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6 Tips To Transcribe Remote Interviews
2023-08-01 05:06
The prevalence of remote work has increased significantly in recent times. Remote interviews have become a crucial part of the hiring process. Interview transcription services are available… Read More
10 Best Business Card Scanner Apps 2023
2023-06-30 05:10
Business cards have vital information such as names, contact numbers, email addresses, job titles, and company names, which are crucial for establishing and maintaining professional relatio… Read More
Benefits Of Repurposing Podcast Content
2023-05-30 03:47
Podcasting provides brands with a distinctive avenue to connect with their audience, broaden their reach, and enhance their marketing strategy. Repurposing podcast content into different fo… Read More
A Brief Guide To Business Writing
2023-05-05 17:21
Effective communication is crucial to share information on business matters. Effective business writing is any communication in a professional setting. It communicates information clearly a… Read More
8 Ways Use Video Content For Social Media
2023-04-28 03:34
Social media is a powerful way for brands to reach and engage with a large audience. Up to 87% of social media marketers think that consumers will search for brands on social media more oft… Read More
8 Tips To Optimize Deposition Transcription
2023-03-21 06:45
Depositions are an important pretrial discovery tool for litigators, wherein witnesses or parties to the case provide sworn testimony under oath. During a deposition, lawyers learn before t… Read More
Why Video Depositions Are Here To Stay
2023-02-28 06:37
A deposition is an important component of the legal process, allowing both parties to discover relevant facts and come up with an effective legal strategy. Legal transcription service provi… Read More
How To Improve Nonverbal Communication
2023-02-24 05:44
This an update to our 2018 blog “Why Nonverbal Communication Matters in the Workplace“. Nonverbal communication refers to the body language we use to get a message across… Read More
How To Ensure Secure Online Meetings
2023-02-21 05:42
The popularity of video conference surged during the pandemic, allowing companies to collaborate effectively with teams and clients regardless of their geographical location. Meeting transc… Read More
Effective Ways To Use Video In Learning
2023-02-14 06:11
Video and digital content is a great way to capture students’ attention. Studies show that using video in learning improves student performance. Digital materials enable teachers to s… Read More
A Review Of Our Top 10 Blog Posts Of 2022
2022-12-30 05:26
As 2022 is ending, it’s time to review our top blog posts for the year. One of the leading providers of reliable business transcription services, we are up to date with the changing t… Read More
How To Make A Transcript Of An Audio File
2022-12-27 01:25
Writing down your long-form thoughts, ideas, or notions is a painstaking effort, so it is preferable to record them as an audio file and have them professionally transcribed. Similarly, t… Read More
How To Record A Podcast Remotely
2022-12-02 01:50
Remote recording became widespread over the last two years, and seems to have become an established practice. When it comes to podcasting, remote recording supported by audio transcription… Read More
Top Tips To Improve Business Writing
2022-10-18 02:27
Communicating effectively is an important attribute for many professionals, from entrepreneurs and project managers to lawyers and ad writers. Most professionals use business transcription… Read More
How Is AI Used In Transcription
2022-10-07 05:22
An efficient way to turn audio files into written documents is through transcription. The importance of transcribing is growing due to the impact of audiovisual and audio media, and many or… Read More
What Is AI-based Transcription?
2022-10-07 05:22
An efficient way to turn audio files into written documents is through transcription. The importance of transcribing is growing due to the impact of audiovisual and audio media, and many or… Read More

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