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10 Free Mobile Apps for Anxiety & Stress Management – Mental Health Awareness

Today there are apps for almost anything, which include Apps for catching cabs, apps for deleting messages from your ex, for food delivery, and much more. Although we are quick to embrace these technologies, some effects come with them and one of them being Mental Health on excessive use of cell phones. Ironically, it is the same technology that we run to for improving mental health via Mental Health Awareness.

Several developers have sat down and devised apps to cater to our mental stability. Although you can substitute the apps with your mental hygiene professional, there are other activities that you can perform for the Mental Health Awareness and improve your mental health.

These include making meaningful changes to your daily routine by decreasing your screen time and getting enough sleep, exercising, and taking time to relax your mind after a busy day. All these activities are meant to help you with stress management and anxiety. There are also many other things you can do to improve your health. Besides that, apps have also been developed to assist us in observing these changes and for Mental Health Awareness.

So here are 10 mobile apps to help you slow down your life and relax as you work on your worries and anxiety.

1. Happify

These nifty gaming apps claim that its games can teach you life-changing habits while reducing your stress levels. When you first access the app, there are a couple of questions that you will have to answer. The answers will help you determine what track needs to be followed with options of overcoming negative thoughts or dealing with stress.

From the answers, the app assigns your daily tasks and quizzes that will help you accomplish your mental health set goals, outlined by the track. There is the free version of this app and Happily Plus starts at $11.67 a month as an in-app purchase. You can get this app on the Apple app store and the Google app store.


This app is meant for consulting with neuroscientists. It is meant to unlocking the potential music has on our mental health. The app has the power to influence our cognitive states. It also helps you to choose the desired outcomes as you develop various attributes like focus, meditation, relaxation, nap, or night-time sleep.

There is also an algorithm that generates music to help you achieve it within 15 minutes. The first five sections are freely available. After that, you will have to pay a monthly subscription of $6.99. Purchases are made from Apple and Google Store.

3. Headspace

Some of the excuses that make people not meditate include, not having enough time, not knowing how to meditate, need guidance to make it work. If you are serious about your mental health and wish to meditate, you should get the Headspace app. Some of the features of the app are mindful moments that allow users to present throughout the day and mini-meditation exercises for a quick mental reset.

It has a free basic course that offers beginner-level instructions to help users be more mindful about every aspect of life including eating, socialization and rest. If you are just starting with this app, you will access it for free for Mental Health Awareness. Extra will need a subscription fee of $12.99, and $399.99 for a lifetime subscription. You will get it at the Apple Store and Google Play.

4. Pacifica

This app was ranked by Apple as one of its best mental-health apps of 2017. The app has a stylish and stunning look and very intuitive. It’s a soothing purple and blue interface; it provides you with enough space for tracking moods, psychological health, and habits. It also offers relaxation techniques and mindfulness exercises made to cater to specific needs.

Users can also access curate audio exercises meant to soothe your mind in case of a panic attack triggered by stressful moments at work, or if you are stuck in the elevator. You can freely access limited features, but full features start at $3.99, while lifetime subscription goes for $199.99. Purchases are from the Apple store and Google Play.

5. Worry Watch

If you want to use the worry watch, you need to follow five simple steps, which are: record, reflect reason, realize, and refute. The app is meant to track your mental state in a period by asking you your stress cause and later ask you how you have managed to overcome your worries and analyze whether the results were positive.

The app generates charts and statistics based on the responses. This allows you to analyze your thought patterns. You will be surprised that all your worries were unfounded. The app costs $2.99 and you can purchase it from Apple.

6. Mood Path

Mood path is an app for mental health awareness that analyses the duration you’ve been feeling sad, stressed, or lethargic to conclude whether you are suffering from depression. It does this in a span of two weeks to give you accurate results. The results are then shared with your physician or therapist. The app is free with the cost of $61.99 for an additional in-app purchase of Jahreskarteco.

7. Talk Life

They brand themselves as a judgment-free app with a slogan “your place to talk to people who get you,” This app was developed with the sole purpose of helping those wish to harm themselves due to depression, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, bullying, or suicidal thoughts. It carefully monitors conversations and encourages users to ask questions, chronicle their struggles, and offer tips anonymously. It’s free but In-app purchases start at $0.99.

8. What’s up?

This app uses the technique for both Cognitive Behavioral therapy and acceptance commitment therapy to help users manage their mental health. It helps with issues like anxiety, depression, and anger via Mental Health Awareness. It got me gauges the behavior pattern to establish whether the situation catastrophe. This app is freely available on the Apple and Google store.

9. Super Better

This nifty app is meant to deal with individuals who have a disappointing day or a straining relationship with a loved one or a friend. It offers an opportunity to strengthen your resilience and Mental Health Awareness. Users can frame life’s challenges as part of a tough but rewarding game. Players need to move through “quests” toward larger goals. The app is freely available on the Apple and Google Play.

10. Talk Space

This app matches users with a licensed therapist in their locality almost instantly. Users have to download the app and complete a matching questionnaire, pick a weekly payment plan, and choose a therapist. Plans start at $49.00 to $79.00 per week and it’s available on Apple and Google Play.


We all love and hate technology with the same measure. Some are useful to us and have made life easier. Apps are such technologies that can also check anxiety attack symptoms and can also provide us with Mental Health Awareness. Either way, we must not take Mental Health Awareness for granted and take care of our health both mental and physical to attain our life’s aspirations.

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10 Free Mobile Apps for Anxiety & Stress Management – Mental Health Awareness


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