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Protect Excel Workbook

Protect Workbook in Excel

Protect Excel Workbook (Table of Contents)

  • Protect Workbook in Excel
  • Types of Excel Protection Workbook

Protect Workbook in Excel

We all share our workbooks with many stakeholders once the report is finalized. While sharing the Workbook with excel there is no guarantee of data or report as results will be the same as you send because all the members who have received the file can tamper the data and change the results.

In those cases, we may want to restrict the stakeholders from tampering the report without approval from the concerned person. In order to keep the data and report safe, we can Protect our workbook from editing or tampering the data and keep the report safe with the password-protected workbook.

In our earlier article, we have already discussed the ways of protecting a worksheet. In this article, we will discuss the process the protecting the workbook. In order to protect the integrity of the workbook, we must protect the workbook with a password.

Types of Excel Protection Workbook

While talking about the protection with regards to excel we must understand three categories of protection.

  1. One is worksheet protection which protects the particular worksheet.
  2. The second one is cell protection which protects particular cells but the user can edit all other cells except the protected one.
  3. And the third one is workbook protection. Workbook means the entire excel file itself. The workbook includes worksheets, worksheets includes cells. So it protects everything that comes under workbook. In this article, we will concentrate on workbook protection.

One thing I want to make it clear at the beginning itself i.e. Both Workbook and Excel File are the same words. Do not get confused with two different words.

#1- Protect Excel Workbook at File Level

Under this method, we can encrypt the password to open or edit the excel file. We can protect the data which is very much essential to protect this from modifying or altering by the other users.

Protect Workbook option in excel is available under the REVIEW Tab.

Ok, now we will see how do we protect the excel workbook to keep it safe from alteration.

Step 1: Open the excel file you want to protect.

Step 2: Go to the REVIEW tab and click on PROTECT WORKBOOK option in excel.

Protect Excel Workbook 1-1

Step 3: After clicking the button you will see this below dialogue box.

Protect Excel Workbook 1-2

Step 4: Here you need to mention the password as per your choice, Here I have mentioned 12345 as password, Click on OK to continue.

Protect Excel Workbook 1-3

Step 5: Once you click on ok it will again ask you to enter the password, Re-enter the password here.

Protect Excel Workbook 1-4

Now you have protected your workbook. This is at the file level.

#2- Protect Excel Workbook Level

Under this method, we will see how to protect Excel Workbook with a password to restrict other users from opening it. In the previous method, the user can easily open the excel file and see what is there in it. In this method, we can restrict them from opening it. Follow below steps to protect the entire file.

Step 1: Go to File. Once you click on the Info you will see Protect Workbook option on the right-hand side.

Protect Excel Workbook 2-1

Step 2: Click on the drop-down list of Protect Workbook option and select Encrypt with Password.

Protect Excel Workbook 2-2

Step 3: Enter the password according to your wish and Click on the OK button.

Protect Excel Workbook 2-3

Step 4: Now again it will ask you to re-enter the password. Enter the same password which you have entered previously.

Note: You need to remember the password carefully because if you have forgotten the password it cannot be recovered.

Protect Excel Workbook 2-4

Step 5: Now you can already see the warning in the same window as “The Structure of the workbook has been locked to prevent unwanted changes, such as moving, deleting or adding sheets”.

Protect Excel Workbook 2-5

Step 6: Save and close the workbook to apply changes. After closing the workbook try to open the workbook, it will ask you a password to open the file. Without password we cannot open the workbook, so carefully remember the password. Loss of password means loss of the workbook.

Protect Excel Workbook 2-6

Things to Remember about Protect Workbook in Excel

  • Protect workbook (under the REVIEW tab) will restrict the user from editing the workbook only but it will still allow them to open the workbook.
  • Protect workbook with encryption will not allow the user to open the workbook. Without the password, they cannot open the workbook.
  • Remember the password carefully. If you forget the password you cannot recover them.

You can download this Protect Workbook Excel Template here and enter the Password 12345 – Protect Workbook Excel Template

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Protect Excel Workbook


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