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Design Realities Come to the Forefront

Conceptual impressions surrounding this article are yet to be substantiated, corroborated, confirmed or woven into a larger argument, network or post. This post has ben repeated on Design Metaphysics.

Over time you eventually begin to realize the importance of your imagination. Your concept of “reality” has been vividly created by it. Your impressions and feelings about Reality are framed within past experiences. It is no wonder that every idea in the design of your virtual reality, i.e. world, is so easily accepted, believed and perceived to be true.

Underlying every virtual design rests the potential/opportunity to generate yet an-other reality. In order to constantly reinstate your reality/truth to yourself for reasons of stability/balance, you feel you have no other alternative than to shine its/your own light both within and upon your own field of awareness. You learn first by experiencing what lies within the shadows. In a sense you begin to discover that which appears to succumb to the "darkness" by means of introspection and discernment. You soon begin to realize that the source of this Light re-presents itself as a variety of frequencies/vibrations, some being more visible than others. It seems imperative to distinguish the multi-dimensional differences between every "point of Light" in reference to the fabric/context of an ever changing virtual/etheric field that in itself, harbors the source of this Light. 

Every phase of your construct (creation) is the product of an assortment of symbolic relationships that appear to originate from a mysterious state of being often labeled as the unconscious. It must be noted here that you are present in this "unconscious state" during every conscious moment. For you really never know, or can be assured of, what will occur in the next moment. You have control and maintain your direction primarily by exercising a special kind of balance by bringing to light your own particular ideas/patterns to the world by design. This state is fundamental to the urge in support of the creative impulse.

The imagination acts as a bridge, an active participant in what could be viewed within the realm of a sub-conscious state of awareness; an etheric and therefore veiled realm of changing imagery, feeling and impression; a mystical field, a loosened matrix of attraction filled with illusionary qualities and attributes interpreted and comprehensible only in the form of sign, symbol, metaphor and analogy. Within this transformative field we've described and labeled as the imagination are assembled references to your own past experiences. 

It is imperative that one’s imagination is fully functioning, adaptable and absorbent when wanting to make sense out of any multidimensional process/system. Reality distinguishes itself from every other reality by means of the imagination.

Note: the concept of what might be considered "sensible" carries with it limitless potential and connotation. Focus implies that there is a concentration of effort invoking the idea of centralization, i.e. balance, within constructs previously deemed necessary to re-present current concepts of reality. The strength in maintaining focus is a pre-requisite to designing a new earth. 

The question remains … where does reality truly exist? Every idea and experience contributes to the birth of the next idea/experience. Every experience adds to every desire and every intention. Reality appears before consciousness in the format of a conceptual exercise. What appears to be a real can be discovered within every context, scale, dimension and/or frequency range made conscious by design. Every concept of reality is designed about a specific POV defined as an “observer” in quest of experiences that in turn, expand upon every field of consciousness. 

What have you decided to be real? What will you accept as being real? What will you reject as being real? What will you never accept? From which set or series of realities do you choose to view your world? Which reality do you choose as being primarily human, planetary, collective and/or galactic in character? Is your reality yours or have you chosen to participate/share in a field of Consciousness shared by other belief systems as being your own? How and why does every reality change before your eyes? Which reality do you believe is free of every other? Where is your reality headed? Do you sincerely desire and choose to contribute/sustain/retain belief systems that repeatedly continue to disconnect you from your innate POV? 

"When we are born, the stories of our lives are, on the whole, unwritten and undefined. Letters dance around, slowly forming words, and then sentences. As we grow and evolve, the sentences grow and merge, forming story lines and beliefs. As children, we have the freedom to tap into the magic and wonder of the imagination where we know no boundaries or limits, but, over time, conditioning slowly erodes this for many, leaving us like sheep, a part of the flock of ‘normal’.

As a child, a cardboard box was a castle; a blanket was a magic carpet. Potential was only limited by the far realms of the imagination. If we’re lucky, this is nurtured in us by family, educators and friends, allowing us to grow and develop, embracing our unique gifts and fulfilling our dreams and goals. Yet, for many, we are slowly shaped and defined by the world in which we live and, very often, the letters stop dancing around as we start walking the treadmill of existence. Of course, all is not lost, but it can become inexplicably hard to extricate ourselves and re-define our way of living and being. Yet, ‘inexplicably hard’ isn’t impossible, and, with determination, it is possible to reconnect to at least some of that childhood magic.

I think we all spend time trying to sharpen and hone the undefined pieces of ourselves. Some pieces get lost due to life events or trauma, and others fade away, losing their significance over time. Yet, we all have many pieces, and, over the years, we may reconnect to some of these in an attempt to rediscover our essence and sense of self.

It’s only when we rediscover the dancing words - which never stopped dancing (we just stopped noticing them) - that we begin to see the possibility and potential once again. In our haste to grow up and live life, we often lose sight of the magic of what life truly has to offer. It can sometimes be hard to see the relevance of the imagination, or the significance of the potential within our hearts and souls, but this is usually because we are trapped in a cycle of keeping on keeping on, trying to live life, but denying ourselves the opportunity to wholeheartedly embrace it at the same time.

We are complex beings living complex lives, and it’s hard to step back at times to see the wood for the trees. It’s often only when we’re tripped up by life events that we pause for long enough to take stock and reassess. Yet, why can’t we all pause, even for a moment, to do this? Just remember, the magic isn’t lost, it’s just hidden behind the curtains of everyday life.
For now, I wish you all kinds of wonderful.” 
With love,


Our concept of what our Source might becomes a significant point of demarcation/creation. An unknowable source of unity, balance and harmony is symbolically contained, i.e. designed, in all that humanity might create and therefore believe in. The concept of singularity encapsulates what we know and what we don’t know. Unity/reality is better felt than understood.

Based upon a variety of experiences attributed to our reasoning power, we as a species have attempted to venture out in quest to learn/know more. Why have we as a species found responsible for being the primary caregiver of this planet, disregarded the need to feel more? You have been given the choice and power to attain and absorb knowledge, understanding and wisdom (Manas). Along with feelings in the form of energy in motion (Kama) allows for the imagination to center upon and enter into that which you don’t know, i.e. the unconscious. 

Being honest with your self do the current belief systems you have chosen to symbolically re-present your concept of reality allow you to be free to exercise and experience the reality you know exists beyond the control of others? Is your concept of reality truly your own or has it been contrived and designed in order to inhibit or control you? Are you aware of a band/field of consciousness that is in a perpetual state of change for purposes of achieving perfect balance? Every agent that collectively re-presents your perspective of what might be considered a planetary awareness, is similarly required for the survival of every form of Light sharing your presence (reality) on Earth. 

Your attention is brought forward and into awareness (focus) as being re-presented by the unconscious. You’re looking deeply for fulfillment, unity and oneness. You’re in quest to discover the Truth by means of knowing the Source whose attributes can be found within you. This same Source likewise re-presents the challenges/opportunities that lead to greater expansion and growth beyond the constraints of duality. Attempts may seem futile "in time" due to the multitude of confusing systems of learning you have been taught and conditioned into believing.

There is more to what you sense and what you think you know. The question remains; how will you discover the facts in support of feeling and knowing that the Universe functions under the symbolic guise of change? You are presented your own truth by design.

You never design alone. The simple fact is we exist, participate and create our own virtual worlds within a fractal construct, i.e. matrix/network, always changing and adapting within every quantum moment of “time”. 

You must create a network of Light for your self in tandem with that of the planet by means of designing for/within the innate and unique constructs/patterns of Gaia. It is a network that bridges both the known and the unknown, the conscious and the unconscious. **The field in this design bridge spans is the subconscious. The primary tool at your disposal is the design process. 
** Interestingly enough you will come to discover that the conscious and unconscious are One in the Same. Upon attaining balance the Source, i.e. reality, you seek has always been within you ... the Designer. All are in the process of balancing.

I highly recommend contributing to the reconstruction, design and sustenance of a planetary network that literally supports the patterns, strengths and power of Nature. We each must create our own matrix, i.e. system, to be integrated into Nature's network by means of symbolic correspondences. Nature's designs require a quantum POV. Design at this level is re-presented in the form of an extremely connected yet semi-permanent position, i.e. center, focal point, in which experiences and events can be quickly collected and immediately responded to. 

Unsurprisingly you must intuit certain actions as being necessary in order to expand upon the framework that houses your own cellular form of consciousness as you read/interpret and respond to every symbol throughout the balancing/design process. This challenge is met by means of implementing your point of view (designs) into a virtual reality of your own making, i.e. parallel universe. This is truly a unique position ... a reality, i.e. consciousness, shared at complementary octaves and frequencies that vibrate beyond the containments associated with 3D space and time. Unsurprisingly you’re already doing just that as you read and ponder upon these words, i.e. symbols.

By creating virtual worlds stemming from your own experiences, you can begin to optimize your designs (focus) by modeling certain choices about current and/or future actions and/or decision-making. Every situation you experience has been generated from within the cellular core of the planet. Gaia has participated in your sense of consciousness by means of creating the oceans/fields from which your present form/geometry has emerged. Due to the fact that Gaia is the material source supporting your vibratory status, Gaia harbors an aspect of your consciousness within its own awareness. Every virtual world you create models a potential reality for reference and refinement in the future of the planet. These scenarios represent possible futures within the timelines you yourself create by means of design. They contain potentials yet to be experienced by humanity and every other agent of greater and lesser consciousness. 

Time creates a contextual framework for symbolic and metaphoric reason and reference and like space, remains a matter of choice when contemplating upon your interpretation, i.e. design, of what constitutes reality in the moment.

When viewed holistically we each re-present a single perspective, i.e. point of view, based upon “experience” upon the planet, a position consistent with perceptions taken from within a vast ocean of universal energy, light and information. Dependent upon qualities attributed to our imagination, our creative expressions may or may not reach beyond the stars. It is imperative that we create and sustain our own POV in addition and reference to the inclusion of others, solely in order to enter into the creative mix and development of future design/planetary possibilities. Your contributions add but another important piece to the puzzle. Your imagination embraces the potential for further collective projection upon a virtual/holographic network and possibly into relative "form" made applicable to the current situation. Reality emerges before your consciousness as a reflection upon your own desires, increasing your awareness and willingness to make them so.

The drive to investigate into our own expression of Cosmic Intelligence/Consciousness by means of knowledge, understanding and wisdom is a passionate*** one. The passion is to contact/connect with this internal Source; to feel and bring into expression the driving force/current that exemplifies fulfillment, gratification and joy. Passion vibrates at a very high frequency. Passion is energy-in-motion on steroids. Passion is vital to any desire worth pursuing and capable of tipping your boat/process in the wrong direction if not of the highest order/quality.

*** passionate |ˈpa sh ənit|
showing or caused by strong feelings or a strong belief : passionate pleas for help | he's passionate about football.
• showing or caused by intense feelings of sexual love : a passionate kiss.

• dominated by or easily affected by intense emotion : a strong-minded and passionate man.

Truth is felt in the heart, imagined in the mind and made apparent, i.e. real, by virtue of form. Creation is an action in the form of an intention designed to connect events and experiences about a common source. It originates from a heartfelt frequency from within. Impressions collected in the form of images, thoughts and feelings swirl about every intention. The intuition implies direction while the imagination gathers the impressions that together bring about past realizations into awareness/consciousness. 

Many of these impulses attempt to fill a need, a vacancy or imbalance in a current state of affairs, i.e. circumstance. How passionate one is about full-filling such needs, i.e. imbalances, likewise helps "measure" the force required in support of a particular intention/objective/goal. These needs re-present themselves in the form of a series of symbolic gestures and impressions meant to resolve/satisfy them. These needs/desires are microcosmic re-presentations symbolizing multidimensional imbalances. Together they encourage and inspire the creative process to enter the more subtle realms of the quantum.

You daily project your desires out and beyond your own concept/definition of self/reality and into what seems to be a chaotic, multidimensional contextual field of energy labeled as the "objective world". This realm perceived/interpreted from your POV appears to be virtual in essence and chaotic in character. It is from within this pseudo/symbolic reality that you attempt to apply/exercise your own insights in the form of concepts and ideas searching for the meaning and purpose behind your designs and creations. Intuitively however, you know that the answer to these questions lie deep within your own source of consciousness.

You repeatedly return to what you believe to be the Source of your Intelligence. You have observed for yourself and have come to your own conclusion that such Intelligence exists. An Intelligence has been presented to you in the forms of nature surrounding you. You might view/interpret the sciences or the arts as the most believable systems of perception created and designed to identify/describe/categorize/enlighten/expose you to this great realization. You may also begin to realize that you are an integral participant of this system/intelligence by means of becoming aware of the unique intelligence/singularity that you believe is centered within you. We each exercise a unique type of intelligence/awareness of our own, i.e. a fractal state/reflection of patterns and configurations that parallel a universal principle in quest of balance through a process of unity and fragmentation. 

You exercise the gift of design because you sense that within the constructs of this chaotic universe, there are patterns that support and direct you towards making the right choices in order to go into the right direction. These are patterns that have been previously designed expressed through a multitude of re-sources. These patterns create the guidelines, i.e. archetypes, the flags/guideposts that support you/us into and beyond dimensions/frequencies never conceived of before. These impressions present themselves before humanity in the guise of symbol, metaphor, synchronicity and intuition. 

Signs, symbols and contexts change yet remain to be the catalysts that link every dimension of space/time. Consciousness saturates every dimension, design gives Consciousness its meaning and its purpose. 

Design is the process by which we live a multidimensional life.

Duality is a dimensional concept based upon a particular point of view taken within a set range of limited choice. Linearity can reach beyond the constraints of 3D space/time as well as the concepts of unity and wholeness ... if the symbols harmonize within the dimension of interest. The most appropriate choice is the one that propagates the concept of balance. From what position and frame of references do you choose to create/design your reality?

Linearity/duality is a process that if necessary, can reach beyond the constraints of 3D space/time. It is a human perception/interpretation/methodology used to bring a certain degree of order out of chaos.

The importance is not in the idea that a quark is measurable not, but rather it being the creation of a situation designed to support a particularly POV. The actual key to every observation/discovery is: what you believe as being real becomes so by means of the context/constraints in which your focus presents itself, i.e. appears to you. You have the power of choice to determine what you feel you must create. However, you must also experience the ramifications of that choice within the same or similar context in which you projected these intentions.

Recognition is the result of all the signs/symbols in which you are engaged being united by virtue of the vibratory resonance created/established between them.
 In other words, you supplied/presented part of a greater/complex puzzle (consciousness) to yourself by virtue of the vibratory resonance created between the source/current (you), the electricity ignited by your desire/s, in addition to the magnetism attracted to your POV in the form of matter, about a design of your choice. 

This methodology may likewise be applied/extended when attempting to design within the unbridled vista of a quantum reality in the form of a ... symbolic observation followed by conscious intent. The design process remains while the symbols carrying the focus of a particular consciousness/awareness, i.e. POV, change in reference to the context in which they are applied/directed. In design everything seems to change, but remain the same ... only the symbols and context change within the field of a Universal Intelligence/Consciousness known to be beyond comprehension.

"Duality is in the eyes of the beholder."
Gerrit Gielen

Design allows us to create our own reality. Design carries the power of both the conscious and the unconscious. The subconscious creates the bridge, the symbolic connection between fields by means of symbol and metaphor. The subconscious is part of a universal method of awakening and evolutionary progress designed towards the attainment, execution and maintenance of balance. 

The subconscious field/dimension harbors every situation and event you have experienced. The subconscious holds your symbolic toy box. Which toys do you wish to play with today and in the future? The subconscious is an intermediary "space" necessary in order for you to exercise your gift, your power, your ability to make a choice. You may envision this state of consciousness as a "region" or field filled with all that you desire and feel is important. Your subconscious is instrumental in describing who you are. This is a region of choice. You are the one who contributes to its creation. The subconscious is the buffer, the zone, the play ground between practice and the game, the field in which your desires, goals and objectives play out by means of your intuition and imagination before you make a choice. Which toy/s are you going to play with? You're the one who created them. You are the one who designed them ...  with a little help from your friends. 

The concept of reality is multidimensional in context and quantum in character. You are now where you've chosen/desired to be. It is by choice that you allowed/agreed to/succumbed/accepted the designs of others to guide/control and/or dominate your perception/definition of reality. Consciousness is of our own choosing. 

You are probably reading this text while simultaneously pondering on the best/most appropriate way in which to understand/comprehend it. What are the most meaningful symbols (toys) in your toy box? Your awareness can be literally and figuratively in two places/states at the same time. You can be physically in one "space" while simultaneously being in another … if you so choose. You do it all the time every day. Welcome to the power of the imagination. Welcome to the realm of the quantum. Welcome to design metaphysics. 

Welcome to just one key in a chain of keys designed towards awakening an aspect of Consciousness that you've been attracted. It is a key that can take on many shapes and sizes because its quantum in its character. You've made it so without knowing you did. It is a key that one by one moves the tumblers in a lock (system) of your own design. It is a key to a virtual/quantum, space/time in which you've always participated, whether you knew it or not. Have you used a key borrowed from somewhere else? Were you told your designs were inappropriate? Be honest, where they? Have you seriously investigated your current situation in order to discover what you believe in to be true? These are questions only you can discover for your self. 

The purpose in support of duality from a new point of wholeness might now become better felt/understood and placed into its own "context" while your design process continues to expand and contract within dimensions yet to experienced and never before thought of. By Nature you will continue to design the keys and the locks that allow you to choose and discover your-self. 

figurative |ˈfigyərətiv|
departing from a literal use of words; metaphorical : gold, in the figurative language of the people, was “the tears wept by the sun.”
(of an artist or work of art) representing forms that are recognizably derived from life.

literally |ˈlitərəlē; ˈlitrə-|
in a literal manner or sense; exactly : the driver took it literally when asked to go straight across the traffic circle | tiramisu, literally translated “pick me up.”
• informal used for emphasis or to express strong feeling while not being literally true : I have received literally thousands of letters.
USAGE In its standard use, literally means ‘in a literal sense, as opposed to a nonliteral or exaggerated sense,’: : I told him I never wanted to see him again, but I didn't expect him to take it literally . In recent years, an extended use of literally (and also literal) has become very common, where literally (or literal) is used deliberately in nonliteral contexts, for added effect: : they bought the car and literally ran it into the ground. This use can lead to unintentional humorous effects ( : we were literally killing ourselves laughing) and is not acceptable in formal English.

Greater consciousness along with the attainment of Oneness takes the POV of an observer. The power of choice alerts us to the differences between positions, i.e. POV, while simultaneously directing us to observe a collective awareness that unites us all. Duality is a by-product of this particularly unique quality supporting the concept of choice.

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Design Realities Come to the Forefront


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