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Let’s Talk “Fame”

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Hello friend and Good day to you. I am so so so so sorry that I haven’t been able to post for a couple of weeks now but I’ve been so so so so so so so (how many so’s are that?)……. soo busy. From tests to assignments to projects to side projects who knew becoming an engineer could be so stressful but I’m glad to announce to you that  (drumroll)………. my coast is clear, at least until the next test week. So now that my apology has been accepted (hopefully), you’re probably wondering what this post is about? Well I want us to talk about Fame. Sounds interesting right? Its time to get comfortable and let’s talk. If you haven’t read my poem on Fame (the previous post), you might want to because I’ll be referencing it a little in this post and it’s also a nice poem.

So, Fame……. Fame isn’t bad at all. To be quite sincere, Fame is really nice, it’s wonderful. Think about it, to walk down the street and every one knows your name, where your last toilet visit is a headline somewhere in the world (lol), doing what you do best and doing it on the grandest stage of them all, what could be better? What would make David Cromwell write a poem on it? It was things like this:

One too many times, we have seen people switch from that little town girl/boy to this world-class jackass all because of fame. We have seen where celebrities come out on social media to stand for something but never make a  move. Celebrities talk about ending poverty while the only problem they solve is adding a plus one to their collection of Ferrari’s. This world has turned to this reality TV show, where people would do anything, say anything, act like a fool just for people to know their names and I don’t know about you but it just seemed sad to me. This same fame has led to many people abandoning their families, brothers both biological and literal, just to acquire a name big enough for a billboard.

And it led me to the question? Is the problem really with fame?…. The answer is no, the problem is what people do for fame or do with fame. I believe in doing what you Love, staying true to you. And people will either love you or hate you for it but at least you’d love you for it. I believe that you shouldn’t change yourself for anyone and if the real you isn’t compatible with the “big screens”, then look for your screen. I believe that legacy is a people thing….. Just take a second to think about it….. All we know of history is not what all that man has done, it’s what man has done that other men were there to experience. For all we know, there might have been a man who invented flying cars but left it in his basement and history would never tell us about it cause no one else was there to experience it. Your legacy is really what other men derived from your life while you were alive so why change to someone else or live a self-centred life all in the name of fame.

I’m not here to judge anyone cause no one is perfect. But for all us seeking a name out there on the big screen, don’t change for anybody, find a screen that fits your name. There’s no point in striving for it, if the name that appears on the screen isn’t yours. And to those of us who have acquired fame already, use it wisely. Life is short, so try to get the best of life but don’t forget that the only thing that lasts after you leave this earth is your legacy. And your legacy is what you do for people while you’re alive. It’s how many people you lifted while you were at the top. You don’t know need a new Bugatti if you know that someone out there can’t even spell the word. And never forget to give thanks to the one who gives all, God.

I hope you were able to gain something from this post. If you love what you read, the comment button is and will always be yours. And if you’re new to this blog, there’s more where this came from so hit that Follow button.

Have a beautiful day.

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Let’s Talk “Fame”


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