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Salt and Lavender is all about recipes that are mostly made from scratch but are still easy to prepare. You’ll find everything from my latest calorie bomb cravings to dishes from my childhood, healthy eats, and overdone classics (with my own little twis
Easy Beef And Noodles
2022-08-23 15:56
This easy beef and noodles recipe is a homestyle favorite! It's made in 30 minutes with pantry staples, and the rich gravy is a comforting treat you'll crave again and again. I think you'll… Read More
Tomato Goat Cheese Gnocchi
2022-08-19 15:36
This one pan tomato goat cheese gnocchi recipe is something a little different for goat cheese lovers! It's a quick and cozy 30-minute meal for those busy weeknights when only comfort food w… Read More
Beef And Broccoli (30 Minutes!)
2022-08-16 23:30
This easy beef and broccoli recipe has an extremely addictive sauce that's super quick to make from scratch! It rivals even the best takeout, yet it's way more affordable. Try my Easy Teriya… Read More
Easy Grilled Pork Chops
2022-08-14 00:48
This grilled pork chops recipe has a simple and delicious homemade marinade! It's an easy technique to master so that you'll be grilling like a pro all summer long. Some of my other favorite… Read More
Chicken Milanese
2022-08-09 23:32
This Chicken Milanese recipe is an easy addition to your weekly chicken rotation! It has thin cutlets that are breaded and pan fried until golden, and they're ready in about 30 minutes. Head… Read More
Easy Waldorf Salad
2022-07-30 23:10
This 15-minute Waldorf salad recipe is a simple classic that never goes out of style! It's bright, fresh, and packs a crunch. You won't be able to resist the creamy dressing. Craving salad?… Read More
Pepperoni French Bread Pizza
2022-07-26 10:00
This 30-minute pepperoni French bread pizza recipe is simple, faster than delivery, and inexpensive! It's loaded with plenty of ooey, gooey mozzarella and classic pizza flavors. Try my BBQ C… Read More
Easy One Pot Chicken And Noodles
2022-07-16 02:23
This chicken and noodles recipe is a time-saving family meal that's made all in one pot in just 30 minutes! It has tender chicken and buttery egg noodles all smothered in a creamy sauce. You… Read More
Smothered Chicken
2022-07-06 10:00
This smothered chicken recipe has juicy pan-fried chicken in the ultimate gravy! It's rich, perfectly seasoned, and made from scratch with pantry staples. You may want to try my Easy Smother… Read More
Spicy Ground Chicken Stir Fry
2022-06-30 10:00
This spicy ground chicken stir fry recipe is a quick weeknight meal with a kick! It has a tasty Asian-inspired sauce that's made from scratch along with fresh vegetables. Love skillet stir f… Read More
Chicken Arrabiata Pasta
2022-06-27 10:00
This chicken arrabiata pasta recipe is an elevated weeknight meal that's fantastic for spice lovers out there! The homemade spicy tomato sauce is richly flavored and totally irresistible. If… Read More
BBQ Chicken French Bread Pizza
2022-06-23 10:00
This BBQ chicken French bread pizza recipe is a fun and easy way to get all your favorite pizza flavors in just 30 minutes! It's incredibly cheesy, satisfying, and inexpensive to make. Love… Read More
Lasagna Roll Ups
2022-06-21 10:00
This lasagna roll ups recipe is a creative way to change up traditional lasagna! It has all the classic flavors you crave and three kinds of cheese for a cozy family meal. You might also wan… Read More
Creamy Tuscan Chicken Gnocchi Soup
2022-06-16 10:00
This creamy Tuscan chicken gnocchi soup recipe has all your favorite Italian-inspired flavors in a cozy and warming soup! The pillowy gnocchi is hard to resist. Try my Chicken Gnocchi Soup n… Read More
Cajun Chicken Caesar Salad
2022-06-06 10:00
This Cajun chicken Caesar salad recipe will be the star of your next BBQ or cookout! It's loaded with bold Cajun flavors, and you'll be eating this zesty salad all summer long. This post is… Read More
Creamy Chicken Lasagna
2022-05-30 22:53
Change up your lasagna game with this decadent creamy chicken lasagna recipe! It has spinach, an irresistible cream sauce, and four kinds of cheese for an extremely satisfying comfort food d… Read More
Classic Homemade Lasagna
2022-05-29 03:59
This classic homemade lasagna recipe is all-out comfort food! It has three kinds of cheese and an irresistible tomato and meat sauce for an Italian-American favorite at home. Why you'll love… Read More
Easy Baked Pork Tenderloin
2022-05-24 02:04
This baked pork tenderloin recipe is perfectly juicy and melt-in-your-mouth tender. No searing is required, so it's fast and has minimal prep! It's ready in just over 30 minutes. You may als… Read More
Easy Chicken Francese
2022-05-20 00:34
This Chicken Francese recipe has golden pan fried chicken in a buttery lemon sauce. You can make this restaurant favorite at home in about half an hour! I think you'll also like my Easy Chic… Read More
Jalapeño Poppers
2022-05-18 03:56
This jalapeño poppers recipe is one of the simplest party or game day appetizers you can make! These addictive bite-size treats are loaded with bacon, cheddar, and cream cheese. Try m… Read More
Cheesy Manicotti
2022-05-15 16:00
This manicotti recipe is an Italian-American favorite with three kinds of cheese, marinara sauce, and spinach! It's an oven-baked classic that feeds a crowd. Your family will also devour the… Read More
Easy Meatloaf
2022-05-09 03:01
This easy meatloaf recipe is a cozy homestyle favorite that will get your nostalgia going! It's simple to make with everyday ingredients, and the glaze is extra special. Love classic recipes… Read More
Spaghetti And Meatballs
2022-05-02 23:13
This spaghetti and meatballs recipe has that classic rich taste you love! It's got juicy meatballs in a flavorful tomato sauce, and everything is made from scratch in this Italian-American f… Read More
Pesto Orzo
2022-04-29 10:50
This easy pesto orzo recipe is a one pot meal with chicken, pasta, and so many incredible Italian flavors for a quick weeknight family dinner! Try this Spicy Italian Sausage Gnocchi next. Th… Read More
Olive Garden Pasta E Fagioli
2022-04-26 11:00
This Olive Garden pasta e fagioli recipe is a restaurant-quality soup that's simple to make in your own kitchen! It's loaded with rich flavors in an irresistibly warming soup. You may also e… Read More
Chicken Riesling
2022-04-25 19:12
This Chicken Riesling recipe has bacon and mushrooms in a dreamy white wine cream sauce! It's paired with buttered parmesan pasta for an irresistible meal. Try my Easy Chicken Madeira or thi… Read More
Easy Meat Sauce
2022-04-19 03:45
Your family will crave this easy meat sauce for spaghetti! It's a warm, comforting, and flavorful recipe that's freezer friendly for a quick dinner anytime. Got a little more time? Try my Ho… Read More
Olive Garden Salad Dressing
2022-04-18 03:20
This Olive Garden salad dressing recipe is an Italian American favorite! Get all the delicious bold and tangy flavors you know and love in this simple dressing that you can make in your own… Read More
Deviled Eggs
2022-04-13 03:11
This deviled eggs recipe is a winner at potlucks and holiday celebrations! They're an impressive appetizer that are actually very simple to make at home. Need another appetizer to feed a cro… Read More
Extra Cheesy Garlic Bread
2022-04-11 14:31
Buttery, perfectly toasted, and loaded with parmesan and mozzarella, this cheesy garlic bread recipe is one you'll want to serve with every meal! We especially love it with this Easy Baked S… Read More
White Wine Cream Sauce For Ravioli
2022-04-10 16:10
The rich and luxurious creamy white wine sauce in this easy ravioli recipe is a showstopper! It's ready in just 20 minutes for a special weeknight treat. This Creamy Chicken in White Wine Sa… Read More
Simple Breakfast Casserole
2022-04-10 04:02
Make this cheesy breakfast casserole recipe for a tasty weekend brunch or the holidays! It's got very few ingredients and is big on flavor. You can even prepare this casserole ahead of time… Read More
Cheese Sauce For Broccoli
2022-04-06 03:20
This cheese sauce recipe is so simple to make, and cheese lovers will adore it! It goes wonderfully with broccoli for that classic cheesy, creamy taste. I think you'll also love this Easy Br… Read More
Shepherd's Pie
2022-04-03 16:00
This classic shepherd's pie recipe has ground beef, veggies, and mashed potatoes to make the best comfort food! The rich, savory gravy is mouthwatering, and you can make this tasty and affor… Read More
Ground Pork Stir Fry
2022-04-01 20:32
This ground pork stir fry recipe is a quick and budget-friendly way to make stir fry at home! It has a bright pineapple ginger sauce made from scratch. Love ground pork? Try my Easy Egg Roll… Read More
Easy Tater Tot Casserole
2022-03-27 16:10
This tater tot casserole recipe is a cozy classic with crispy tater tots, tender ground beef, and plenty of cheddar cheese! It has just 10 minutes of prep time for a hassle-free family meal… Read More
Easy Chicken Stir Fry
2022-03-20 15:52
This chicken stir fry recipe is a family-friendly meal with loads of veggies and a fantastic savory and sweet homemade sauce! It's ready in just 35 minutes for a hassle free weeknight dinner… Read More
Easy Chicken Tortellini Soup
2022-03-16 22:06
This easy chicken tortellini soup recipe is a simple meal that has plenty of comforting cheese tortellini and juicy shredded chicken in an irresistible broth! It's ready in just 40 minutes… Read More
Spinach And Ricotta Stuffed Shells
2022-03-13 16:10
Fall in love with these stuffed shells that have spinach, marinara sauce, and three kinds of cheese! It's a special classic that will feed a crowd, and they're simple to put together. You'll… Read More
Cajun Chicken And Gnocchi Bake
2022-03-07 11:00
This Cajun chicken gnocchi bake has an irresistible combo of juicy chicken and gnocchi in a creamy Cajun sauce! It's then topped with mozzarella for an all-out delicious and comforting dinne… Read More
Honey Mustard Salmon
2022-03-02 12:00
This honey mustard salmon recipe is a fantastic weeknight meal! It's a quick skillet salmon recipe that uses simple ingredients, and your picky eaters will love it. Prefer chicken? Try my Ea… Read More
Baked Ziti
2022-02-27 17:15
This baked ziti recipe is a mouthwatering Italian American favorite that has pasta and Italian sausage in tomato sauce along with three kinds of cheese! It's a crowd-pleasing pasta bake that… Read More
Easy Stuffed Pepper Soup
2022-02-23 00:36
This stuffed pepper soup recipe uses everyday ingredients and is simple to make on the stove or in your slow cooker! Get all your favorite stuffed pepper flavors in a warm and hearty soup wi… Read More
Creamy Garlic Salmon
2022-02-21 05:03
This creamy garlic salmon recipe is a 30-minute meal with pan seared salmon in a garlic cream sauce! It's incredibly simple to make for a special occasion... or anytime you want to treat you… Read More
Easy Pasta Puttanesca
2022-02-13 17:30
This pasta puttanesca recipe is a simple pantry meal that has bold savory flavors! It's a quick weeknight dinner and uses minimal ingredients for the addictive tomato sauce. Puttanesca sauce… Read More
Chicken Madeira
2022-02-07 04:08
This Chicken Madeira recipe has juicy mushrooms in a buttery wine sauce with melted mozzarella and asparagus. It's like at the Cheesecake Factory but way tastier! If you've never tried Chick… Read More
Pesto Chicken
2022-01-30 17:08
This pesto chicken recipe is cheesy, quick to make, and has irresistible fresh tomatoes in a luxurious pesto sauce. Top it all off with melted mozzarella, and you've got a 30-minute chicken… Read More
Simple Cream Of Broccoli Soup
2022-01-23 18:00
This cream of broccoli soup recipe is a classic soup that's so much better homemade! It's silky, creamy, and uses no fancy ingredients for a comforting meal. Love broccoli? Try my Broccoli C… Read More
Loaded Mashed Potato Casserole
2022-01-16 17:00
This loaded mashed potato casserole recipe is an incredible side dish for any special occasion or holiday! It's creamy, loaded with bacon and cheddar, and easily feeds a crowd. These mashed… Read More
2022-01-10 11:00
This Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole recipe is a hearty ham and chicken casserole. It's smothered with a creamy, cheesy sauce and has an incredible buttery breadcrumb topping! Zoup! Specialty… Read More
Salmon Patties
2022-01-09 22:06
This salmon patties recipe is an inexpensive pantry meal that's ready in just 30 minutes! They're ultra crispy on the outside, flaky and moist inside, and supremely flavorful with fresh herb… Read More
Funeral Potatoes
2022-01-04 00:57
This cheesy funeral potatoes recipe is a budget friendly casserole that might just become your family's new favorite side dish since it goes with everything! The best funeral potatoes recipe… Read More
Easy Turkey Meatballs
2022-01-02 01:34
These turkey meatballs are simple to make, juicy, and are perfectly seasoned. You can either fry them or bake them, and they are great for making ahead and freeze well! Love meatballs? Try m… Read More
Salt & Lavender 2021 Year In Review
2022-01-01 11:00
It's that time again! 2021 is done, and I am taking a look back at the past year. Read on if you want to take a peek behind the scenes of this food blog! New recipes are coming soon. If you'… Read More
Mac And Cheese Soup
2021-12-26 00:25
This mac and cheese soup recipe is the soup version of the comfort food classic! It's quick and easy to make with everyday ingredients. You may also like my Quick & Easy Stovetop Ma… Read More
Creamy Mushroom Sauce
2021-12-20 02:47
This easy creamy mushroom sauce is a delicious all-purpose sauce that goes well with everything from steak or chicken to pasta and potatoes.  This simple mushroom sauce has a gourmet fl… Read More
Sausage Stew
2021-12-19 04:59
This sausage stew recipe is hearty, easy to make, and has a tasty mix of seasonings and vegetables for a flavorful and filling meal. Love stews? Try my Beef Stew or Hamburger Stew… Read More
Easy Baked Porcupine Meatballs
2021-12-18 04:00
These porcupine meatballs use everyday ingredients, come together fast, freeze well, and are great for making ahead! This is an old fashioned recipe that was designed to help stretch your do… Read More
Cabbage Soup With Bacon And Potatoes
2021-12-12 01:45
This cabbage soup with bacon and potatoes is hearty, simple to make, and can be on your table in just over half an hour!  Love cabbage soup? Try my Cabbage Roll Soup or this V… Read More
Quick Cream Cheese Pasta Sauce
2021-12-07 20:51
This cream cheese pasta sauce is super simple, fast, and great for when you don't have many ingredients in your fridge! Ready in about 20 minutes. You may also like this Cream Cheese Sm… Read More
Easy Chicken Noodle Casserole
2021-12-05 00:14
This chicken noodle casserole is quick and simple to throw together. This easy dinner is creamy, cheesy, and has lots of broccoli! You may also like my Beef Noodle Casserole, Tuna… Read More
Cajun Twice Baked Potatoes
2021-11-30 11:00
These Cajun twice baked potatoes are loaded with the best cheesy and creamy filling that has crispy bacon, scallions, and a Cajun kick!  This post is sponsored by our long-term partner… Read More
Quick & Easy Stovetop Mac And Cheese
2021-11-28 05:01
This easy homemade stovetop mac and cheese recipe is super creamy, rich, and delicious. It's quick and simple to make in about 30 minutes! This creamy mac and cheese has a nice, thick sauce… Read More
Leftover Turkey Pasta Bake
2021-11-26 04:16
This turkey pasta bake is perfect for leftover Thanksgiving turkey (or use chicken!). It has a creamy pesto sauce, mushrooms, and plenty of melty mozzarella. Love baked pasta? Try my Ch… Read More
Sausage Stuffing
2021-11-20 19:29
This sausage stuffing recipe is filled with Italian sausage, apple, fresh herbs, and it has a lovely soft inside and crisp outside. Perfect for your Thanksgiving table! Technically this is a… Read More
Easy Roast Turkey
2021-11-19 03:49
This roast turkey recipe is tender, juicy, and simple to make with a delicious garlic herb butter rubbed on the skin. Perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or a special occasion! Is a turkey… Read More
Turkey Gravy Recipe
2021-11-19 03:40
This turkey gravy recipe can be made ahead of time and is perfect with a roast turkey or roast chicken for Thanksgiving or a special occasion! Pan drippings are optional. There are many diff… Read More
Thanksgiving Salad
2021-11-18 03:34
This Thanksgiving salad is loaded with fall vegetables and fruit, bacon, and a tasty vinaigrette dressing. It's a delicious and pretty addition to your table! This is basically a shaved Brus… Read More
Hamburger Stew
2021-11-14 03:24
This hamburger stew recipe is thick, hearty, and easy to make! It's a delicious family meal that uses inexpensive everyday ingredients. Ground beef stew is sometimes referred to as "poor man… Read More
Creamy Sweet Potato Soup
2021-11-12 04:15
This creamy sweet potato soup recipe is simple to make, silky, comforting, and delicious! It's great for making ahead/leftovers. As well as being tasty, this soup is easily adaptable. You ca… Read More
2021-11-03 21:56
This cheesy brie pasta recipe has crispy pancetta, fresh spinach, garlic, and a hint of lemon. It's so quick and easy to make! You may also like my Ridiculously Easy Boursin Pasta or th… Read More
2021-11-01 10:00
This bean and bacon soup recipe is simple, hearty, and comforting with bacon, cannellini beans, and pasta in a tasty tomato broth.  This post is sponsored by DeLallo – t… Read More
2021-10-31 02:10
This zesty lemon chicken pasta recipe is quick, simple to make, and has a delicious lemon garlic butter sauce. Great for weeknights! Prefer a creamy sauce? Try my Creamy Lemon Chicken Pasta… Read More
Boursin Chicken
2021-10-29 02:50
This easy Boursin chicken recipe comes together quickly with a handful of everyday ingredients and has a deliciously creamy sauce with no added cream! Wondering what to make with Boursin tha… Read More
Orecchiette With Sausage And Spinach
2021-10-23 17:40
Orecchiette with sausage and spinach is simple and fast to make with a tasty Italian sausage, spinach, garlic, and white wine sauce. It's perfect for busy weeknights - it can be on your tabl… Read More
Mashed Potatoes With Sour Cream
2021-10-21 20:49
These restaurant-style homemade mashed potatoes with sour cream are easy to make, buttery, creamy, and incredibly satisfying!  Love mashed potatoes? Try these Cream Cheese Mashed P… Read More
Easy Roast Chicken (Lemon & Herb)
2021-10-16 21:20
This roast chicken recipe is super simple to prep and results in tender chicken with crispy skin and delicious buttery, lemony juices that have a hint of garlic and rosemary.  My m… Read More
Beef Stew
2021-10-15 03:25
This beef stew recipe is cozy, hearty, and filling with tender beef, carrots, and potatoes simmered in a rich and flavorful red wine sauce. Check out my Crockpot Beef Stew or my Instant… Read More
2021-10-10 10:00
This creamy spinach pasta recipe is simple to make and has a delicious garlic white wine cream sauce. Perfect for busy weeknights! Looking for more spinach recipes? Try my Creamed Spina… Read More
Ground Turkey Stir Fry
2021-10-09 18:12
This ground turkey stir fry recipe is quick, easy, filled with plenty of veggies, and has a delicious sauce! Great over rice or noodles. You may also like my Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry o… Read More
Mushroom Stroganoff
2021-10-07 02:40
This easy Mushroom Stroganoff recipe is a flavorful meatless meal that comes together fast and is perfect with egg noodles, rice, or mashed potatoes! You may also like my Easy Ground Be… Read More
Cheesy Orzo
2021-09-30 02:30
This cheesy orzo recipe is comforting, creamy, and simple to make in one pot! It's a delicious side dish for a variety of main courses. This cheese orzo is a nice alternative to mac and chee… Read More
Loaded Sheet Pan Nachos
2021-09-27 11:00
These sheet pan nachos are loaded with seasoned ground beef, black beans, corn, plenty of cheese, and then baked to perfection and topped with more good stuff! They're ready in about 30 minu… Read More
Chicken Bacon Ranch Soup
2021-09-26 23:02
This chicken bacon ranch soup is irresistibly creamy, easy to make, uses everyday ingredients, and is sure to become a family favorite! Can't get enough chicken and bacon? Try my Chicken Bac… Read More
Vegetable Soup With Cabbage
2021-09-26 02:23
This vegetable soup with cabbage is healthy and delicious. It uses simple ingredients and is easy to make and nourishing! Cabbage soup doesn't have to be boring or remind you of being on a s… Read More
Creamy Sage Gnocchi
2021-09-25 11:00
This creamy sage gnocchi recipe uses only a handful of ingredients and makes a decadent and simple but elegant side dish. It's ready in less than 20 minutes! If you're a fan of sage or want… Read More
2021-09-21 18:00
This cheesy meatball casserole recipe comes together quickly, uses everyday ingredients, and is comforting on a cold day! Use frozen or fresh meatballs. You can use any kind of meatballs for… Read More
Creamy Sausage Soup
2021-09-19 02:12
This creamy sausage soup recipe is cozy, comforting, and loaded with flavorful Italian sausage and potatoes.  You may also like my Cheesy Sausage Potato Soup - it's very similar to… Read More
Roasted Fall Vegetable Soup
2021-09-12 16:00
This roasted fall vegetable soup has butternut squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes. It's silky, naturally sweet, and totally delicious! Love fall soups? Try my Butternut Squash Soup. Th… Read More
2021-09-10 11:00
These 3-ingredient grape jelly meatballs are easily made in your slow cooker for the perfect party recipe that will go quickly at any gathering!  If you're invited to a last minute potl… Read More
Canned Mackerel Pasta
2021-09-06 11:00
This simple canned mackerel pasta is quick, healthy, and delicious with sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, fresh parsley, and a light olive oil sauce.  You may also like my Easy Canned T… Read More
Canned Mackerel Salad
2021-09-06 10:59
This canned mackerel salad recipe is quick and simple to make and delicious in sandwiches or wraps. It's a tasty alternative to tuna salad! You may also like my Easy Tuna Salad Recipe o… Read More
Whipped Goat Cheese Dip
2021-09-05 03:00
This goat cheese dip recipe is blended to perfection with sun-dried tomatoes, basil, chives, and garlic. Easy and great for parties! Love goat cheese? Try my Spinach Goat Cheese Pasta o… Read More
Creamy Tuscan Orzo
2021-08-31 23:14
This creamy Tuscan orzo recipe is a one pot pasta that's incredibly flavorful, comforting, and makes an amazing side dish or meatless main course. There's so many good things in this dish: g… Read More
2021-08-31 02:18
American goulash is an easy one pot meal that's inexpensive to make and comforting with ground beef and macaroni in a tasty tomato sauce. You may also like my Easy Hamburger Gravy - ano… Read More
2021-08-30 01:20
This spinach artichoke pasta is creamy, comforting, and has the same flavors as the classic dip. It's easy to make in about 30 minutes! Tangy cream cheese, freshly grated parmesan, baby spin… Read More
2021-08-29 03:35
These tender slow cooker chicken thighs are super easy to make with a short prep time and everyday ingredients. The honey garlic sauce is delicious! This is a meal that's sure to become a fa… Read More

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