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There are many reasons to invest in movies and watch something play out on screens versus readin them in a book about the same topic. According to a survey, about 85% of customers expect more video content and eye-catching images from their favourite brands. This survey concluded that about 72% of the customers learn or have a better overview of any products and services. It seems that visual content has the strength to attract viewers’ attention while helping them explore more about anything. Moreover, motion is fascinating to viewers and conveys messages having feelings or concepts harder to explain or express. An animated Logo design is an increasingly popular area in a business’s branding strategy, providing simple and effective ways to help companies live up to their customers’ expectations. 

Branding is vital for the growth of any business, no matter small or large. Branding is crucial for businesses because it is the only approach that makes the audience know about a company. It holds the mission, vision, values, perspectives, products, services, and target audience that truly reflects what a company does. In a world where companies celebrate and prizes uniqueness, branding is the only way to bring their efforts to life. Branding has so many things to look at, a company’s logo design, brand positioning, target customers, competitors, brand awareness, brand values, experience, promises, and much more. Among these, logo designs are the most crucial element that helps companies capture the audience’s attention, differentiate brands, and nurture relationships with customers if animated. 

Why Creating An Animated Logo Design Has Become A Common Trend?

Logo design is the first thing that must be worked on before creating a brand. It is the element responsible for a company’s strong foundation, especially animated logo design. As soon as the animation trend covers a wider part of the business world, companies are getting in touch with the designer to get their logos into animated designs. The factors are involved in animating a logo are:

  • To surprise people
  • Give a true sense of joy.
  • Make people excited about what they are being shown
  • To Last an impactful impression at first glance
  • Create a sense of amusement
  • To make people look at it in awe
  • Creates curiosity 

In light of these facts, animated logos are the best way for companies to express their business goals and show that a static logo can’t. These logos can be used in marketing and advertising to promote products or services while connecting to the target audience. 

What Must Be Included In An Animated Logo Design?

Marketing is the most important thing for any business. It holds a company’s values, perspectives, and goals that give a clear view of what a business is about and what it has for its customers. Not just this, but it has more to do. Marketing is the only thing that either makes or breaks a business’s reputation in the market, while its effective implementation is the thing that ensures recognition for the long term. But how to launch a successful marketing campaign is still a big question or confusion among many businesses. Thus, making it essential for companies to hire a UK digital agency to align the business goals and requirements with the brand identity. 

There are many ways to launch a successful marketing campaign, like animated videos service, content marketing, SEO, email, etc. But in today’s business world, animated content, no matter video or logo designs, have gained traction among small and large brands. There is no surprise that colourful images, engaging visuals and pleasing themes attract people. The same thing has recently surfaced in logo designs. 

Here is how logos can be animated to end up with a design that inspires the audience. 

  • Make Logos Come To Life With Rotation

Logo designs are the first things that people look at or interact with. It is a face of a business that represents the values of a company and tell what a company do or what they have to serve people. One of the best ways to grab customers’ attention is to give a 360-degree view by rotating designs. Making logos rotate puts life in the design while holding viewers’ attention and making them stay on it to see what happen next. This practice can be a more exciting experience if gradients are added. 

  • Create A Mystery With Disappearance

We all know that animated visuals are ten times stronger to make an ever-lasting impression at first glance. The dynamism in static designs is something beyond imagination that can do wonders for businesses. Creating a mystery in logo designs has some quite different to show viewers. Disappearance makes the viewers hold on and wait for the next happening. There are endless options to make things disappear, like fonts, characters, icons, any design or pattern. Additionally, the same thing can be done with branding videos using animated videos service

  • Intrigue Your Audience With Transformation

Among many effective ways of animating logo designs, intriguing the audience with transformation is the best way to instantly draw the audience’s attention. Here transformation means the change of designs within logos. Transformation in any way or style is a source of bringing innovation and doubles the interest among viewers that is the next thing they are going to see. Making animated logo design transformative allows businesses to show what they do in every symbol. Thus, it’s a great idea for companies to show everything within a single design.  

  • Replacement Gains Strength

Logos are the heart of a brand that represents an original image of the company with its attractive, simple, timeless and memorable designs. What if some replacement of design elements is made? The result will be nothing but mind-blowing. We often see animated clips, GIFs and images, and they have powerful context, pleasant views and in-depth emotions to trigger excitement, joy and intrigue. The replacement of elements in logo designs makes the static design look dynamic, but this alteration must be faster. Otherwise, it will lose its creativity. 

Animated logo design is not only a key for a company’s visual presentation but is a powerful branding tool that can express what a business is all about. consumers these days like to watch animated content, and it is a great time for businesses to create their brand awareness through animated logos designs. It is because logos are the only elements that separate one brand from the other, so they must be creative and eye-catching to make a strong impression on the first attempt. 

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Animated Logo Design | Animated Videos Service | UK Digital Agency


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