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Mind shift out of the winter blues and seasonal darkness.

Yes, we can do a mindset shift out of the winter blues and seasonal darkness. We can change our thinking behavior and physically do activities that will bring happiness in the winter months. We already do in whichever country we live in.

I believe we can make a mindset shift by breaking our thought patterns of dreading the winter blues, short days and seasonal darkness, by making the most of it. Do not give in to our own thoughts.

I also do think that some people are a lot more sensitive in regards to the biochemical imbalance and can benefit from seeing a Doctor to discuss this and gain treatment.

How come some of us feel low, depressed or have SAD? (seasonal affective disorder)

It's no secret that a lack of sunlight hitting the back of our eyes slows down the chemical serotonin, which affects our mood and appetite, and increases melatonin, that makes us sleepy. Our circadian rhythms change as there is less sunlight and it can make us want to sleep longer. Up with the light and bed when it goes.

I'm from England, during the shorter days of Winter time I feel like hibernating. But I also don't want to sleep and I love to be doing. I often don't see the light of day because I am working indoors, and by the time I get home it's dark again. So I too have those winter blues thoughts.

Countries with longer seasonal darkness

So how about countries that have even shorter daylight days?

Norway has 60 days a year without sunlight? What I have noticed is that their awareness of the effects of seasonal darkness is just a part of daily living, and they make the most of the changes. They talk freely at home in schools and the government raises awareness in campaigns to encourage people to stay active with winter sports, they wrap up and to be social. They provide outdoor lights and most families have a cozy home with fires and/or candles. They appreciate a different kind of light. It really isn't complicated.

Just think about it. What do we do in the winter?

We all have societal pressures and routines that make up our cultural rituals. Kids especially look forward to winter holidays because of Thanksgiving, Christmas and maybe snow activities, depending on the country we live in.

We usually have happy family social times, don't we? We talk about cooking roasts, wearing warm festive jumpers, hats, and gloves. We snuggle by the sofa with a book, blanket, and a warm drink. We may play board games, make more crafts, have indoor cozy dinners and parties. We wrap up warm and go out for family walks. Some people take a holiday in the sun or go skiing. It's a happy time if we think about it, where we have a break from work exams and projects for a lot of us. Then there is nature. When we are out in it, we become aware that it is a time of rest, renewal and the earth taking on nutrients and some animals hibernate.

Reflect and become aware

So if you are feeling low. Please reflect on these lovely things that do happen because we make them happen and try to make that mind shift out of the winter blues and seasonal darkness, life doesn't have to stop. We can make the most of it and just get on with our routines even if we have short sunlight or it's colder. Think about how you can structure your day to be in sunlight more at work or home. Try to do indoor activities like the gym, reading, writing crafts or be social at different times. Many people find using a daylight lightbox very effective. If you really are beyond this and you think you are affected by SAD, then I encourage you to see your Doctor. We make our life the way it is and isn't it better when we feel good and are enjoying it?

Wishing you love and happiness.

Please share if you feel others would benefit.

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Mind shift out of the winter blues and seasonal darkness.


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