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Modafinil Changed My Life” – Story of Paulina Schweitzer

This post is the story of Paulina Schweitzerabout her life before and after she began to use Modafinil. Her experience will go a long way in revealing what is mere myth, and what is fact about this wakefulness enhancement drug.

Please note that your experience may be different from hers. This is because everybody’s metabolism and genetic makeup aredifferent, and which is why modafinil purchase should only be taken under prescription. However, there will be common grounds which everybody that is affected by genetic or circumstantial cognitive abnormalities can relate to, and so Paulina’s story will be relevant nonetheless. Let’s take a quick journey with Paulina.

Q: Paulina, hi! We are so glad to have you here with us.

A:“Hi! I am glad to be here!”

Q: Tell us a little about yourself. What do you do?

A:“My name is Paulina Schweitzer. I’ma single mother with two young children, Cameron and Kayla. I work graveyard shifts as a nurse (11 pm – 7am). I am also in University full-time, doing my first degree.

Q: How did you start to use Modafinil? Under whose recommendations?

A:I have been diagnosed with SWSD (shift-work sleep disorder), OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) and narcolepsy with cataplexy. The first diagnosis came when I was much younger, about 12 years old. However, I never took the doctor’s recommendations seriously because I…..well, I did not understand the implications of such a diagnosis, and because I am this all-natural person who does not like to resort to taking medications for any length of time at all. Later in life,though, as I aspired for greater things and life became more demanding, I noticed I could not control my sleepiness when I needed to.

Q: What did you do then? Moreover, can you share with us what it was like living with these cognitive challenges and with narcolepsy?

A: Well, I had heard about nootropics and stimulants. However, I didn’t want to do drugs or be on some temporary euphoria. However,I was finding it difficult to wake up,and I was falling asleep all day and putting people’s lives (notto mention mine) in danger. One day I nodded off over the gas burner with baby Kayla in my arms. I was depressed andstressed. Ihad no one to help me with the kids after my husband left (both my parents passed away). It was terrible and debilitating. My husband couldn’t handle my abnormalities,so he left me“for someone with a normal brain”. I let him go because I wanted him to be happy. He just left.

Coffee wasn’t helping at all. Ihated my life. However, my schoolmate (who is now my fiancé) consistently showed concern for me and offered me to consult a doctor. So I listened to him. He told me about Modafinil and said that this smart drugis safe and non-addictive, but I had also heard contrary information about it. Moreover, so when it was clear to me that I need help, I spoke to my doctor about my life. He didhis diagnosis and prescribed Modafinil. I gave in and decided to trust my fiancé and my doctor.

Q: And how were you able to handle the costs?

A:Oh, the cost! Like, insurance would not cover. So I had to pay cash. I couldn’tspendsome money and hire a babysitter for Kayla at the same time. I had to choose one. My fiancé stepped in without my asking,and he pays for my prescriptions. All of it!

Q: Did you notice any side effects?

A: Yes, I was having headaches about 10 minutes into the drug. So I would have to take Panadol first, and then take Modafinil a few minutes later. Moreover, that took care of the headaches. My mind and brain would be as clear as the blue sky.

Q: Any lifestyle changes you had to make to aid the action of Modafinil?

A: Absolutely. Daemon, my fiancé, encouraged me to sign up for individual education plans that were structured to help narcolepticsat my University.However, I was so afraid of the stigma of being known to be narcoleptic. It is just signing up for a particular class makes you feel abnormal and ashamed. However, finding a community of narcoleptics who also use Modafinil really boosted my confidence. Moreover, Daemon always dropped by to check on me. It really helped. Daemon and my Modafinil family knew sleepiness overtook when one needed to be more alert, so we would encourage ourselves to take voluntary naps, short naps, before an important activity. I also had to change my diet. I do not eat heavy anymore because Modafinil curbs my appetite. I used to binge eat because I was so depressed, but now I eat only for energy. I do a lot of exercise and meditation too, and I don’t fall off sleeping anymore. I am so alert; life is beautiful! Look what I had been missing!

Q: Last question, Paulina. How are people looking at you and your decision to do Modafinil? Moreover, are you afraid of getting addicted?

A: People judge me sometimes and say that I have not developed the inner strength to discipline my sleepiness. They sayI am well on the way to getting hooked to Modafinil. Oh, but theydo not know! Like, they are ignorant of the fact that narcolepsy is not a choice disease. I cannot keep hating myself for being narcoleptic. I had to take control of the damage it was doing to my life and kids. Modafinil helped me get a grip on something that was so beyond me! Getting hooked? I cannot get hooked. I do not feel any euphoria or ecstasy. I just feel myself well and alive.I am changing my lifestyle and meditating, and doing daily Zen practice so that I can be a better person. Nootropics never help you do that. My doctor and I are working on slowly weaning me off of Modafinil now. It has been sixyears with Modafinil, and I am proud to say that Modafinil changed my life. Moreover, it is easy to get my prescription on sites like Meds4sure

We are grateful to Paulina Schweitzer for her courage in sharing her story with us. If you are out there and you need help, please get a prescription and give Modafinil a chance to change your story.

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Modafinil Changed My Life” – Story of Paulina Schweitzer


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