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How to Get Rid of Moving Boxes after Your Move

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After moving everybody wants to get rid of moving boxes. Boxes, boxes, boxes! The fundamental, number-one moving necessity for any move; huge households or tiny one-bedroom moves from family house to the first apartment – boxes! For those fortunate enough to possess the space, flattening out each of the moving boxes and keeping them for your next move could save plenty of cash.

For individuals who don’t have the room just to save the boxes, may wonder exactly what is the easy way to get rid of them. Well, unless someone gave these to you, they cost you a lot of money; it will be nice to receive some of the investment back. There are numerous options nowadays to resell or donate Moving Boxes.

  • The simplest is to keep boxes in your home;
  • There is the most popular way to get rid of moving boxes – sell them;
  • You can also give away boxes, meaning donate them;
  • We are sure that many people consider recycling the boxes;
  • Of course, you can always re-use boxes.

Get rid of moving boxes by giving them to people that need them

The easiest way to get rid of moving boxes is actually to donate them. However, there are many ways to do that right. You can also consider selling them in the right way. Thankfully, there are many sites and companies that help you in that.

Used boxes that represents how hard is to get rid of moving boxes
Used boxes could be used for right purposes

Why not return them to your moving company?

Moving companies obviously need moving boxes. That is why the first address you should contact in order to get rid of moving boxes is their one. However, do not forget that they can give you re-used boxes for your moving as well. So, unless you used services of emergency movers, you can make a plan that includes borrowed boxes from the moving company.

Give the boxes to the new neighbors

You can easily connect with the new neighbors by showing them your generosity. Every home needs empty boxes. They can simply use them for packing or many other purposes. So, this could be a great way to get to know your new neighbors. Start with visiting from door to door and offer your empty boxes. It could be a great beginning of every conversation, though. However, do not donate boxes that are dirty or damaged.

Next Door community

This is a site that connects people with their neighbors. You surely realize that sometimes we cannot easily start a conversation with our neighbors. Especially if you have just moved in that neighbor. This site finds people in every part of the US that look for used home supplies. Moving boxes are among them. Of course, you may not be able to find your neighbors on that site. In that case, you should make your offer first. It is not harmful if you confirm that your boxes are used, but clean and safe. Unfortunately, there are no these types of sites around for moving companies. Otherwise, you could easily find Edgewater movers there, the other great companies from your neighbors.


This is another great site that connects people who sell and buy boxes. You will be able to contact them easily and sell boxes. The site works as a platform with offers and needs for boxes. It is a website that provides the possibility to sell your used moving boxes by using an organized pre-filled in page of supplies. Just mark the number of boxes you’ve got plus your contact details. Basic small, medium, large and extra-large boxes fetch $1.00 each, but wardrobe boxes with bars go for around $6.00 and specialty boxes for bicycles, mattresses, mirrors, usually go at around $5.00.

Craig’s List

Another site that connects box sellers and box buyers. However, this is a site that could help you to donate boxes if you like. This actually could be a great site for every later need for used things. They sell literally everything that people could offer. It is really an outlet to position an available for sale ad with your very own pricing. If your price is right someone will call you to buy your boxes either for cash or for any other product or service in exchange.


This is not literally a site for selling or donating. More likely that you will use this site for connecting with people that offer things. It is similar to a large community or social network. You will find them interesting even later, long after moving. There will always be people who have things that they do not need anymore. You, on the other hand, will always have a community where you can sell unused things from your home.


Last option, in case you are rushed for time and must dispose of boxes quickly, is to simply place them in front in your home with FREE upon them. Guaranteed, someone is going to take them. Have you considered putting boxes on the curb? It sounds like such an easy solution. Do we have to ask why nobody considered that before? So, what stops you from getting rid of moving boxes by simply putting them outside of your home? However, make sure that it is a sunny day and your home is on a busy street. You can be inventive and make a sculpture of those boxes, too. Whatever you do, do not just simply put them as a bunch of moving boxes. Separate them by size and usage.

Boxes on the balcony
Your neighbors will be thrilled to have empty boxes after your move


Surely you recognize a person that knows somebody who is moving. They will probably be thrilled to get boxes and you may feel great about helping. It is better if they can use them for heavy equipment, too.


Cardboard box forts are a fun way to help keep children entertained for a long time, if not days. In case you have young ones, just give them a small moving box and watch them build things with it or play with it.


Everybody likes to be generous. Even when you want to get rid of moving boxes, you can show your better side. You can donate them to one of the numerous organizations that collect boxes and other supplies. They will find a way to use them. You, on the other hand, will find out how good a person you are. However, make sure that boxes are clear and not damaged, as we said.

You can always consider keeping the boxes

Even though it is not exactly a way to get rid of moving boxes, you can keep them after moving. However, if you find the right purpose to them, it is a way to resolve a problem with moving boxes. Make sure that they do not steal the space that you need in a new home.

DIY project

You surely saw at least one short movie on YouTube on how to use old stuff. Most of them include empty boxes or old wardrobe. So, now is time to watch those videos again. You will find so many ways to use empty boxes. It means that you do not need to get rid of moving boxes. You can use them as a new chair or shelf for books. There are numerous ways to show your creativity and save space. The only investment could be buying a proper tool, tapes, glue, and paint. However, your investment will pay off very soon.

A cat in box
You can use boxes for some very interesting purposes

Weed killer

You maybe do not know, but the cardboard box is great for killing the weed in the back yard. You should put it in the place where you do not want to see weed anymore. Due to the lack of sun and water, it will disappear very soon. The only thing that might bother you is ugly wet grey card box in the yard. However, remember that you will throw it away very shortly.

Recycling is one of the options to get rid of moving boxes

If you do not want to be generous you can always be the person who protects the environment. It means that you could get rid of moving boxes naturally. You could recycle them. There are many ways for that, actually.

You can throw them away in the green bin

Green bins collect trash from our homes so it turns into the compost in them. You will be surprised what you can put there and recycle. Those things should be natural and protect the environment. Boxes are one of those things, too.

Use boxes in your garden, too

As one of the things that people made from natural ingredients, you can recycle paper in your garden. You can use it as a box for compost. Since it rots naturally, it will not make any harm to your garden. You do not need to do actually anything after it decays itself.

Recycling Programs

Ask a nearby library, the city center or perhaps a food bank if they need boxes. Use your imagination along with the listing of local organizations and you might be amazed. Imagination is not important only when choosing the best Chicago movers – it’s also important in all other spheres of life!

Visit the recycling center

The easiest way to get rid of moving boxes is to give them to the professionals. You could not know anything about the recycling process. There is also no need to prepare boxes especially for this. The only thing you need is to transport them.

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How to Get Rid of Moving Boxes after Your Move


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