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Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback – Russia’s Supermaneuverable Bomber Blog
Are you interested to know about Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback – Russia’s Supermaneuverable Bomber? The Su-34 is a modern day fighter jet that has undergone a long process of development. During this time, the Su-34 received the most updated technology to match the requests of the recent operational environment. This was best proven during the Syrian civil war, where the Su-34 displayed exceptional performance against ISIS and rebel targets. The Su-34 is a two-seater fighter jet that is equipped with a powerful engine. It can reach a maximum speed of 1,500 km/h and has a flight range of 3,500 km. The Su-34 is armed with a 30mm gun and has 12 pylons that can carry up to 6 tons of weapons. The Su-34 is also equipped with a highly advanced radar system that provides the pilot with real-time data about the surrounding airspace. The radar system can detect targets up to 200 km away and is capable of tracking 15 targets simultaneously. The Su-34 is also equipped with an infrared search and track system that allows the pilot to detect and track targets under adverse weather conditions. The Su-34 is an ideal fighter jet for any professional pilot who is looking for a powerful and versatile aircraft. The Su-34 is easy to handle and comes with an intuitive control system that allows the pilot to manoeuvre the aircraft with ease. The Su-34 is a perfect choice for any pilot who is looking for a reliable and hard-hitting aircraft. Visit our website to know more information.
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Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback – Russia’s Supermaneuverable Bomber


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