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How Can You Recognize Bad Logo Designs And Avoid Them?

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So, how can you create good Logo designs? Just do not create the bad ones, right? Well, it is indeed an oversimplification, but where is the lie? A professional logo designer is always aware of the most common mistakes that must be avoided if he does not want the logo to look bad. They get to know these mistakes by probably making them in the past throughout their career, and learning from them is always crucial. This helps them avoid the poor choices, to begin with, and makes the whole logo design process better.

There are some not-to-do in the process that must be known, so they can be easily pointed out. Seeing how ineffective they are can make you realize why it is essential to do that. Sidestepping them is probably the finest thing you can accomplish to guarantee a smooth procedure. A logo is the face of your business in the market for customers and other businesses. You have to understand the importance of making it look appealing, desiring, catchy, and pleasant. The first step to ensure that is to see that all common mistakes have been ruled out.

Here are some common aspects that you must AVOID in your logo design. It is fine if you are guilty of any of them because we have prepared top-notch solutions for you to tackle them.

  1. Outdated Logos

One of the common problems that are found in most logos is their outdated techniques. Surely you do not want your logo design to look ancient now, do you? If your logo looks like something that was designed decades ago, it will not keep up with the pace of the current market. Techniques from the past are old-fashioned now and must be avoided. Who would want to associate with a brand that has not grown with time?

Suggested Solution

If you are in the majority of businesses that are dealing with the same problem of having an outdated logo, re-designing it is the best option. It gives you a good chance of competing with the businesses with the latest logos. Now that you are re-designing it, you must keep in mind the purpose you serve. Making your logo look pretty is not the only goal, as it has to deliver the primary message of what it is that your business does.

  1. Avoid Being Too Detailed

Do not get this wrong; detailed logos are not bad, but they are not perfectly scalable. Detailed logos can look good on huge billboards or vehicle wraps; if that are the only places you want customers to interact with you, then go for it. On the other hand, it is getting tough to get customers to give you attention because of the highly competitive market. The common drawback that every logo designer accepts there is in a detailed logo is the confusion it causes on small screens.

Be it a monogram logo design or an emblem; if it is too detailed, many customers will stop trying to understand it and leave. Now, do you want your potential customers to leave that way because you are too stubborn to accept the fact that your logo needs to be much simpler? Your logo will not look good on smartphones, pens, and business cards. Keep in mind that these are the most used areas where buyers can confront your firm. Detailed logos requires so much effort, but it all goes in vain when it comes to small screens.

Suggested Solution

We understand that fully designing your logo cannot be possible sometimes. If you want to keep your logo, that is fine; you just have to design a new variant for smaller screens. A lot of customers must be habitual of seeing your detailed logo on the huge places. Interfering with that may not be good, but changing your logo to become better on small screens is the best option you can go for. A lot of businesses exist in the market with more than one variant of their logos for the same reason.

  1. Avoid Irrelevant Imagery

Every professional logo design company can agree that anything irrelevant in the logo makes it look unprofessional. The irrelevancy found in images of the logos can confuse your potential customers, and that is not a good sign. What if you are a company that sells dental equipment to pharmaceutical stores, but the image on the logo tells otherwise? If an image cannot depict your purpose as a business because it is irrelevant, you must focus here and try to get it resolved.

Suggested Solution

You must only stick with the images that connect with your brand directly. If you are a web design company, an image of a tree will not define you relevantly at all. You would want something techy to add there, and this is where the things will become normal. Stick to simplicity and see what wonders it does for you.

  1. Vague

If your logo does look attractive and good but does not say much about your brand, it is still a bad logo. Every logo designer has a goal to make the logo explain the basics of a business. As it is the first time potential customers interact with a business, they must not feel lost. Offering up some crucial information about the business will be the better thing to do as it will draw more customers, which is the whole point.

Suggested Solution

A business can observe great success only if its logo is top-notch. If your customer can understand what your business does and what it is about just by looking at your logo, then without a doubt, it is the best thing. Nevertheless, you must remember that you do not have to focus only on that. A little bit of hint can be enough for customers as they are actually smart to see that. Making it, extra informed will not be good and has to be avoided.


Every business today needs a logo, be it a mobile app development company or an online toy store. The mistakes mentioned above are the most common ones that can be seen in logos today. The suggested solutions will help to avoid them. Your first interaction with a customer is with your logo; if it is not up to the mark, then with what impression will your customer leave?

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How Can You Recognize Bad Logo Designs And Avoid Them?


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