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Travel with me: Hamburg, through nature & city

Hi Kiwis,
back from my two weeks break on the website i am here again for tell you what’s about one of the travel i did in the last weeks, because also if i was offline i was working on this post since when i have left Italy for fly to Germany.  As many of my Instagram followers already know, i have been few days in Hamburg for the Heathen Rock Festival with my boyfriend and there i had the pleasure to met many nice and kind persons and try the german Mead (with my big stunnment the german “Met” is totally different from the italian “Idromele”, their is pretty liquid and not so strong in alcohol degrees!). The concert have been really great, i was really pleased to finally can see some great bands as Rabenwolf and Wolfchant as i had never see them before, therefore all was in a good and pretty big location, very comfortable with so many sits and tables for drink or simply take a break for relax the feet; all was really good organized and all was disposed in different areas for permit to distribute in larger places the peoples was there inside.

In facts Hamburg isn’t that far from Nordhorn, just 3 hours around so very easy to reach for spend an “outdoor” weekend, but also if the time wasn’t by our side due of the unstoppable rain, we had occasion to discover a lot of different sides of this wonderful northern city.

As said, the rain seemed like never end, but we don’t wanted to destroy our plans and wishes, so we just choosed to go further and do it against the cold and wind. One of the things i have get pretty attracted of Hamburg is that for enter in it you must drive through a tunnel that is builded under the river Elbe; was my first time ever i had see such a particular building that challanged the force of water, i had known about sure, but drive in and see it with your eyes is a totally different thing, it just makes cool to say “Hey you! I have drive underwater!”.

Hagenbeck Zoo

So once passed the exciting for this little new experience, we choose to drive to the Hagenbeck Zoo, one of the best and biggest zoos in Germany but the oldest one of all, with the wish to finally can see once my beloved blue frog. This zoo have a big variety of animals outside, which some are also totally free in it, but also a pretty big Tropical area and Acquarium with some rare animals that in other zoos normally we can’t easily find and see, like the Walrus or the Red and Yellow Barbet. Hagenbeck have also something else to offer that mostly part of all the other zoos don’t have, a cooled area for northern arctic animals like the royal penguins, the polar bear and so on, an area really good builded that try to recreate as good as possible their natural habitat!

Here some photos about this expensive but hyper worthy zoo of Hamburg:

First of all this pic of a january newborn elephant, just crazy how big they become with the time!

This is one of the photos that i call “photo of luck” because the man had already closed the area for clean it, but he did an exception letting us few minutes for shoot this great photo!

Something i really appreciated is that all was pretty cared, also the details that many other zoos neglect, like giving a own “zen-chinese” style that make the zoo not just good for the animals that live in it but also good to see while you walk from an area to another one (+ 100.000 points for that!!!).

A peacock in love?!

Have you never see a more sweet Polar Bear than this one?! Me neither!

Meanwhile the Peacock is fall in love for himself, i am fall in love for this yellow and red Barbet that seemed to have a lot of pleasure and interest to be model for one day, i just profited of its curiosity to shoot tons of so near detailed photos! ♥

Although the rivers of rain that was falling since days, the spring in Hamburg was coming, starting to give out their first green leaves.

Mom and baby Walrus swim together in this big cold water pool!

Another thing pretty cute of it, are these little warmed tent/houses that they created for the free animals of the park, like the Maras here inside; a place where in winter they can stay repaired from the rain, the snow and the coldness. A pretty original and kind idea!

In between a hot Glühwein for warm us and restart the tour of the park full of energies!

I can’t describe how much i love this lemurs shot; this is the first part of the big Tropical Area they created.

Here the so much wished photo of the blue black spotted frog! I must avoid that wasn’t at all easy make it, due of the rain the acquarium was totally full of people and the time was very short for make pictures, but happy to have got it!!!

A shot full of colors that bring you directly to Tahiti? No, is just a tropical area in Hamburg!

Another curious bird that liked to have attentions! Its eyes are so shiny and lovely!

With the Flamingos behind us!

Hamburg – Discover the city

After this long day under the rain admiring all the marvellous things that the nature can create and diving in the asian culture through the park, we couldn’t end this wonderful day without having a merited tasty dinner at the Kaiser Pavillon, a chinese/japanese modern restaurant with different kind of foods, from the vegetables to the meat and from the meat to sushi. All was very good cooked and many waiters bringed you all the time something special to eat that wasn’t in the buffet area. The variety of foods was really big and i didn’t find anything that i don’t liked, all was perfectly cooked and to each table it was a card full of clips of different colors, which each color corresponded a cooking style & sauce, you just had to bring to the cook your dish with that clip and they did it how you wished for! Something original and really well organized, therefore for a super contained price; we had to reserve for eat but was more than worthy!!!

The day after we choosed to have a more relaxing day, exploring the center of the city and walking with the umbrella in the streets of Hamburg. The first thing we visited was the Port, a wide place where floated many boats on the river Elbe, some as restaurants and some others used for fishing; this area of Hamburg is full of little water channels, it looks like a modern Venice, for walk it you need forcely a map or with all the bridges you can easily lose yourself!

Another thing that many of you know is the illimitate love i have for Tea, how much chances there are that i don’t go to Hamburg without make a short visit to one of the most famous Tea Shop in Germany??? Practically zero, that’s why i have been to Hälssen & Lyon, the famous shop that created the 12 months tea calender (which i think is not to pay!!!). Unfortunately in Germany on Sunday all the shops are closed so i had no opportunity to go inside and come out with a cart full of different varieties of Tea – and maybe have been better as this or i had to let them directly my money pocket! -.

This weekend for how much short could be, have been full of things and long intensive days and moments. Hamburg is a very nice city that can offer really a lot also during winter rainy and cold days, it just depend on what are your perspectives and how much you are strong and flexible against the weather. Something sure is that all what you will do will be worthy to be seen and live, is a city that will always let a mark on your soul for their particular shades and contrappositions between old and new, a thypical wonderful city in North Germany.

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Travel with me: Hamburg, through nature & city


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