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Millions-Worth Business Ideas That You Can Build If You Have Time

Broadly speaking, technology including the internet, expanded the possibilities for revolutionary approach in entrepreneurship. Wherever in the world, innovators can think up Business ideas and implement them to generate millions of dollars.

Despite an easier entry into the entrepreneurial world that we have now, there is still a bunch of problems that awaits to be solved by businesses. The truth is, there are already innumerable ideas laid out, and are about to be cooked. The question is, how would you make your idea work and stand out among the rest? What does it take, besides luck and timing, to build your startup?

The answer is, execution. You just have to do it. Make that step. No one else will build a business for you. You just have to know the place to start. We’ve come up with 25 Business Ideas that all have a great potential to generate income. If you do it right, these ideas can be worth millions. Below are some of the best starting points where you can build your business.

  1. Gmail apps

Many businesses use Gmail for an efficient working system. Although, Gmail now has numerous extensions available, there are still more to do. You can create new Gmail extensions and apps that can automate sections of particular workflows that can help save time and money!

  1. Drone videographers

Drones have been used a lot lately due to astonishing shots and landscapes that you can create with it. With today’s increasing availability of drones, anyone can familiarize their self with this technology, and then use it for videography. Drone videographers have growing demands, especially from commercial and residential real estate where agents and home developers need a few.

  1. Chatbot builder for FAQ’s

You can create a chatbot for companies who spend hundreds of hours answering to support questions from their customers. Automation is the solution for this problem, which can be done by creating a plug and play chatbot that will do the job for them.

  1. Drop shipping

Drop shipping is expanding fast. Why? Because through it, you can start a business without the need for inventory. Drop shipping comes with low risks, and high rewards if you infiltrate the right niche. This business idea is gaining a lot of ground and will only continue to grow.

  1. Create a course

 Create and sell an online course that will teach people about a particular skill. If you are well adept on a specific industry, you can easily do this. All you need to do is gather your resources first into developing the class.

  1. Run social media accounts

Now that businesses run on social media, someone who will take care of the social media accounts are for hire. Let them know of your skills that you can drive sales and increase their ROI by improving their market through social media.

  1. Become an influencer

A lot of people, even kids, aspire to be an internet celebrity. It’s no surprise, when power and influence come with being an internet influencer. Clearly, being famous, too, can be monetized as a business idea in itself. If you have a story, which all of us have, then you can be an internet celebrity. The world-wide-web will tell you how.

  1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing works by partnering with an online retailer, if you’re a blogger or a marketer. You can earn money by having a commission on every referral sale that you make. On the other hand, if you’re the one who needs affiliate marketing, you should find a good company that you can land a deal with.

Business Ideas You Can Implement

  1. Event planning and promoting

Plan events for restaurants, clubs, or other similar businesses to get people coming through their doors. Use your marketing skills to assure the flow of traffic to these venues. This business idea requires good organizational and communication skills but is ideal for people who love customer service and socializing.

  1. Real estate investing

Real estate investment has existed for years. In any market, you can make profit out of it. However, if you’re a beginner in this industry, you can lower your risks on your assets. Eventually, you can make long-term investments in residential and commercial real estate.

  1. Ghostwriting

If you like to write, you can turn your interest into a big business if you find the right clients. Provide quality content, and be consistent, in no time your ghostwriting business will grow.

  1. Content translation

People who build websites in other language than English need people who can translate their content. If you’re fluent in another language, you can start a business as a translator. You can create a simple website, where your service as a translator is visible. From there, you can ask fees for translating websites, documents, and presentations.

  1. Flipping websites

Now you can buy and sell domains, websites, or projects using Flippa or other online business marketplace. Just by looking around, you can find great deals, and generate income from it using only a small investment.

  1. Start a newsletter

The newsletter business has become lucrative due to the growing number of advertisers that are willing to pay any amount to get their names in the headlines. You can join this industry by starting in a small niche. If you can provide value, you will see your subscribers grow over time. This business idea can begin very simply with any number of email marketing options currently available.

  1. Freelance designer

If you have the right eye and taste for design, you can become a freelance designer after learning how to use the necessary design platforms like Photoshop. One great thing as a freelancer is your freedom choosing your time, and work progression.

  1. Personal trainer

Being passionate about health and fitness, can give you a living. You can create a business as a personal trainer to help other people adhere to a healthy lifestyle like you do. Especially now where a ton of people aspires to get fit and healthy, but they need someone who will push them to the right direction.

Business Ideas for You

  1. Craigslist flipping

You can find great deals on Craiglist, which you can flip and turn into an income. Just scout the internet to find the best resources that will help you identify the best deals on the site.

  1. Stock investor

Play the stock market game right, and the rewards are high. You can be good at this game by investing time and money learning the skills of a good stock investor. Although, the investments in this market are volatile and risky, the returns are worth it if you win the game.

  1. Farmers markets

 Reach out to the farmers within your area, and come up with business deals with them. You can offer them to sell their products at Farmers Markets without paying upfront, rather, by asking them for commission.

  1. Paid advertising consulting

Being adept in advertising, especially online advertising can give you a fortune. Learn how AdWords or Facebook Ads work, and companies can pay you in return for advertising their business and giving them advice on how to drive leads.

  1. Tutoring

Teaching is a calling. If you think you hear the call, start a tutoring business to help students learn well. Whether you’ll teach about the ACT/SAT or just general schoolwork, there are tons of parents and students who are willing to pay for help to improve in their classes.

  1. Outsourced assistant

CEOs need someone who will do the administrative tasks for them basically because they don’t have the time and energy to do it. Their job is to concoct business ideas and strategies and having help to manage day to day activities is critical. If you’re willing to give your time, and get paid to gather an army of outsourced, this venture is for you. Just make sure to mark your calendar of your tasks, so you won’t miss any.

  1. Become a reviewer

Professional reviewers exist, and they get a good pay. You, too, can be a reviewer who publishes reviews about a product online. Although, it may take some time to get a domain authority, once you do, you will become a thought leader, and be compensated well for it.

  1. Life coaching

Life coaches are increasing in number. These people find lessons in their past experiences, which they share and provide value to others. You can do it, too. Whether it’s coaching about strategies on a particular matter, or giving general advice, being a life coach is possible as long as find your niche.

  1. Build websites

 Websites are a must for every business, company and professional who want to be seen. However, many of these people don’t have the skills to create one. Thus, they look for skilled individuals who can build them a website that will represent them online. If you have knowledge in this field, you can get paid by creating quality sites that display their brand image.

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Millions-Worth Business Ideas That You Can Build If You Have Time


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