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7 Web Design Trends for 2019 | Web Designing Service | Netleaf Software: The new year brings new trends and changes in the world of web design. To ensure your business stays current, you must keep your website up to date. So, what are the upcoming web design trends for 2019? In this post, we’ll cover seven expected trends for 2019. Keep reading to learn more about where you can update your website to fit with the trends! 1. Going bold with color One of the first aspects you’ll want to evaluate in the new year is your color palette. Colors have a big impact on how your audience views your website. Your color palette is a big part of your brand identity. People will look at your colors and associate them with your brand. It’s a crucial part of your business, so you want to ensure that you keep them fresh. One of the biggest trends coming into 2019 is the usage of bright colors. Bright colors capture your audiences’ attention and gets them engaged with your page. If your color palette is old or outdated, this is a time to update it. You can opt for brighter versions of your color palette to make your website pop. It’s a great way to help your website stand out from the competition. This brings a unique and fresh aspect to your website. By updating the colors on your pages, you’ll make your website pop. On another end of the spectrum, an upcoming trend is a black and white palette with bold color accents. Black and white palettes add a unique experience to your website. It allows your audience to see your website in a new view. You can see textures, shapes, and points of interest differently. With a black and white palette, you can input different accent colors to make different parts of your website more appealing. It’s a great way to create different points of interest on your site. Overall, you’ll want to take a second look at your color palette and make sure it’s still attractive to your audience. 2. Strong, bold typography Your typography is a crucial part of how your audience experiences your site. You must have readable typography to ensure your audience can read your text. Bold typography will be a common trend for web design in 2019. You want to have typography that stands out, but also is easy to read. The type of font you use sends a message to your audience. When you use the appropriate font, you build trust with your audience and ensures they get the message from your text. Your typography enhances your website’s design. It adds flair and character. As you comb through your site, see if you can upgrade your font choice to make it more interesting for your audience. 3. Minimalism Many companies are under the impression that more means better. The reality of the situation, however, is that less is more. A minimalist design is the best way to present your business to your audience. This ensures that you only present the most important information to your audience. It’s easy to dive into detail and go in-depth with your content, but you can end up overwhelming your audience. The best thing to do is keep your design and information simple. Make all of your information clear and space it out so it doesn’t make your site appear overcrowded. You’ll have a site that looks cleaner and will be easier for your audience to engage with your content. 4. More videos As videos and media platforms like YouTube rise in popularity, it’s more crucial for businesses to integrate videos into their sites. If you want to remain in competition with your competitors, integrate more videos into your site. When you add videos to your site, you create unique engagement points. You create diversity on your page and break up the abundance of text on your site. Videos cater well to your on-the-go audience. They may not have time to read all the information on your site, but they can watch a quick two-minute video and get all the information they need. With Google generating more mixed results that include listings and videos, it’s a great time to start integrating videos into your marketing plan. It gives you an opportunity to engage new leads and gain more exposure for your business. 5. Create micro-interactions Micro-interactions are surprise events that happen to users while visiting your site. When someone takes a small action on your site and a specific response happens, it creates a micro-interaction. For example, when someone logs on to Facebook and sees a red box with a number next to their notifications, this is a micro-interaction. It’s something that is interesting and engaging for your audience, and, in this case, gets someone to click on their notifications. There are many micro-interactions on Twitter, too. For instance, when someone refreshes their Twitter feed, they’ll hear a popping sound. This is also a micro-interaction. These are small nuances that add to the user experience on your site. You can integrate micro-interactions on your site through scroll animations, chimes, and more. It’s a great way to create a more engaging and interactive experience and will help your website’s design stand out in 2019. 6. Mobile-friendly design As you continue to adapt to web design trends for 2019, think about your mobile audience. Mobile browsing is becoming more prominent than desktop browsing. You’ll want to ensure that your web design is mobile-friendly for 2019. One big emphasis this coming year is making your site thumb-friendly. When people browse on mobile, they use their thumbs to scroll, click, and navigate mobile sites. This means you should focus on adding and placing site elements where they are easy to access with a thumb. For instance, a hamburger menu, the icon with three lines, is typically on mobile sites. However, the issue is that this menu is often at the top left-hand side of the site. This makes it challenging for your audience to access your menu. To adapt for mobile users, you may need to put your hamburger menu in another place, like the bottom right corner, so your audience can access your information. It makes it quicker and more efficient for your audience to browse through your site. 7. Focus on user experience (UX) Your audience is at the heart of your business. To have a successful presence online, you must provide your audience with a positive user experience (UX) so they remain on your site and learn about your business. Think about what they would want to see on your site or what types of elements would enhance their experience. Whether it’s the navigation, typography, media, or information on your site, you always want to consider how your audience will respond. Good UX is the difference between earning leads and losing them. You can have an attractive website that represents your brand well, but that doesn’t matter if the UX isn’t optimized. Ensure that your UX is optimized in 2019 to retain your audience’s interest.
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