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The Best Pots and Pans of 2021

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Whether you’ve recently moved out of your parents’ home or you’re a newly-wed couple looking to build your dream house, it’s important that you include the right Cookware set in your plans. After all, the kitchen is a major part of every home, and every kitchen should have the right set of pots and Pans.

I will be sharing with you the best pots and pans of 2021, and help you decide which cookware set is the right fit for you and your home.

Top 5 Best Pots and Pans of 2021

1. Chef’s Star Professional Grade Stainless Steel 17-piece Pots and Pans Set

Made of high-quality commercial grade stainless steel, this Chef’s Star cookware set is built to last. I love how the handles remain cool even when the pot or pan is set over medium-high heat for close to an hour. This is also the most complete set I’ve invested in, and it even comes with a boiler and steamer basket.


  • The pots and pans are all heavy, which is a good indication that they are durable and can distribute heat well on their surface.
  • The flat solid surface of each pot allows even cooking.
  • All the handles are held with rivets, which is great because you are assured that they are attached securely to the main body of the cookware.
  • The handles are shaped efficiently, with an anti-slip finish that makes cooking more convenient.
  • The handles stay cool even after long periods of cooking.
  • Because there is no Teflon coating, there is no danger of mixing harmful materials into your food.


  • Because this is stainless steel and not nonstick, you need to use oil when frying in the pans.
  • Although this is dishwasher friendly, I recommend washing the pieces by hand because they tend to change color when washed in a dishwasher.
  • The bottom of the pots and pans tend to turn brown after the first use.

2. Cooks Standard 10 Piece Multi-Ply Clad

Cooks Standard prides itself with producing durable cookware. I’ve used the medium-sized pot to bake something in the oven and I’m happy to share that the dish came out well, and the pot was able to handle up to 500oF. The pieces also work well with induction stoves.


  • I love the design of Cook Standard. The designers have given great attention to detail, so the pots and pans came out stylish but still convenient to use.
  • The handles are also designed ergonomically, so they’re very easy to hold.
  • The pots are not too heavy, but still weigh enough so you know heat is distributed well inside.
  • The handles have an air-flow stay cool design which keeps them cool even at high cooking temperatures.
  • While the pots and pans have stainless steel lids, I’ve found that my glass lids from other cookware sets can fit nicely on them, so I can switch lids anytime I want.
  • The pots and pans all have flared rims, which are essential to avoid drips when pouring the food to the serving dish or bowl.
  • This set is dishwasher friendly.


  • Food tends to stick at the bottom of the pot or pan, especially if you use high heat when cooking.
  • I’ve noticed mild discoloration after a few uses, even when I normally cook over medium-high heat.
  • The pan changed its shape after several uses, but I’m not sure if it’s my fault or the manufacturer’s quality control.

3. Vremi 15-piece Nonstick Cookware Set

If you want a modern design for your current cookware set, then the Vremi Nonstick Cookware Set is a good choice for you. I love the different colors of the pots and pans, and the happy colors make cooking a more fun experience.


  • This cookware set is lined with nonstick material, so you don’t need to use oil when cooking your food.
  • The nonstick material is guaranteed non-toxic, and all pots and pans are free from aluminum coating.
  • I found that although the pots are nonstick, they are still oven-compatible.
  • There are four different sizes of pots and two sizes of pans, so you have a wide variety of options that you can use for all sorts of cooking.
  • The top of the pots are shaped strategically so that you don’t have to worry about spillovers.
  • Fun colors make this an attractive set, especially for young cooks.
  • I am very satisfied with Vremi’s service. They delivered the set very quickly, and the pieces were packaged well, too.


  • The lids of the pots do not fit the pans, which is a disadvantage if you want to cover your meat or fish while cooking.
  • The blue and purple pots are too small so you can’t use them to cook food for big groups.
  • Because this is nonstick, you have to be very careful when using the pieces, because you might end up scratching the surface.

4. Utopia Kitchen 13-piece Heavy Duty

Utopia Kitchen’s cookware set really lives up to its name. The pieces are heavy duty, so I can use them to braise and fry all sorts of food. Its classic black colors may not be as impressive as other cookware, but I find its simplicity comforting.


  • The pots are a good size for cooking stew and other sauces, whether for small or large groups.
  • The pots and pans are super conductive, so you can be sure that heat is distributed evenly to your food.
  • I think the thick materials also retain heat very well, so you can save energy and electricity when cooking your food.
  • The pieces are stable and sturdy, and have a good weight.
  • The lids fit securely over the pots, so you won’t have any awkward experience when cooking your soup.
  • This set is relatively cheap for a cookware set, so you don’t have to shell out too much money for a new set of pots and pans.
  • The pieces are very easy to clean. I recommend washing them with warm soapy water.


  • One issue I have with this brand is that the metal lid knob of the pots gets hot after about half an hour of cooking. I recommend wearing a pot holder or oven mitt before touching it so you don’t burn your fingers.
  • The nonstick material can cause threats to your health if you accidentally scratch it and unwittingly mix it with your food.

5. Anolon Advanced Bronze Hard Anodized Nonstick 11-piece

I love the elegant look of the Anolon Cookware set. The pots have a graceful tulip form, and the bronze color gives the effect of traditional cookware. I often show these off to my friends even when I don’t use them for cooking.


  • The pots and pans are sturdy and well made, and they have the right weight, too.
  • The glass lids are durable and break resistant, so you don’t have to worry even if you accidentally drop them during cooking.
  • The handles remain cool during cooking, and they attached to the main body of the pot or pan with rivets, so you’re sure they won’t wobble while you’re handling the cookware.
  • The old-school bronze color adds a touch of elegance to the design of the set.
  • The nonstick coating makes it convenient to cook all sorts of food, without making you worry that the food will stick to the bottom of the pan or pot.
  • The set is very easy to clean, and the residue easily slides off the pan or pot.


  • I find that the sauté pan is a bit small so I can’t use it to cook big batches of food.
  • The griddle changed shape after several uses, so I couldn’t fit the lid over it afterward.
  • Because this is nonstick, you have to be very careful when using the pieces, because you might end up scratching the surface.

Buying Guide

It’s easy to get lost on what pots and pans to add to your collection, because there are just so many available kinds out there. The good news is, you don’t need to buy everything in the kitchenware section of the department store.

4 cookwares must-haves

In its article “These Are Pots and Pans You Really Need,” Bon Appetit shares four cookware must-haves when building your kitchen:

Stainless Steel Pots and Pans

Stainless steel cookware is a staple in every kitchen, and for good reasons. These classic pots and pans are known to last for a long time, and they are convenient to use because they’re compatible with gas stoves, induction cooktops, and even ovens.

Stainless steel does not contain materials that may react to your food, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally eating part of your cookware. The one downside of using stainless steel cookware is that some foods tend to stick at the bottom of the pans, which makes them harder to clean.

Nonstick Skillets

Nonstick cookware is very convenient to use, as long as you know how to take good care of it. True to its name, food will not stick at the bottom of the skillet, thanks to its Teflon coating. This makes it a good choice when frying all sorts of meats and fish, and even pancakes!

A nonstick skillet is very easy to clean: Just wash it with warm soapy water and the remaining food will slide off easily down the sink. Be careful not to scratch the surface with a metal utensil though; once you gouge the Teflon, it can get into your food and become a health hazard to you and your family.

Cast-iron Pans

Cast-iron skillets had existed long before nonstick pans even became a thing. They are heavy duty and durable, and they can withstand very high temperatures. This makes a cast-iron skillet a good choice for cooking tough meats.

Because the cast-iron pan is a basic requirement in every kitchen, you must take good care of it. It has the tendency to rust when not kept properly, and it’s a bit harder to clean, too. Still, it’s a handy tool for cooking, so I suggest you invest in one.

Rimmed Baking Sheet

Whether you’re into baking or not, a durable sheet pan is a good addition to your cookware set. You can use it not only for making cookies or small cakes, but also for roasting vegetables and other tender meats.

Not many cookware sets have a rimmed baking sheet included in their package, so you’ll have to buy this separately. Still, I recommend getting your hands on one, and maybe use it to practice those baking skills.


I love the Chef’s Star Professional Grade Stainless Steel 17-piece Pots and Pans Set the best. The pots and pans are heavier than the pieces from Cooks Standard 10-piece Multi-ply Clad Cookware Set, so I’m assured that the heat gets distributed evenly inside.

The commercial grade stainless steel of Chef’s Star is also very durable, so I know that this set can last a lifetime. And because it is made of stainless steel, I know that my food won’t be contaminated with harmful materials.

In terms of design, I love the Vremi and Anolon sets. Their nonstick coating also makes it easy to cook all sorts of food, and it makes cleaning the pots and pans a breeze, too.

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The Best Pots and Pans of 2021


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