerns both males and females. The body of a woman produces it as well albeit in smaller quantities. Despite of this, such Male Hormone still plays various important roles among females. It's exactly due to this why testosterone therapy for women is something that many doctors suggest for dealing with an assortment of problems associated with low T levels.

The primary reason why females suffer from low T levels is aging. With the passing of years, the body tends to produce less and less hormones, including the one that's regarded as predominantly male. Such is inevitable just like a wide variety of other things associated with aging like the development of wrinkles, appearance of gray hair and blurring of vision.

Hormones are chemicals produced by various glands. They travel to different areas of the body via the bloodstream, and they affect the way certain cells and tissues function. Many different problems can come into being if the normal balance of hormones becomes disrupted due to a number of issues, and one of them is aging.

The aging process is not the only one that can trigger low T levels among women. Testosterone in males is manufactured by the testicles. In contrast, the same hormones are produced by a woman's ovaries. It's exactly for this reason why an imbalance in the hormones can stem from a medical procedure known as hysterectomy in which some or all parts of the uterus are eliminated surgically.

Aside from the predominantly male hormone, the female hormone referred to as estrogen can also decrease in amounts as a woman ages. In the past, doctors assumed that a reduction in estrogen is the one that's liable for the many unwanted menopause signs and symptoms. It's for this reason exactly why the leading treatment back then for menopausal women entailed reestablishing correct levels of estrogen.

Eventually, scientists confirmed that a reduction in the male hormone is also partly to blame for everything that makes menopause a totally annoying stage in a woman's life. This is the reason why therapy that aims to establish optimum levels of the male hormone came into being. These days, more and more females are benefiting from such treatment, not only menopausal ones but also those that have undergone hysterectomy.

While there are all sorts of benefits that come with the treatment, certain side effects are associated with it. However, such can be expected with practically any medical procedure imaginable. Some examples of side effects that are commonly reported include mood changes, headaches, nausea, indigestion, bloating, breast tenderness, leg cramps and swelling of certain areas of the body.

Prior to undergoing any type of hormone replacement therapy, it's important for a woman to carefully weigh the pros and cons. If the advantages easily outshine the disadvantages, then it is probably a good idea to push through with the treatment. Otherwise, other options for the attainment of relief should be explored.

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Testosterone Therapy For Women Helps Reestablish Optimum Hormone Balance


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