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4 YouTube “Video” Marketing Mistakes

Better Safe than Sorry – Avoid These 4 Youtube Video Marketing Mistakes at any Cost!

You must know these 4 YouTube video marketing mistakes. Why? Because it’s wiser to be cautious and careful than to be hasty or rash and so do something you may later regret.

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YouTube Video Marketing Mistakes

Avoid these 4 Lethal YouTube “Video” Marketing Mistakes

By far YouTube is the ultimate tool that you can get for free, YouTube can drive tons of free traffic to your site if you use it wisely. Also, YouTube is a great tool for marketing your business – but above all, do avoid the following pitfalls at any cost…

Mistake #1:

Create and Upload a Video to YouTube That you Like the Most!

If you are thinking that all you need to do is create a video and upload it to your YouTube channel and then if by a stroke of magic, a flood of traffic will flow to your website, then you have made the wrong assumption.

Think again. No less than 300 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute, so you’ll be facing a stiff competition to get your videos seen by YouTube viewers. There are tons of high-quality videos  on YouTube that never get a chance to get no more than a few thousand views, and no doubt many more get even fewer eyeballs than that.

What to do? First and before most, tailor your video content for your targeted audience and to what your viewers want to watch and learn about but not necessarily to what you want them to see. Always keep your viewer in mind during every step of the video creating process and put their needs and desires ahead of yours. You should do this simply because if your audience wants to watch and learn about online marketing for example while you are showing them something irrelevant to online marketing you will simply get a click away!

Next, promote, promote and then promote more. You’ve got to vigorously promote your video all around the Net. Social sites are often the best way to get the word out, also some other posts on blogs or in forum signature will give you publicity and search engine boost as well.

Third, it is not going to happen in one day or overnight, it takes time, resources and a good idea to make a video that people want to watch and share with their friends. It also takes time and resources to properly promote one of your videos on the Net. Don’t expect that if you slap up any old video on YouTube channel then you’re going to watch your sales skyrocket and money to flock to your bank account.

Mistake #2:

Underestimating the Power Of your Video on YouTube

Never ever think that you’re too small or new to make your video work well for you and your business. Sure enough you need to keep your expectations realistic but it doesn’t mean uploading and promoting your videos on YouTube can’t have an impact on your business. To the contrary, it does. Any business out there that seeks prospects, large or small, can use the power of videos on YouTube to its advantage.

What’s important is that when you want to make a video, think about what you’d like to share with your friends based on their interests and tailor your video to satisfy their likes accordingly. Even a few thousand views can have an impact and can increase your business, and if you get lucky enough with one of your videos, you definitely would love it if that video of yours created the next viral video sensation.

Mistake #3:

Creating a Video on YouTube about “Buy my Product” Type of Commercial.

That is a NO NO. Never create a video type of commercial for YouTube. Your online video is all about engagement with others, it is not about slapping out another “buy my product” type of commercial. 

Think about it for a second, what do you need your video to do as a result of being watched, think of your video as doing much more than simply trying to sell a product or service on your behalf. People are on YouTube to learn something new, fascinating or want to share engaging and fun content, so don’t present them with a 30 minute speech on how great your product is, because odds of them watching it is slim.

Instead, inject fun, excitement, personality and if possible add attractive pizzazz into your videos. Make them emotional, or thought-provoking, or even funny, or all the three together. Stop far a second and ask yourself: If I was to see this video, would I be interested in sharing it with my friends? If the answer is no, then keep working and polishing it till you get your concept right.

Another test you need to do to see if you’re on the right track with your video creation: If you are with a group of friends, are you willing to show them the video? If you answered not, then you might want to start over. But if it happened that you showed them the video, then ask them for their ideas and possible improvements, maybe they can point you to a direction that you haven’t tried before.

Have you not noticed why I have the share buttons above and below each article and on the left of the screen with specific request to share? It simply tells me what people are interested in and I simply have to fulfill this requirement for my site to flourish.

Do you think to the contrary or do you have an idea, view or opinion you care to share? Go ahead and have your say in the comment section below. 

What a video should do; a video should grab attention and keep the viewer entranced during the entire duration. Make it short, it should be – usually make it less than 10 minutes and preferably make it less than 5 minutes in length. And it should leave the viewer with a feeling GLAD they saw it, not glad it’s all over. How many times did you leave an important task to watch a short video somebody sent you because it was so enticing?

Mistake #4:

Only Professionals Can Create a Distinctive Video!

Trying too hard to achieve perfect results? You might think you need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get your professional video created, well the fact is an amateur type of video using a mobile or a normal camera might do just as well as the professional video creators, if not better.

Try to understand people online. Your audience generally don’t like “slick” unless it’s of a “Hollywood” caliber – and that’s not for you it is very expensive. What people do prefer is to watch videos of real people doing real things.

To illustrate the difference between slick and real, think of an overly smooth sales person trying to sell you a truck or a car – isn’t he or she an instant turn off? Now look at a different scenario, think of an average nice person with a car having a “For Sale” sign on it. He/She is going to tell you that it’s a great car especially if they were emotionally attached to it, but it takes about 10 minutes for the heater to warm up and the ride’s not that super smooth as you may expect. Which one do you want to trust more?

Or better yet, think about a person who is trying desperately to impress you with how professional he is at work and how he’s MacGyver type of person who knows everything about everything, compared again to an average sincere person who readily admits that he/she makes countless bone-headed mistakes during the course of the day and sometimes says or does the wrong thing. Which one do you like better?

Bottom Line When Creating a Video for YouTube:

When you’re creating a video do create one to market your business on YouTube, but don’t expect your videos to get millions of views overnight without any promotions. Also, be yourself when creating the videos, and always always keep the targeted viewer in mind through each step of the video creating process.

Don’t forget: What do you think or do you have an idea, view or opinion you care to share? Go ahead you’re welcome to have your say in the comment section below.

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4 YouTube “Video” Marketing Mistakes


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