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How to Prevent Pregnancy? – Sexual Wellness in India

The fear of unwanted Pregnancy is a perpetual fear that lurks over any person who is sexually active. In fact, the two are rather inseparable, unless you have access to proper precautions. Of course, such fears are not without their own justifications. Unwanted pregnancies not only cause social shame but also financial stress. Consequently, most people are far from coming to terms with the question of how to prevent pregnancy.

Moreover, provided that we live in the 21st century, the state of sex education in India is utterly unfortunate. When it comes to pregnancy precautions, most people have very little or no access to proper resources.

Plus, there’s a serious lack of awareness among the people, owing to the bizarre state of sex education in India.

So now, to answer the pertinent question of how to prevent pregnancy, let’s discuss some of the effective pregnancy precautions. At the outset, I’d like to convey to my readers that, unfortunately, there’s only one full-proof protection against pregnancy. It’s the method of completely abstaining from having sexual intercourse and, personally, I don’t think that’s very pragmatic.

We, being animals, have a natural urge to gratify our sexual needs. Sometime or the other, most of us are bound to succumb to this need. So, unless you are planning to take a child, always adopt one of these pregnancy precautions while having sex.

Pregnancy Precautions

Presently, there are many different kinds of contraceptive methods which you may choose from according to your convenience. A few out of these can be availed without any medical prescriptions. However, some have to be prescribed by a registered practitioner.

Male Condoms

Out of the many pregnancy precautions, male condoms are probably the most common and effective method. While thinking about how to prevent pregnancy, a Condom is the first thing that should come to our mind.

Condoms, along with the habit of ejaculating outside the vaginal tract, prevent pregnancies in almost 99% of all cases. Moreover, it also effectively protects against the transmission of Sexually Transmitted Infections.

However, in order to ensure optimum effectiveness of a condom, the user must keep certain things in mind.

First, always use a condom of the right size so that it fits properly. Moreover, don’t place the condom unless you have an erect penis.

Second, while putting the condom on, make sure that you pinch the tip, so as to avoid air bubbles. Also, ascertain the fact that you don’t tear the condom and don’t use it if it’s already torn.

Third, hold the condom properly while pulling out of the vagina. Also, re-using a condom is strict and big NO.

If you keep all these in mind, you can substantially put to rest your concerns about how to prevent pregnancy. Well, now comes another serious issue which, yet again, arises out of the bizarre state of sex education in India. So to say, it’s not unlikely that you’ll find buying bombs are easier than buying condoms.

Where to purchase Condoms?

Due to the utter lack of sex education in India, buying condoms from medical can often be a bitter experience. However, that shouldn’t stop you from using them. Moreover, in today’s world, you can easily Purchase condoms online from Condom Bazaar. There’s a reason why I’m suggesting this particular website, despite the fact that there a few others. After all, a condom is something that you’d have to heavily depend upon.

So, it must come from someone upon whom you can equally depend. In my opinion, Condom Bazaar has all the credibility needed for such dependence. They have an experience of more than 7 years in this field, starting from the 14th of February 2011. Starting out on eBay initially, they set up their own website towards the end of October 2011.

Since then, they have provided effectively answered the question of ‘how to prevent pregnancy?’ for more than 10 million Indians. So, going by my advice, if you are getting condoms online, you should get it from them.

Contraceptive Pills

Another common and quite effective method of preventing unplanned pregnancy is using contraceptive pills. Broadly speaking, these are of two types – Combined pills (estrogen and progestin) and Mini-pills (progestin). Most of these are prescription drugs and you must consult your gynecologist for dosage and side effects.

However, some over-the-counter variants are also available, which have to be taken within 72 hours from the intercourse.

Female Condoms

Yes, know it now, if you already didn’t. Condoms are also available for women and you can buy them from Condom Bazaar. Make sure that you don’t use them along with a male condom.


These are like Band-Aids which you have to wear on your body to prevent ovulation. Every month, keep them off for one week, in which, you’ll have your periods.

Surgical Methods

These are somewhat permanent methods, which involve minor surgeries by professional doctors. Sterilization, IUDs, and Implants are some of the most common surgical methods.

Calendar Method

Depending upon your menstrual cycles, you can mark off your fertile dates and abstain from intercourse on those days. However, mostly, this method is too difficult to be successfully achieved. Apart from these, there are some other less used pregnancy precautions like injections, vaginal rings, spermicides, and the likes.

That being said, it is also imperative that we strive towards a better of the condition of sex education in India.

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How to Prevent Pregnancy? – Sexual Wellness in India


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