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How To Sell Anything Online (faster than Donald Trump can say “little Marco” or “lyin’ Ted”)

how to sell anything online


…faster than Donald Trump can say “little Marco” or “lyin’ Ted”

politics is friggin funny.

Politicians are marketers… only they lie a lot more.

Maybe I should have named the article:

“how to sell like a politician”

It takes a lot of brains to handle the truth, and the masses don’t have it… which is why you have to tell them what they feel comfortable with, to sell.

No one cares about the truth.

People would rather go buy a Tony Robbins book and read his crap than face reality and get rich… because reality is scary and takes balls.

Anyway, it is what it is, I don’t really care… you, I care about, so let me tell you how to sell anything online.

1 Motivate

There is nothing more powerful than motivation.

The other day a friend of mine (not really a friend, a few years ago they asked me to help them promote a useless product, I said no, you know I’m not into selling crap to the gullible, haven’t heard from them since) started a Fb page, they grew that page to 50k fans in a week… yep, in a week.


Just by uploading one video how Oprah was fired from her job at 23, how some famous artist became famous at 70 something years old and uplifting shit like that.

The video might be impressive for some, I became a millionaire at 21.

It was about 5 minutes long and got millions of views in a few days.

This is just one video.

He will surely make some quick cash, although Fb traffic is not the best.

People love motivational stuff, they love to hear inspiring stories, they make them feel good.

2 Entertain

The other I saw “Gladiator” again…. that slave buying fella told Maximus:

“win the crowd and you will win your freedom”

…or something like that.

He went to the arena, entertained the hell out of them and they were sold… they loved the guy and saved his life over and over.

The crowd wants to be entertained.

A few years ago I came across a sales video (don’t really have time to watch those videos anymore) that was funny as hell… the guy on the video spoke for 45 minutes and not once did they mention the product they were selling LOL…

…I laughed a lot and bought the product right away.

It took me a few years to get why these types of videos sold like Crazy, while my boring straight to the point such didn’t, yet you don’t have to waste that much time…

…you can just shoot crazy, entertaining videos and make crazy sales, or if you are not a video guy – Write crazy articles or social media posts or whatever you are comfortable with.

I’ve said it a lot of times:

“If you are a straight to the point person, marketing might be a bit tough”

3 Simplify

The real genius is in making things simple, any fool can complicate… and by the way most people like to make things look difficult, it makes them feel better than others…

…especially in the internet marketing niche.

When I started online It seemed like internet marketing and making Money online in general was impossible… but I had made millions offline, I knew business, I knew something was wrong with all those blogs publishing crap just to get traffic and shit.

Later on I started making money and It turned out I was right, most blogs only publish to complicate, I did not have time to prove it, neither did I need to, yet I said to myself:

“fuck this, people need a place where they could read about what actually matters. I have to put up a blog and publish as if I was talking to my friends… cause that’s what I think a blog should be about”

I’ve been doing so since and it makes me happy… and more importantly – it makes people happy.

The other day I got another comment from a cool fella how my blog was refreshing compared to the blogs they knew, it really made my day.

I’m not saying all this to show off, I want to show you how simplifying can make you successful.

4 Tool up

You can’t sell if you don’t have badass capture pages, sales funnels, an autoresponder, a video editing software and a few more tools.

You need to tool up.

The good stuff is not cheap, yet the cheap stuff is not good LOL.

You already knew that, but I’m mentioning it cause people always try to go cheap and buy some fucked up autoresponder that sends emails straight to spam, you don’t want that…

…you just have to find the money and invest.

I’ve set up a page with the good stuff, you can check it out if you want:

Let me know if you liked this article and stay awesome.

Fuck yes!


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How To Sell Anything Online (faster than Donald Trump can say “little Marco” or “lyin’ Ted”)


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