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Why it is very easy to migrate to Canada from India?

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There is an interesting story on how ordinary people from India started settling in Canada. The first most people, whom you can call pioneers, started settling in Canada (from India) were mostly Sikhs from Punjab.

Most of these Sikhs were veterans of the British Army. It so happened that in 1897 a contingent of Sikh soldiers were coming back from England after attending Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. On their journey home, they happened to be passing by the western coast of Canada, which is now British Columbia.

It was sparsely populated and during those days, the Canadian government was trying to settle people over there to prevent the United States from occupying the territory.

These Sikhs decided to settle in Canada and at every opportunity, they encouraged their relatives back in India to migrate, and this is how people from India started immigrating to Canada (source Wikipedia).

According to a 2015 census, people of Indian origin make up 3.8% of the total population of Canada.

Why is Canada a popular immigration destination for Indians?

As we have written above, the Indians started migrating to Canada almost 150 years ago and since then, there has been an upswing.

Back in the olden days, Canada was a British territory and it was declared that in the British Commonwealth, wherever Indians went, they would be treated equally. Whereas, such a tendency didn’t manifest on the ground, it did play an important role in making it easier for Indians to go to Canada.

Let’s jump to the latest reason why Canada is a popular immigration destination for Indians.

Although, as mentioned above, people from India have been going to Canada to settle there for more than a century, the recent rise in immigration has been due to the strict rules against H1B visas in the US.

The Trump Administration has been aggressively following the “Buy American Hire American” policy.

Many observers and activists claim that it is America’s loss and Canada’s gain. Reports say that there has been a 200% rise in Indian invitees for permanent residency in Canada.

India is undoubtedly a glorious country with a rich past and a history stretching back to more than 10,000 years, but its current economic and population-related problems don’t allow an average citizen to improve his or her quality of life beyond a certain point.

A country like Canada on the other hand, immediately provides all the facilities one needs to improve his or her quality of life with world-class education system, an abundance of resources, a very low crime rate, no caste and religious tensions and privacy and independence.

There are growth opportunities for almost every profession.

With so many Indians already in Canada, it is like living in a first world country, but among your own people.

Another reason why it’s a popular destination, and also, comparatively easier to move to, is because Canada has lenient immigration laws.

Is it easy to move to Canada from India?

It certainly is. India has had a long history of sending immigrants to Canada and the number has been only increasing.

Although migrating to Canada is very easy and the government of Canada provides many opportunities to Indians to move to Canada, since it is a separate country and ultimately, it has to serve its own interests and needs to take care of the welfare of its own citizens, it has laid down certain requirements and rules before it can grant you a visa.

Provided you can meet these requirements, there is nothing to stop you from becoming a permanent resident of Canada.

Which is the easiest way of migrating from India to Canada?

The easiest way of migrating to Canada as getting someone to sponsor you as a close relative.

Why we call this way the easiest way to go to Canada is because if you are dependent, for example, if you are a parent or a grandparent or a sibling or even a spouse, your close relative who is a Canadian citizen can sponsor you. As a Canadian citizen, your relative enjoys rights to be with his or her close family and this allows him or her to sponsor you.

For this category you don’t need to be highly educated. You don’t even need to have a certain skill. You just have to prove that you are dependent on your relative who is living in Canada and the relative will be able to provide you shelter and financial support.

What are the other ways that make it easier for you to immigrate to Canada from India?

If you cannot get a sponsorship from one of your Canadian relatives (perhaps none of your relatives lives in Canada), the next easiest way to go to Canada is applying under the Express Entry System. Being highly talented, driven and hard-working, Indians are among the biggest communities that have been benefiting from the Express Entry system.

This is such an exciting system that it needs to be explained in detail.

Provided you are qualified, you can submit an online application to be considered for an Express Entry draw. Once you have submitted the application, the various provincial authorities or governments go through these applications and then directly invite you to come to Canada.

Your name can either be added to a pool from where there will be a draw (candidates are randomly selected as long as they qualify for the criteria), or you can directly be sent an invitation to further submit an application for Canadian permanent residency.

This is also called an Invitation to Apply (ITA), which is a formal invitation by one of the provinces. A good thing about receiving an ITA is that by the time you receive it, your profile has already been examined and approved. Which means, the government of Canada sees you as a potential immigrant and would welcome your entry.

Once you have received an ITA, you will have to act upon it with the next 90 days.

Those who are more qualified may also receive an approved job offer which further cements your chances of easily migrating to Canada.

There are many other ways you can migrate to Canada easily from India and we will talk about them in a while. First, we will go through other important topics.

What makes you eligible for Canadian immigration from India?

This depends on under what category you are applying a visa for. If you are simply being sponsored by one of your relatives then you don’t have to worry much about the Comprehensive Ranking System but if you want to work in Canada after moving there, then you must qualify and prove that you are eligible to move into the country. Know more about eligibility criteria to migrate to Canada.

To make it easy to migrate to Canada from India, what steps should you take to make sure that you qualify?

You should take care of the following if you want to get a permanent residency status in Canada as soon as possible:

  • Establish your language proficiency: To achieve this, you must undertake the IELTS exam. This stands for International English Language Testing System. Candidates who plan to study, work or live in a country where mostly English is spoken, need to take this exam to establish their language proficiency.
  • Gather your documents: Incomplete submission of documents can lead to rejection of your application, or delay. Make sure you have all the documents such as degree certificates, marriage certificate, birth certificate, employer recommendations if applicable, identity proof, passport and other documents recommended by your immigration consultancy firm.
  • Closely work with an immigration agency: No matter how confident you feel, since you don’t make a living out of sending people to Canada, there are zillions of things that can go wrong if you decide to manage your immigration on your own. Remember that an experienced immigration agency sends scores of people every month so they have faced every problem and found every solution that can ever come up in your way to getting a permanent residency status in Canada.
  • Have sufficient funds: Once you land in Canada you should be able to sustain yourself. If you are dependent on someone, then your sponsor must have sufficient funds to show that he or she can support you when you move to Canada.
  • Be ready for verification records: Medical check-up and police verification will be needed, and you will be asked of them if you don’t have these documents.
  • Go through pre-assessment: This assessment should be done preferably with your immigration agency or consultant. The person consulting you will tell you under which appropriate category you will be most suitable to easily migrate to Canada. Follow the instructions closely as the person helping you has had extensive experience enabling hundreds of Indians seamlessly migrate to Canada.

General documents needed to make it easy for you to migrate to Canada from India

  • Educational certificates including degrees and diplomas.
  • Medical check-up record.
  • Police verification record.
  • Multiple photographs.
  • Bank statement as proof of funds
  • Work experience documents in case you are going to get a job in Canada or applying for a job in Canada from India itself.
  • IELTS exam results to show your proficiency in English.

What is the importance of CRS points and IELTS examination?

Your IELTS examination result can be termed as a subset of your CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) performance.

The CRS is used by the Express Entry program. Based on the points that you get, your name is added to the express pool and from this pool, your name is drawn and hence, you receive the ITA.

Hence, CRS is a stepping stone towards migrating to Canada for permanent residency especially if you want to be invited by one of the Canadian provinces. The Express Entry system gets you in Canada, in most of the cases, within six months, whereas, the regular modes of migrating to Canada may take anywhere between 12-24 months.

In total there are 1200 points available under CRS. The distribution of the points is as following:

  • Human capital factors
    • Age
      • With a spouse or common-law partner: 100 points (We will call it A)
      • Without a spouse or common-law partner: 110 (We will call it B)
    • Level of education
      • A: 140 points
      • B: 150 points
    • Language proficiency
      • A: 150 points
      • B: 160 points
    • Work experience in Canada
      • A: 70 points
      • B: 80 points
    • Spouse or common-law partner factors
      • Level of education: 10 points
      • Language proficiency: 20 points
      • Work experience in Canada: 10 points
    • Skill transferability factors
      • Education
        • Language proficiency coupled with a post-secondary degree: 50 points
        • Work experience in Canada coupled with post-secondary degree: 50 points
      • Foreign work experience
        • A higher Canada Language Benchmark (level 7 or higher) coupled with foreign work experience: 50 points
        • Canadian work experience coupled with foreign work experience: 50 points
      • Certificate of qualification (skilled trade visa category)
        • Language proficiency coupled with certificate of qualification: 50 points
      • Additional factors
        • Sibling living in Canada (citizen or permanent resident): 15 points
        • French language proficiency: 30 points
        • Arranged employment in Canada: 200 points
        • Post-secondary education in Canada: 30 points
        • Provincial nomination from Canada: 600 points

What about IELTS? How much do you have to score?

The IELTS exam assesses you in four categories:

  • Listening: 30 minutes +10 minutes extra to transfer your answer to your answer sheet.
  • Reading: 60 minutes.
  • Writing: 60 minutes.
  • Speaking: 11 to 14 minutes.

You can give the IELTS exam under two categories, namely IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training.

IELTS Academic, as the name suggests, tests your English proficiency for academic and higher learning environment.

IELTS General Training is for practical, everyday English use.

The level of reading, writing and listening material may vary according to the category you choose for your IELTS exam.

There is no break between the assessments.

There are no maximum or minimum marks. But, it is safe to score around 6.0 or 7.0 to make sure that you are not rejected due to lack of English proficiency.

Know the importance of the IELTS for Canada PR Visa.

Which is the fastest and the easiest way of migrating to Canada from India?

Aside from getting a sponsorship from one of your relatives or obtaining a tourist visa (every country encourages tourism), the fastest and the easiest way of migrating to Canada from India is going through the Express Entry program. The program was started in January 2015 and it is one of the easiest and the fastest ways of applying for a Permanent Residency Status in Canada.

A good thing about the Express Entry program is that it is a points-based system and if you can earn enough points, there is nothing to stop you.

Yes, you are selected via a draw but if you are qualified, you are surely going to get an “Invitation to Apply” from one of the provinces and you may have to respond within 90 days (else you will need to go through the entire process again).

Why this is the fastest way of migrating to Canada from India is because it merely takes 6 to 12 months from the time of application to your arrival in Canada.

Going to Canada via a student visa might not be the easiest, but it surely is the fastest way to go to Canada. Every major university is looking for new students. Indian students are brilliant. They perform very well studying abroad, especially in Canadian universities.

In fact, there has been such an upsurge in the number of Indian students going to Canada that the government of Canada has introduced a faster and simpler visa processing mechanism for students from India. The visa processing time has been cut down to 45 days.

Is there a chance your visa application can be rejected or delayed?

As long as you have submitted all the documents and there is no reason to reject your application, there is no need to worry.

Nonetheless, a visa process exists to make sure that undesirable elements don’t enter the country and cause problems for citizens as well as for the government. Remember that you can migrate to Canada and the Canadian government makes it easy for you to go to Canada as a citizen because it is beneficial to the Canadian government in particular and the Canadian public in general.

If it is not profitable for them, if you’re going to become a burden on the exchequer without there ever being a possibility of you contributing to the economy, there is a big chance that your visa application is going to be rejected.

What are the reasons that your visa application may be rejected while you’re trying to go to Canada?

Criminal record. Even if you have been breaking traffic rules in India (which, for many, unfortunately, is a badge of honour, in India), this can be a cause for rejection. Breaking traffic rules is a serious offence in the first world countries because this can cause accidents and accidents can lead to long-term injuries and death. This is why the government of Canada doesn’t want to allow those people into the country who don’t respect the law.

Of course, it goes without saying that if you have serious legal issues your application will be outrightly rejected.

Another reason could be, not accumulating sufficient points in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). These points are given to you based on your age, your qualification, your work experience, your health and your comfort level in the official languages of Canada, English and French (you should be able to speak at least one of them).

Then, incomplete documentation can also lead to, if not rejection, then certainly delay. If you haven’t submitted all the documents or if there is some problem with the documents that you have submitted, you will be again asked to submit the documents or even apply again.

This is why it is important that you closely work with an immigration agency because then your chances of submitting incomplete documentation are totally eliminated.

Want to know how easy it is for you to migrate to Canada from India? Contact our immigration consultants today and we will provide you all the needed details.

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Why it is very easy to migrate to Canada from India?


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