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Operations Management PPT and PDF Free

Operations Management PPT and PDF Free: A space of Management having an active role in designing the process of production and also in controlling the production process is known as Operations Management, it also redesigns the operations of business in the generation of goods and services.

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Operations Management PPT and PDF

In the term operations management, operations relate to the process of generating outputs from required inputs and management works in a controlled manner and according to rules of a firm or a company. A transformation from production management to operations management extended the fields of firms to service organizations or firms. The parameters concerned with operations management and in other words, the objectives of operations management are as follows:

  • Resource utilization
  • Customer service
  1. Resource utilization: it makes sure that operations of a business are utilizing as fewer resources as required.
  2. Customer service: it effectively meets with needs of a customer.

Operations management also manages the process of converting raw materials, energy, and labor into services or finished goods. It studied about manufacturing process and also about services; programs of it are as follows:

  • Principles of general management
  • Production systems
  • Factory management
  • Equipment maintenance management
  • Production control
  • Relations of industrial labor
  • Skilled trades supervision
  • Policy of strategic manufacturing
  • Systems analysis
  • Analysis of productivity
  • Cost control
  • Materials planning

Production System:

A production system is a part of a firm which manufactures products of a firm. In this system, operations are done on resources to add value to it and all these are done as per the policies of management. The below figure explains about the system of production:

System of Production

Fig1: System of Production

  • The production system has an objective and it changes distinct inputs into useful goods or services.
  • The system includes a data about feedback which is necessary to control the performance of system and to enhance the performance of system.

Operations System:

Generally, operations in a firm are of two types and those are:

  • Manufacturing operations
  • Service operations

Few examples of operations systems are bus services, taxi services, hospitals, tailors, and buildings. The below figure explains about the operations system for department stores.

Fig2: System of Operations for Department Stores

Fig2: System of Operations for Department Stores

The process of transformation includes random fluctuations like late delivery and labor turnover.

A Model for Managing Operations:

A framework of managing operations includes organizing, planning and controlling the complete activities of an organization and these affect human behavior through models.

  1. Planning: planning is an activity which guides the decision making of future activities, planning includes planning conversion system and scheduling conversion system. The activities that come under planning conversion system are as follows:
  • Operation strategies
  • Layout planning
  • Facility location planning
  • Product and process choices
  • Forecasting

The activities that come under scheduling conversion system are as follows:

  • Operations scheduling
  • Scheduling system
  • Aggregate planning
  1. Organizing: organizing is also an activity which makes a structure of authority and organizing includes organizing for conversion. Activities which come under organizing for conversion are as follows:
  • Job design
  • Project management
  • Work measurement
  • Production operations standards
  1. Controlling: controlling assure genuine performance with the performance which was planned and controlling includes material control and managing for world class competition.

Activities which come under material control are as follows:

  • Material requirement planning
  • Inventory control

            The activities which come under managing for world class competition are as below:

  • Quality analysis
  • Quality control
  • Managing for quality
  • Japanese manufacturing
  1. Behavior: operation managers play an active role in designing the activities that affect human behavior via models because they want to know the subordinate’s behavior. Their primary interest lies in behavior of decision making.
  2. Models: models are used as equipment for decision making and a schematic representation of a situation is represented by them. Few sample models are as below:
  • Aggregate planning model
  • Linear programming and computer simulation
  • Decision tree analysis
  • Simple medial model

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The below diagram shows the framework for managing operations and it is as below:

A Model for Managing Operations

Fig3: A Model for Managing Operations

Operations Management:

The important responsibility of operations managers is about processing inputs and makes outputs by controlling required parameters. The primary keywords contained in definition of operations management are resources, systems and transformation and value addition activities.

The Scope of Operations Management:

The activities which are under production functions and operations management functions are as follows:

  • The location of facilities
  • Product Design
  • Plant layouts and Material Handling
  • Process Design
  • Quality Control
  • Production and Planning Control
  • Materials Management
  • Maintenance Management

Content of the PPT and PDF for Operations Management

  • What is Operations Management?
  • Operations Management Concepts
  • The Basics Of Operations Management
  • Models
  • Differences Between Services and Goods
  • Basic Functions of the Business Organization
  • Business Functions are Interconnected
  • Historical Evolution of OM
  • References

Here we are giving you Operations Management PPT with PDF. All you need to do is just click on the download link and get it.

Operations Management PPT Free Download

Operations Management PDF Free Download

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Operations Management PPT and PDF Free


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