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10 Scary Places In The World You Wouldn’t Like To Visit

The earth can be a place of the most beautiful sightings in the world, but it can also shelter the most scary places you will ever find. In every country in the world, there must be one place which is known to be haunted by evil spirits or lurking with apparitions at night. Here we have compiled a collection of the 10 Scary Places in the World You Wouldn’t Like To Visit – from Japan, Cambodia, Philadelphia, Chile, Italy, among others. These places were known to house the criminally insane, the tortured prisoners of the Khmer Rouge Regime, the slaves of mining industry, and cursed families. After they were shut down, force closed, or abandoned, they have been a forbidden area known to be plagued with ghost experiences, evil spirits, mysterious deaths, suicides, and faint cries.

10- Takakanonuma Amusement Park , Japan


Takakanonuma Amusement Park , Japan

I guess we must concede that everything that becomes abandoned, quickly becomes a scene in a horror film – like the abandoned amusement park in Japan. It was built in 1973 but it immediately closed after two years of operation. There was no official reason for its shutdown, but it is believed that there were a number of mysterious death inside the park. After a few years, it reopened in 1986 but only for a single year before it was closed definitely. Today, when you look at it, the entertaining aura is long replaced by hills and trees sprawling around the area and consuming it altogether. It was as if the area was immediately abandoned, without any reason to replace or repair it. Worse, there is no official information about the place. It is never found in the map.

9- Humberstone and LaNoria, Chile


Humberstone and LaNoria, Chile

The Humberstone and Lanoria are two abandoned mining towns in Chile. They were established in 1872 together with the booming industry of mining in the country, but as the industry saddened and together with the Great Depression and other economic meltdown, the operations were stalled in 1958 and the towns were abandoned after two years. It is believed that when there were still operations in the towns, the workers were treated like slaves. Today, ghost encounters that walk around Town at night and crying of children were rumored, together with photographs with blurry and indistinctive images. Even the residents of the next town were frightened to enter the place.

8- Trees of the Sea, Japan


Trees of the Sea, Japan

Locally known as Aokigahara, the Trees of Sea is a 35 kilometer forest resting at the northwest base of Mount Fuji in Japan. Because of the abundant trees in the area, wandering in the forest at day means groping in the dark already, plus there are no animals living in it because of the absence of wind. It’s pitch black and quiet, even during the day! Not only that, according to the records, it is the second most popular place for suicides in the world, next to Golden Gate Bridge. Just imagine the number of souls wandering in the area. Almost 100 people annually breathe their last air in this freaky forest. While the authorities find time to gather the corpses, others can be found rotting in the area. You can even spot a warning sign before you enter that encourages you not to kill yourself.

7- The Island of Dolls, Mexico


The Island of Dolls, Mexico

If you have a phobia for dolls, do not bother to read this one! In a small district in Mexico, an artificial island was owned by Don Julian Santana Barrerra and his family. After discovering a dead body of a girl floating in a nearby canal, he began collecting dolls, discarded their parts and hang them in the trees in order to ward off evil spirits. At least that was what history tells us. In 2001, the old man died but the creepy island remained with its dolls. How did he die? He was found dead by his nephew on the same canal where he found the dead little girl. After his death, many tourists said that they can hear the dolls whispering at them as they pass by.

6- Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, Cambodia


Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, Cambodia

First off, it was a genocide area back during the Khmer Rouge regime. Second, it is now abandoned and treated as a tourist attraction. Therefore, there is no wonder why souls are visiting now and then. History says that the establishment was a former high school turned into a security prison used to torture and murder prisoners, who were mostly former solders and government officials of the succeeded regime, including their families. Today, the ghosts of these 17,000 victims continue to roam the halls, their cries for help can be heard echoing in the hallways, and apparitions can be seen during night.

5- The Winchester Mystery House, San Jose

As kids, we love to tease houses to be haunted, but this one is for real. The Winchester Mystery house is located in San Jose was owned by Sarah Winchester, a victorian house sheltering 160 rooms constructed like a maze in long hallways and secret passages. She lived a very wealthy life but some say that it was cursed as well, after losing both her daughter and husband due to illness. Because of this, she became depressed and never truly recovered from it. According to spiritualists, her family’s wealth was haunted by spirits from the past, killed by the rifles made by their own family business. In order to become the next victim, she was given an alternative – to create a house to accommodate the spirits. And that was what she did.

4- Dudleytown, Connecticut


Dudleytown, Connecticut

The Dudleytown is a forbidden area, but many are still enthralled by the ghost stories surrounding its haunted forest. It is rumored that the place is cursed by an English nobleman, an ancestor of the Dudley brothers who settled in the town. In England, Edmund Dudley was executed for plotting against King Henry VII and was believed to be cursed, following his family to New England and in Dudleytown. Many say that after the family settled in the town, many mysterious occurrences happened such as suicides, fatal accidents, vanishings, and natural disasters.

3- Byberry Mental Asylum, Philadelphia


Byberry Mental Asylum, Philadelphia

If there is one asylum known for Patient maltreatment, it is the Byberry Mental Asylum in Philadelphia. It was founded in 1907, housing mentally challenged patients to criminally insane prisoners. By 1960, it already maxed out its patient capacity to over 7,000 patients. Because of this poor housing condition and, of course, the inhuman treatment to its patients, it was forced to close down in 1990. And in 2006, it was demolished for fear of spreading its demonic spirits looming in it. More than the haunted experiences after it shut down, the asylum was more haunting during its operations. The staff were abusive to patients, continuously harassing them and abusing the female patients. Patients were killing each other and dismembering their bodies, while others were found dead days after their release.

2- Helltown, Ohio


Helltown, Ohio

At the northern part of Ohio, one can find the creepy district of Helltown. Even the name itself raises goosebumps! It was during the 1970s when the town was abandoned by a mass eviction of the residents by the government, in order to accommodate a national park under its way. However, none of it ever materialized. According to experts, following the Standford Road is a dead end named ‘The End of the World’. Fascinating, right? If you get stuck at it for a long time, you will encounter apparitions that roam the forest and a parade of freaks like Satanists, escaped mental patient, abnormally gigantic snake, and mutants caused by an alleged chemical spill in the area. If however you managed to get out of it, you will drop off at eh Boston cemetery, where you can spot a moving tree!

1- Abbey of Lucedio, Italy


Abbey of Lucedio, Italy

In Italy, the Abbey of Lucedio was known to be cursed by the monks who lived there. History tells that in 1684, a number of young girls living in the locality were seduced by evil spiritts and sent to visit the monks in the abbey. These girls were able to corrupt the monks and turn them evil, who then cursed the place. Thereafter, the place was known to be plagued by evil rituals, satanic acts, cruelty, and child molestation. By 1784, only a hundred years later, the abbey was closed down after the news reached Rome. Today, there is a mysterious fog that rises above certain towers of the abbey, even if there is no obvious weather explanation about it.


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10 Scary Places In The World You Wouldn’t Like To Visit


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