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Business Ideas Aspiring Millennial Entrepreneurs Can Venture on for 2018

Many young professionals today aspire to be an entrepreneur and run their own business. In fact, according to a study by Americas SBDC, 62% of Americans want to be their own boss, and almost half of the millennials plan to do the same in the next three years.

In a survey conducted by EY/EIG, numbers showed that 72% of millennials look up to entrepreneurship and startups for jobs and innovations. Both of the studies also revealed the reasons why millennials hesitate to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Some of the leading factors behind the reluctance are economic environment, funds insufficiency, and debt. It’s no surprise. It takes a lot of nerve to be fully independent, and start supporting yourself.

Perhaps, the answer to the entrepreneurial dream conundrum is by taking baby steps. Acquire and learn the skills you need for your aspirations, and then scale. Sure, it’ll take days of hard work, but it’ll be worth it. As you go along the journey, you will face many online opportunities, and eventually, your skills can be turned into a living.

If you’re a motivated, aspiring young entrepreneur, know that you don’t need to build a software or an app to have a successful business. Just pack and sell your service in your chosen niche, and do what’s necessary to see your business grow. Besides, for every entrepreneurial journey, the most important thing that counts is your willingness to learn. Discover what’s there for you. You can run a profitable business this 2018, which can be one of the solid ideas we are revealing below.


If you have an accounting background, you can be a freelance accountant for several businesses all at once. You can help businesses with their finances by being the one in charge of bookkeeping, accounting, and preparing taxes. This way, you’ll get to manage your own time, and you may even get a higher chance to earn more.

Working with numbers may not sound exciting, but accounting offers many opportunities, since it’s every business need. Today, accounting work is more sophisticated compared to the old days where accountants are only equipped with papers, pen and calculators. Now, you can do accounting with style using today’s software and tools designed to streamline the accounting process. Try ZipBooks, and see for yourself.

You can add more services to your accounting skills like writing financial reports, creating balance sheets, providing income statements and much more. If you’re wondering where to get your first clients, there are several platforms where you can look for gigs, such as LinkedIn, Upwork, Fiverr and network.

Web design and development

Web design and development is at its greatest time for demand. More than ever, businesses need the skills of people who can put up good-looking sites in able to remain competitive in the market. Websites are a necessity for every business, which both stand as their platform for the audience and the center of marketing operations. Getting adept with web design and development will allow the imaginative and creative people to have a flourishing career that can last for a long time.

Aspiring designers can start their venture by creating themes on content management platforms such as WordPress or Drupal. Another option is to acquire a license pre-developed UI kit like WrapKit. The internet offers a lot of ways to be a master in this field. Check out the courses available at Codecademy, Udemy, Lynda and Treehouse; within just a few months, you can be an expert in this line of work.

Business Ideas for 2018

Conversion rate optimization

Traffic leads to higher revenue, which is why today Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) specialists have a place in the competitive market. With these professionals, it’s now possible to earn more income without investing in additional campaigns. Even the biggest sites need CRO specialists to keep the cash flow coming from the web. It’s the same reason why the demand is getting higher for CRO specialists who can make businesses thrive.

CRO is a new career that just recently bloomed. Thus, if you want to pursue this field, it’s okay to start as a beginner. The world-wide-web ever offers unlimited resources for you to be an expert in conversion rate optimization. Visit the ConversionXL blog, which is the holy grail of research-driven conversation optimization. After working with the basics, the next step is to get familiar with the tools that can help you take your CRO game up a notch. Check out Omniconvert, a Swiss knife for any CRO specialist and 123FormBuilder, which can fine-tune your web forms for sure results.

Social media marketing and managing

Social media has been an extremely useful platform for businesses for years. Social Media marketers and managers aren’t a new line of professionals anymore, but there is still a lot to learn in this field with the ever-changing web. Besides, more than 3 billion active users, including companies, personal brands and groups need skilled people who can handle social media madness for them.

Compared before, social media marketers and managers today do more than just scheduling a few content. These professionals also have to be adept in smart audience targeting, trust building, influencer marketing, social engagement and eventually, and social selling. Although the work load for social media managers and marketers are now thicker than ever, all of it can still be automated. You can find social media tools for your every social media task.

The best example is TRIBE, a place where brands can discover and connect with micro influencers. Another great tool is TapInfluence or Influential, which works well for a larger scale operation of seeking for clients.

Business Ideas for 2018

Content marketing

Although traditional marketing is becoming less effective as we forward to the future, a new way of marketing persists the market, and companies want to incorporate it into their strategies. Content marketing has proven effective when acquiring new customers, establishing trust, authority, and getting the sales going without being too hard-sell. If you like creating content that are compelling, useful and entertaining, your career probably lies in content marketing.

Content marketing is in many forms. It could be through creating articles, videos, podcasts, streaming, pictures, Ebooks and other media texts. If this line of work touches your fascination, you may begin your journey on this path with the introductory guide to content marketing by MOZ. Hone your skills as a content marketer, and in no time you’ll receive high demands, and fat checks for your services.

Video and audio editing

According to HubSpot, videos on Facebook and YouTube are one of the marketers’ top priorities today. People are more likely enticed when they see visual content, thus, the demand for video and audio editors is expected to grow in the coming years.

First, if you want to take this path, you must not worry about buying expensive cameras and high-end editing tools. Those days are over. Now, you can start your career as a video and audio editor using your iPhone, a tripod and a video editing app like Magistro and Filmora. Eventually, if the time comes that you need to upgrade your game, there are also best tools that can help you with your goal. Using Adobe Audition, Premiere and After Effects altogether for your editing tasks is the perfect combination that will help you create professional-level vlogs, music videos, voice-overs and advertising editor services. You can further improve your skills by checking out the courses at Lynda or other learning platforms.

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Business Ideas Aspiring Millennial Entrepreneurs Can Venture on for 2018


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