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Success - 4 principles to follow through

Firstly, what is Success?

Success is the achievement of something that you have been trying to do.

Therefore, Someone who is successful achieves what they intended to achieve.

You may define what success means to you, by identifying your passions, interests, and values.

Becoming Successful is not easy, but simple. Simply mastery.
Mastering the art of constantly becoming a better version of yourself.

Failure is inevitable. Success is elusive.
[Steven Spielberg]

FACT - The majority of people never will be successful

Even though anyone can choose to become successful, only some of them will dedicate themselves to learn and grow on this path.
It requires you to change your life. To shed old habits and adopt new ones.
Most people continue to live in ordinary, average lives, just like everyone else around them. They may try or claim they want to be successful, but in reality, it never happens.

Change is essential

Becoming a better version of yourself requires time, energy, humility, and study.
This often means an entire transformation in many parts of your life. Your relationships, health, finance and personal habits may look radically different than in an average person's life.
The path to success is paved with obstacles that can only be overcome by reading books, finding mentors, failing and trying again, and learning from mistakes.

Being extraordinary depends on you

Extraordinary means Investing your time in reading books and blogs, attending conferences, seminars, webinars, and training, participating in "Mastermind groups," collaborating with others, and working with several mentors. Extraordinary people take care of their health and function at extremely high levels. They invest their money in assets, not liabilities, and say "no" to merely good opportunities and waiting for the truly great ones. Extraordinary means devoting the majority of your time learning and investing in personal development. They dedicate massive amounts of time and money into investing in themselves.

"Ordinary people seek entertainment.Extraordinary people seek education and learning." -Benjamin P. Hardy

Commitment over Willpower

Most people are terrible at achieving goals because they rely purely on their willpower.
Research studies show that 92% of people give up on their New Year's resolutions just a few weeks later of the new year.
Committed people are different.
If you're truly committed to something, in your mind, all doubt and disbelief are gone, as though you've already succeeded.

"When you commit to an enormous goal that far exceeds your current capability, willpower won't solve your problem. Rather, you'll need a new environment that organically generates your goals - a context that forces you to become more than you currently are. Once you design the right conditions, your desired behavior naturally follows." -Benjamin P. Hardy

Consistency over Intensity

The individual who is able to make a stronger commitment to maintaining their course despite, whatever happens, will eventually reach their goal.
Success is all about consistency. Enthusiasm is common. Endurance is rare.
It's not about never falling down - it's about getting up every time you fall down.

"You will fall. And when you fall, the winner always gets up, and the loser stays down." -Arnold Schwarzenegger

In summary...

... mastering success isn't easy, but it's simple.

Success isn't mysterious. It's not a magical puzzle that only a select few have the ability to solve.
Mastering success requires you to become a more open-minded and humble learner than you ever have been before.

You may choose to learn from the experts. You may choose to admit you don't know everything that it takes.

"Where you are is a result of who you were, but where you end up depends entirely on who you choose to be from this moment forward." -Hal Elrod

You can make a decision to become a student of success. You can start on a journey that will take you to a future where everything you want is possible.

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Success - 4 principles to follow through


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