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The Concept of Discernment

Conceptual impressions surrounding this post are yet to be substantiated, corroborated, confirmed or woven into a larger argument or network.

“ … in the micro-world of atoms and particles that is governed by the strange rules of Quantum mechanics, two different observers are entitled to their own facts. In other words, according to our best theory of the building blocks of nature itself, facts can actually be subjective.”
Alessandro Fedrizzi - Professor of Quantum Physics, Heriot-Watt University, Massimiliano Proietti- PhD Candidate of Quantum Physics, Heriot-Watt University November 16, 2019

"Eugene Wigner designed the thought experiment to illustrate his belief that consciousness is necessary to the quantum mechanical measurement process (and therefore, that consciousness in general must be an "ultimate reality"[1] according to Descartes's "Cogito ergo sum" philosophy): "All that quantum mechanics purports to provide are probability connections between subsequent impressions (also called 'apperceptions') of the consciousness".[1]
Here, "impressions of the consciousnessare understood as specific knowledge about a (measured) system, i.e., the result of an observation. This way, the content of one's consciousness is precisely all knowledge of one’s external world and measurements are defined as the interactions which create the impressions in our consciousness. Since the knowledge about any quantum mechanical wave function is based on such impressions, the wave function of a physical system is modified once the information about the system enters our consciousnessThis idea has become known as the "consciousness causes collapse" interpretation."
1.   E. P. Wigner (1961), "Remarks on the mind-body question", in: I. J. Good, "The Scientist Speculates", London, Heinemann

“Quantum mechanics describes how the world works at a scale so small that the normal rules of physics no longer apply; over many decades, experts who study the field have offered numerous interpretations of what that means. It seems that, in contrast to classical physics, measurement results cannot be considered absolute truth but must be understood relative to the observer who performed the measurement,” Ringbauer explained. “The stories we tell about quantum mechanics have to adapt to that.”
Martin Ringbauer

"We should not pretend to understand the world only by the intellect; we apprehend it just as much by feeling. Therefore, the judgment of the intellect is, at best, only the half of truth, and must, if it be honest, also come to an understanding of its inadequacy."
Carl Jung


apperception the mental process by which a person makes sense of an idea by assimilating it to the body of ideas he or she already possesses.       fully conscious perception:discernment1 the ability to judge well: 2  perception in the absence of judgment with a view to obtaining spiritual direction and understanding: choice  an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities: the choice between good and evil.  the right or ability to make, or possibility of making, such a selection:  a range of possibilities from which one or more may be selected:  a course of action, thing, or person that is selected or decided upon:
We intuitively determine which method of reasoning to apply when making a decision. Decisions and determinations seem to originate as the result of a mixture of both emotional and mental impressions and experiences. Choices stem from how we each perceive our world, which likewise harbors our interpretation of reality. 

We are highly dependent upon the intuition, which is a quality of mind that influences our awareness. Our mind is guided by meaning and consciously heartened by signs, symbols, metaphors and analogy, etc.

"Feelings operate in the realm of discernment. They help us intuitively recognize what is expanding us and what is contracting us inwardly."
Emmanuel Dagher

Discernment: A Matter of Frequency, Focus and Control 

+ Endear yourself by responding to a higher meaning and purpose (frequency) in your life. 
+ Respond to your deepest “feelings” concerning the facts made evident within their own emotional context. One of the purposes of your intuition is to bring balance and harmony into your life. Know what your intuition can do for you and use it accordingly. 
+ Discernment is closely attuned to compassion yet can be easily misconstrued. Personal impressions and interpretations will surely add complexity to every moment. Ask if your observation, interpretation and response add or detract from experiencing truth, beauty and goodness in your life and in the lives your fellow humans. 
+ Know that you are responsible and in control of the choices you make. This is what freedom really means. Monitor them as closely as you can. Learn/know who you are. Diligence over time will support you in separating the wheat from the chaff. 
+ Release that which no longer expands or enlightens you. What is the purpose surrounding this situation and what might it mean as you observe it? What is the meaning surrounding this situation and what might its purpose be while observing it? What might a particular decision/choice entail both in the short and long term? Internal inquiries help clarify circumstances by prompting your subconscious/symbolic language, i.e. design consciousness. 
+ Know that from your perspective not all decisions will appear to be correct or appropriate. Discernment can be exercised only within the parameters of the observer. Quantum influences are always in play. You are a multidimensional being. Change is both immediate and long term. Change is a given. Willingly work within current constraints while remaining cognizant that past choices helped get you to where you are now and today"s decisions sets the tone for the future. 
+ Always focus within (meditate) to discover and reveal to yourself what are the most appropriate step/s to take in your personal journey. 
+ Discernment demands scrutiny, examination and long-lasting inquiry. A heartfelt intelligence helps describe the concept of an intuition that cannot be measured, only experienced and put to practice. 
+ Focus upon the symbolic language (design fulcrum) that maintains, sustains and brings balance to your consciousness. These designs are the seen and unseen signposts that guide you in your decision-making process. 
+ Be in the moment. Know everything changes. Whatever your decision it will always be the most appropriate/accommodating for you in that time and in that space. 

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Find your truth. Know your mind. Follow your heart. Love eternal will not be denied. Discernment is an integral part of self-mastery. You may share this post as long as author, copyright and URL is included as the resource and shared on a non-commercial no charge basis. Please note … posts are continually being edited over time. Copyright © 2006 -2020 C.G. Garant. All Rights Reserved. (Fair use notice) You are also invited to visit and URL and

Be assured you will not discover all the answers to your inquiries here. Continue to investigate into your role of observer and contributor to a reality of your own design and creation – be aware of the by-products that surround every choice and decision.


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The Concept of Discernment


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