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It is a flu season, I have experienced the season's banal discomfort firsthand as well as many other people. Numerous families are infected and once one person in the family catches the flu virus it will go around, usually very severe and deadly, if not prevented or treated well. Unfortunately for me, I was slowed down twice within a short period of this infection. The severe cold, headache, body ache, cough, wheezing and sneezing, sore throat, fever, and other symptoms, so tough. There are other disabling viruses that cling to each of us regardless of the season. A virus that may not be as noticeable under a microscope as the influenza virus.

Another Kind of Virus Affecting Everyone

let us look at ourselves to see if any of us are plagued with this subtle virus. It is called by Dr. Larry Dossey, as a "Hurry sickness". This is from a close observation, a common disease in America and other developed countries. I believe that this ailment will be diagnosed as self-inflicted, due to the quest of wanting to accomplish so much. We often think that if we can speed up our blessings if we try to get ahead of our daily schedule, with no space left in between hours, and that this will mean that we'll get everything covered or taken care off. Do you think this is true? Do you think this kind of hurry life is physically and psychologically healthy for you and me? I believe your answer will not be totally different from what I have in mind.

Some Reasons Why We Hurry

There is no denying that many of us are so determined to make our dreams come true. Many also feel anxious as to how to achieve such dreams or accomplish our goals because of such commitment. The question we need to address is what is the driving force? Could it be the desire to be the head, the desire to be recognized, the urge to be competitive, the best, and most efficient at what we do? Is that the WHY behind our hurry-hurry life?

According to Ann McGee-Cooper, our urgency curiosity challenges our biological responses as well. As we hurry and pace from task to task and deadlines, our respiratory rates increase thus increasing the blood pressure in most cases. The stress hormones also increase. According to Ann's report, she suggests that there is a correlation between our susceptibility to infection and cancer or overactive immune system that can result in allergies, arthritis and other related ailments. Then, I consider the scripture passage which says, what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? Mathew.

Is the Hurry Sickness Avoidable?

Yes. I believe that hurry sickness as it is nicknamed can be intentionally avoided when we become conscious of the effects on our general wellbeing. We can slow down to talk, to relate to people and feel their heart. We can take time to cook and eat a well prepared hot food and enjoy it, instead of eating so fast, to rush out or depending on fast foods. Many of us have become addicted to using high gear always, that we find it difficult to slow down unless forced to by, sickness, accident, death or loss of a relationship. It is avoidable when we lighten up our overload. It is avoidable when we refuse to compete with anyone else, but just be ourselves by knowing what our strength can handle. It is possible when we start our day by being grateful to God for the gift of life and how precious life is.

The truth is that hurry life, adds both emotional and physical stress to our lives. Hurry life makes us bypass some great moments of life. It makes us be prone to mistakes of any kind. The example can be found in our writings. Thank God for the Grammarly service that checks our mistakes. Often time, because we are speeding, we overlook other resources, this has happened to me several times. We bypass resources and the help of other members of our team or community who could aid us because we're just too busy to understand their willingness to help.

When we accelerate without purpose, we deplete our energy. We get an attitude and angry at other people who are not working, walking, talking, and speeding at our pace. We get frustrated on the road, because we can't slow down, and we see others running at a slower speed which aggravates us more. Sometimes, when I meet the slow drivers, I ask myself, me or these people who are enjoying the driving most?

In conclusion, I recommend that we rank what matters most and take life easy, for it has no replacement and it's too short. A speedy car can crash, it can develop mechanical problems, likewise our body. As a parent, wife, husband, daughter, and son our family needs us. Learn how to balance your life with patience, and how to use both gears. Schedule sensibly and limit the interpersonal competition. This life is filled with so many good opportunities within our rich, all that is required is the discovery of what fits your unique purpose.

As we age, we need to get more organized, relaxed, pay attention to what matters most, learn how to nourish our spiritual relationship as well as other relationships, we need to love, and give love to others. Let us learn how to lighten down because even aircrafts these days are no longer carrying excess luggage.

Reduce the overload, to enjoy this journey called life. In SFM company, the mentors teach you how to work at your pace, to discover your ability, your passion and use it to serve yourself and others at your pace and then the money will come after you have created something that benefits others, something of value, that's the mission. I will recommend you check it out and see if you will be a good fit.

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