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7 Emotional Triggers That Will Incite Your Leads To Buy

Too often in the internet marketing space people will create great content for their audiences that although makes a lot of sense and talks up their products/services, they don’t fulfil its core function of SELLING.

Most content out there is juts far too logical, it provides a lot of valuable information but there just isn’t any “spark” and doesn’t incite readers to take the desired action to buy, do Business with you or even enter in their email address.

Truth is, people do not make decisions logically. People make decisions emotionally and justify logically.

Think about this, how many times have you bought something that you know you shouldn’t have? But you did it anyway and afterwards made an excuse as to why you should have.

Eg. I bought a pair of sneakers the other day because they were on special even though I already have 17 pairs at home. The girlfriend wasn’t happy when I got home but I justified my actions by saying I’ll use them at the gym. I probably won’t though lol.

As humans we all want to feel a certain way and as an entrepreneur your challenge is to tap into people’s emotions which inspire them to take action.

There are 7 different Emotional Triggers that can be utilized in order to inspire certain actions. I warn you that some can be manipulative, but please be ethical and use them to lift people up, rather than down.

1. Shame

Shame is that gut feeling when you know you should have or haven’t done something but you wish it could have been different. If you can position your readers to edge towards feeling ashamed, it will motivate them to do something so that they won’t actually be ashamed.

2. Emotional Pain

Emotional Pain stems from Practical Pain such as not having enough money because it can lead to feelings of loss, inadequacy, unworthiness. Someone who may not be able to pay for their family or are stuck in debtt

Find a practical pain, link it to an emotional consequence and provide your product/service as a solution.

3. Anger

Everyone is resentful of something. Employees feel angered when they’re made redundant, nations are in fury when their country is under attack. The key with Anger is you don’t have to create it. Find the reason why your Audience would feel anger, remind them of this emotion and get on the side of that anger which will drive your audience to take action.

4. Conspiracy

It’s much easier to believe that they’re failing because of some hidden secret or conspiracy… rather than taking personal responsibility. People always want to think that there’s some secret to achieving what it is that they desire and if you can entice your audience with their desired “secret”, the more likely they’ll listen to you.

5. Revenge

Everyone at some point in their life has had the urge to inflict harm or hurt to someone in return for something wrong done to oneself. Eg. A reason people join weight loss programs is to get back at their ex-partners and make them feel “jealous” for their lost relationship. Show your audience how listening to you or purchasing from you will allow them to get revenge at someone. (Sounds mean but is a very powerful method).

6. Fear/Insecurity

Doesn’t matter who you are, even the most powerufl people are insecure about something. Did you know Richard Nixon was a socially awkward teenager? Symptoms of these insecurities may still linger during his years of service! Target the fears of your audience and empower them to overcome their fears with your product/service.

7. Greed/Sloth

It doesn’t matter how much money people have, they will always want more. Help people get more of what they want, whether it be money, happiness, love, security… and they will buy whatever it is you have to offer!

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7 Emotional Triggers That Will Incite Your Leads To Buy


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