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The Marketing Secrets Overlooked by Many

One of the fascinating things about knowledge is that it is shareable and replicable. Based on this premise I'm going to briefly share with you in this article, some of the insights I drew from one of the most successful digital entrepreneurs, whom I have the privilege to be part of his mentorship. He is the co-founder of the Six Figure Mentors/Digital Expert Academy (the SFM/DEA).

Stuart Ross and his partner Jay Kussaky are very successful digital experts with fire in their bones to revolutionize the online experience. Stuart Ross brand is value-based Marketing or customer- first marketing approach. He is very passionate about providing value to his prospects, customers on purpose. With this approach or strategy, Stuart has built streams of online incomes. In this article, I will be sharing with you some of his secrets for building a successful online Business within a short period of time with thousands of people successfully replicating his methods and training around the world.


Do you know why many are missing Marketing secrets? Many are missing it because many of us are looking for something quick and something magical. While some are looking for some complex ideas. Still many have the wrong approach to business marketing, some ideas and foundations are built on greed or avarice. Some are not willing to take time to learn what works. It is like saying that what the wise do first, the fools do last. To build or start a successful business, it is wise to learn from the experience of the experts who have gained a wealth of experience from the mistakes, disappointments they experienced before they found out what works and what doesn't and are willing to teach or show others.


Your ability to identify people's needs and the readiness to provide the solutions for the needs is the key to what Ross calls "Secrets of Attraction Marketing." He believes that the law of supply and demand learned from Economics is what marketing is about. In other words, when a customer has a need he/she wants a solution for (Demand) and you the business owner has the solution or can provide the solution (Supply), the result is the income you make for supplying the service or product to the customer.

This indicates that when the people are attracted to adding value to their lives they are more receptive to respond to whatever services or products you introduce to them you will start making a sustainable income. This is true, because, what makes some business to flourish while others dry up is traffic. The more customers a business service, the more revenue, and vice versa. Who could believe this secret if not revealed and researched? That's why it is very important you know the leader you follow. When I read this, my eyes blinked several times!

This tells me that many people are sitting on top of their breakthroughs in business without knowing it. No wonder the Scripture says "My people perish due to lack of knowledge or vision." Somebody told me some time ago, that if I feel that education is expensive that I should try the cost of ignorance. I laughed out loud at his sarcasm. Indeed, knowledge is power. It liberates. So according to the SFM founder Stuart Ross, the secret to successful business is rooted in finding a need and being prepared to fill the need for the service or product you provide.


Once a customer's needs(s) is identified, be ready to solve the need. You do that by offering the right information, service, product. You learn how to market the solution to your targeted audience. They need to hear from you, see you and trust you before they trust whatever you are offering them. You do this by strategically connecting with them. Emotionally, connecting with them to build a trust first. You need to provide them the real information that they can relate to. How you package yourself and your message or product is how people will respond to you.

So, packaging yourself and message online is crucial if you want to attract your targeted audience. Take nothing for granted. The need to build a trusting relationship with customers can never be underestimated. That's why in SFM/DEA, the emphasis is on training students to acquire the right mindset and the required skills to build a successful business. Nobody is born a great businessman or businesswoman. Instead, all the business gurus, experts, all learned the skills and were mentored and coached by someone else before they become great.

Therefore, your burning desire to learn, to be patient and disciplined will guarantee your success in any kind of business and your life journey. Life is about learning, and discovering; be willing to learn. To quote Stuart Ross, "Forget about selling - consider their needs. They need to be reassured. They need information. They need someone they can trust to give them that information. Make your site the place that they find what they need, and you'll have prospects falling over each other to sign up, rather than running as fast as they can from your sales page!"

Therefore, your burning desire to learn, to be patient and disciplined will guarantee your success in any kind of business and your life journey. Life is about learning and discovering, be willing to learn.

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