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The Coming Influx of Mobile Card Readers

Business is always happening. Commerce is the lifeblood of the world, with cultures trading ideas, goods and services to expand the reach and the intellectual capacity of their populations. So, to facilitate those transactions is an underrated service that companies can bring to an economy. The Mobile point of sale industry is dedicated to streamlining transactions, helping small business owners work more efficiently and showing consumers a new and easier way to pay.

The cash register has a certain noise to it. You can hear it in your mind after reading that sentence. It is a whiz-bang-crash sort of noise, with the tapping of keys right before it. Sometimes there can be a rhythm to it. But that common sound may be going out of style soon. Mobile point of sale systems are taking over retail stores, restaurants and small business alike. The future is here.

The mobile point of sale industry is booming right now. Small business owners with goods and services to sell are in a great position to be able to modernize the way they accept payments and give themselves and their employees more mobility and flexibility than ever before. Card Readers attached to phones and tablets are more prevalent – and more secure- than ever before.

Every day, there are new articles about how software is eating the world or the Internet of Things is going to change how we live and do business. A lot of this is hot air, designed to pump up Silicon Valley view of the world that pushes tech to the forefront and skips over all the boring stuff, like evolution of hardware and regular people learning about new things.

But the mobile point of sale might be more revolutionary than everyone gives it credit for. Many of you readers out there have been at a restaurant where you could swipe your credit card on an iPad. Or been checking out at the Apple Store and you suddenly realize there is no actual cash register. You may see these things as futuristic flights of fancy. But they are harbingers of a new way of doing business.

In an increasingly cashless world, the mobile card readers will be king. Back in the olden days, counting cash and locking it up in a money box was common practice for many shop owners. The constant threat of robbery or mugging was always on a shopkeep’s mind. Now we can do away with all that.

The location that the sale use to take place has been fixed in most stores and small businesses. The grocery store checkout lines, the rows of cash registers at retailers, the candy-filled shelves at the front of the drugstore. They are static spots where lines of people would gather and clog up valuable customer movement space. They are inefficient and hard to design. So, the mobile point of sale hardware can change all that.

Imagine your coffeeshop employee going out the table, taking the order, coming back with the lattes and swiping the card, all without taking away a customer’s credit card or spending time attending to other tables. The simplicity of it all is enticing.

And the receipts. Or, actually, the complete lack of paper receipts, stuffing up your wallet and pockets with confounding ability to signal irrelevance and environmental destruction. A mobile point of sale system can store the sales in the cloud, email the customer the receipt and lock in your revenue, all in less time than it took to write this sentence.

SumUp is one of the leading mobile point of sale companies in the world. With a healthy footprint in Europe, SumUp is expanding to the United States and brining its state-of-the-art mobile card readers across the pond. SumUp readers connect seamlessly with Bluetooth and works with all iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. There is not much hardware out on the market that can confuse a SumUp card reader.

Food delivery businesses might benefit the most from a mobile card reader like SumUp. For most delivery places, to bring a traditional mobile card reader, with its bulky nature and poor connectivity, is a non-starter. The consumer experience of paying upfront, over the phone, is not ideal. So, to have a mobile card reader that attaches to a delivery person’s smartphone is a simple and elegant solution.

Where is the mobile card reader industry headed? Most likely on the path to greater adoption and more use everywhere. If you are a small business owner, think about how a mobile point of sale unit can help your bottom line. It might be the best POS purchase you ever make.

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The Coming Influx of Mobile Card Readers


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