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What To Look For In a Roommate

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Looking for a Roommate is no easy task. Typically, you have a limited amount of time to try and get to know someone, and in the worst cases, you don’t find out about your biggest differences until it’s too late. While not all roommates will be best friends, it’s important to at least find out if you have a few things in common. Focusing on these core tendencies will help you gain a better understanding of the person you’re about to move in with, and create a solid foundation for a great roommate relationship to come.

Sleep Habits

Unless you’re also nocturnal, having a roommate who is awake all night can be frustrating. While you’re sleeping, they’re doing everything under the sun, making it impossible for you to catch some much needed Zs. Then, when morning rolls around and you’re ready to get your day started, they’re just getting ready for bed. Doesn’t work for anyone.

Financial stability

A good roommate will pay his or part of the rent on time each month. It’s not your responsibility to awkwardly confront them each month to gather their portion. If the two of you divide the utilities, they always pay those in a timely fashion as well. If there is a change in their financial situation, they let you know immediately and don’t leave you hanging.


Ideally, if you’re a non-smoker, they don’t smoke either. If you smoke, your roommate is right there with you. At the very least, even if they do smoke, they always do so outside and try to create the most smoke-free and odor-free environment as possible.


Sure, it’s an amazing gift if you and your roommate get along perfectly, but it’s also important to have separate, balanced lives. For example, if you work together and live together, you should try to branch out and spend time with different friends as well. After a short while of being around each other so much, things could get complicated.


When living together, you should both agree on a level of cleanliness. This is particularly true in common areas such as the living room and kitchen. Instead of being passive or shy about what your expectations will be, set the bar from the very beginning. Agree to always leave the sink cleared out or to fluff the throw pillows after that Netflix binge, stick to that agreement, and you’ll have roommate bliss in no time.


Good communication is the most important component of any relationship. It’s important that you and your roommate can openly talk—both about the positives and the negatives. From the onset, you and your roommate should communicate your stances on having visitors, financial obligations, keeping the house neat, pets, smoking, and other important issues. Establishing these rules at the beginning of the roommate relationship gives you a good foundation. If later on down the road someone fails to stick to these rules, you can gently remind them of your original agreement.


A good roommate will be kind and generous. They will stock the refrigerator with quality items and won’t mind if you use them (and you won’t eat up all of their food without replenishing it). They won’t mind if you use their shampoo because you ran out, and maybe one day you can even swap items from your respective closets.

There are many benefits to having a roommate. Financial responsibilities are divided. You don’t always have to be home alone, and there’s always someone available to talk to. However, finding the perfect roommate can be tricky. Knowing what to look for in a roommate can spare you a lot of headaches later on down the line.

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What To Look For In a Roommate


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