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Video Editing Vs Photo Editing | Which One to Choose?

The world has already shifted to visual mode as the medium for expression. Thousands of videos and images fill up all the spaces in our cell phones. And this is the time to sharpen the skill of Editing visual content. But the question is, video editing vs photo editing, which one should you go for? This question can arise from two perspectives. First, which one offers a better career graph? And second, the estimated expenses concerning these two variations of editing. Consider this article as a detailed exploration of video and photo editing. We will take a dip together to find out both the answers.

Photo Editing

Photo editing is the first step to getting started with modern visual art. Today, many people limit this to the art of making images insta-worthy. But that’s not where the story ends! As a professional photo editor, editing is an umbrella term where each project varies depending on what is expected from the image.

The Purpose of Photo Editing

Images are everywhere these days. It isn’t easy to draw a finite line on the uses of images. Let’s try to understand some popular purposes of image editing tasks. The first thing that comes to mind is making memories even more beautiful. Wedding photography editing, event photo editing, and corporate image editing fall into this category with some other varieties. 

The second most popular purpose is image editing for e-commerce websites. The sites depend mainly on professionally edited product images. Many photo editing skills, including color correction, shadow making, ghost mannequins, clipping path, etc., are staples for the editing tasks.  Advertisement campaigns also require photo editing on a professional level. This type of editing demands an artistic approach as well.

Skills Needed for Image Editing

The primary knowledge you’ll need for image editing is in color theory. You need the expertise to highlight the subject of the image in the proper manner. Editors know how to combine or contrast colors in a way that helps the subject to grab all the attention.

Observation and patience are the 2 other qualities that any editor will need. And the yearning to catch up with the latest editing trends and updates is another quality that will help the editor be always relevant.

Image Editing Software 

Hands down, the most popular image editing software is Adobe Photoshop. Professional editors depend hugely on this software to make their projects flawless. It has a set of tools to operate the editing in every possible way. The features are easy to adapt with little practice. You can add filters, combine layers, color correct, and many more. 

The software is available for 20.99 dollars per month charges. Going for a Yearly subscription will save you 13 dollars.  Canva is a perfect choice as an online image editing tool. This tool cuts down the time to work on editing. The user-friendly interface is designed to help people even with no editing skills. You can get most of your jobs done in the free mode. The premium version gives you access to a set of advanced features. The fantastic part is, it doesn’t need any extra storage on your devices!  

Future of Image Editing 

Photo editing is going through an evolution as a skill. If Canva was the first revolutionary change in the editing field, AI image edits are the upcoming one. But no need to lose all hope in image editing already! Images still are and will remain the primary form of visual content. To add to that, product images and images related to personal memories are always going to be there.

Video Editing

We have reached the middle of our quest today: the answer to video editing vs photo editing. Videos have become the spontaneous mode of expression today. The secret is that all the videos seem effortless, but video editing is never so!  You’ll get several short clips of the shooting for the video as an editor. Combining them through the editing process to bring the desired sense is video editing. This process includes color grading, sound correction, flawless cuts, and many more.

The Purpose of Video Editing

Videos are used for various purposes, such as promoting a product, cinematography, preserving memories, or as YouTube content. These are merely the criteria, but videos mean many other things to an editor. Good video editing creates a storyline if pictures are meant to speak a thousand words. Every professional editor thinks about coherence in the video to create a storyline out of it. Videos are intended to grab the viewers’ attention for a while.  

Skills Needed for Video Editing

A perfect video comes out after hours of sleepless editing. You’ll need to know some other things to create one engaging video. First, you must have a firm grasp of market-leading video editing software. There are some free Software available online that you can start with. Then, move on to the premium software to upgrade as an editor. Deadlines always hover around any video editor. You can be way ahead of your schedule by learning the keyword shortcuts. Always keep an eye on the details to make the video flawless. 

Another essential skill that you’ll need is color grading. An editor must understand the mood in the video and adjust the color accordingly. 

Video Editing Software 

More video editing software is coming to the market besides the popular ones. Choose one depending on your skill set and preferences. Let’s go through a list of them first-

  • Adobe Premiere Pro,
  • Wondershare Filmora,
  • Camtasia,
  • Final Cut Pro,
  • Synthesia, and so on.

Adobe Premier Pro is leading the video editing market. The main reason is that Adobe always brings cool updates that enhance your editing. You can now access text-based edit features on the Adobe Premier Pro version. There’s also a pre-built project template setup to save you time. There are many more advanced features for working smoothly. Adobe is a comparatively costly software for video editors. You’ll have to pay 239.88 dollars per annum. But this software adds so much to your work that the price is worth it in every way. And video editing jobs are naturally well-paid. 

Future of Video Editing 

The Video editing vs photo editing debate becomes more interesting at this point. A video editing career is already a promising one. People are tuning more into video content compared to any other form. Professional services are in high demand as brands are inclining more to Social media promotion. The influencer culture is contributing more to the industry for growth. The demand for video editing is going to remain the same. If you still need clarification about choosing your career as a professional video editor, shake that off. The upcoming years are going to be ruled by video content. 

Video Editing Vs Photo Editing

You have already got a vivid idea of both skills. Both of these skills have a promising future ahead. And so many times, video editing and photo editing tasks overlap for a designer. None of these two skills falls into binaries like approachable and non-approachable. You’ll only need a knack inside to resonate well with your profession. Now, you get to decide which career to go with. Someone naturally inclined to cinematography should stick to video editing. Otherwise, photo editing is an excellent career choice to pursue. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still cannot decide which path to go with, read the following Q&As to clarify things. 

Q.1 How Much Can I Earn From Photo Editing? 

Ans. The answer to this question depends on your skill level and dedication. You can freelance on marketplaces and Increase your hourly rates with experience. The total income will depend on the number of projects you can handle and the hourly rate. 

Q.2 How Much Can I Earn From Video Editing? 

Ans. Earnings from video editing depend on the skill level as well. Working as a freelancer gives you more scope to earn. You can increase your hourly rate up to 100 dollars. But you can also work on well-paying onsite opportunities. 

Q.3 Does Video Editing Pays More Than Photo Editing?

Ans. This is the most vital issue in the video editing vs photo editing debate. Video editing pays comparatively high, no doubt. But video format content takes a longer time to complete. And getting projects depend on your networking and representation skill as well. However, bulk orders or bigger brand deals bring good money for photo editors. 

Q.4 What Soft Skills DO I Need as a Video Editor?

Ans. Video editors do need some personal skills to shine, amongst others. Let me show them in a short list below-

  • Keen to learn the latest upgrades
  • An eye for detail
  • Treating issues with a positive approach 
  • Good networking 
  • Proper communication with clients.’

With these personal skills and editing, You will have a bright career graph. This method is valid for a photo editing career also. 

Q.5 Where Can I Get Professional Photo Editing?

Ans. You can go to the Overnight Graphics Get a Quote Menu and ask for a free trial. This free trial lets you judge our capability and let us know your requirements.


Hopefully, you’ve found your answer to the video editing vs photo editing quest. Both skills hold a bright scope for editors. Follow your hunch and work with dedication for a successful editing career. Keep reading Overnight Graphics blogs to stay updated on the image and video industry.

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Video Editing Vs Photo Editing | Which One to Choose?


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