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Top 10 reasons why Canada is a popular immigration destination

These days you can find scores of websites telling you the top reasons why Canada is a popular immigration destination, but even when there was no Internet, people who wanted to go abroad, always found Canada more preferable compared to other countries. This is why you find a mini Punjab or a mini China in Canada. What we mean to say is, people have been migrating to China for decades now.

Canada is basically a country of immigrants. It was originally inhabited by aboriginal people (also called Red Indians by many). Then in the 17th century, people from France and Britain started coming to Canada and settling there. This is why English and French are the major languages spoken in Canada and if you want to settle in Canada, you need to know one of these languages, or better, both.

Hundreds of thousands of people came to Canada after the American Civil War. There was another wave of immigrants from Europe during the first and second world war.

Why is it that millions of people from all over the world want to go to Canada? Why is it such a popular immigration destination? Below we give you the top 10 reasons why you should consider Canada if you are planning to settle abroad.

1. Canada is a very big country with very little indigenous population

Of course, America is also a very big country and for that matter, there are many African countries that are sparsely populated, so why is it only Canada that people want to go to?

No, we don’t intend to say that people don’t go to America or any other country, but since we are explaining why Canada is a popular immigration destination, we are going to stick to this particular North American country.

Canada has no population problem. It has lots of space. New cities are rapidly being built. Its indigenous population is dwindling and these days it is very difficult to find people who gladly work on construction sites, oil rigs, farmlands, shopping malls, or retail stores (just to name a few). They need immigrants to work on these jobs.

There is no dearth of natural resources. People can easily start new businesses. They can even acquire land and start farming. They can build housing societies and then sell them.

The moot point is, there is very little competition when it comes to consuming natural and man-made resources and hence, the Canadian government doesn’t have to fervently protect its resources.

2. Canada offers a very dynamic range of visas

There are so many variations of visas available to immigrate to Canada that it seems as if the country wants to provide you every possible opportunity to come and settle in Canada. Through almost every visa that you get you can apply for a permanent residency. Even if one of your relatives lives in Canada, he or she can easily sponsor you and once you have been sponsored, you can stay in the country for 10 years and during these years, you can keep on making an effort to settle there as a permanent resident.

If you want to go to Canada, the country offers you the following categories of visas:

  • Temporary visa: As the name goes, you get this visa for a limited period of time. You opt for this visa when you don’t plan to stay in the country for long. You can obtain a temporary visa for studies, to go on a job assignment, or simply go on a vacation. If you want to visit your relatives to attend a marriage ceremony or any other ceremony, then also you can avail a temporary visa. Having said that, even after getting a temporary visa, you can apply for any other visa that can give you a permanent resident status.
  • Student visa: Canada is such a friendly country that even if you go to Canada on a student visa, you can bring along your family as well as your spouse. After completing your studies, you can apply for an open work permit to extend your stay. Even while you are studying, you have the right and freedom to work anywhere in Canada. There are multiple opportunities that you can use to live in Canada permanently even when you have gone on a student visa.
  • Work permit: This is a good way of getting work experience in Canada which can then lead to settling in Canada permanently. Given appropriate educational qualification and work experience in Canada, you can also apply for the Express Entry program that will get you a PR visa for Canada in as little as six months.
  • Super visa for parents and grandparents: As we have mentioned above, Canada offers you a multitude of opportunities to enable you to settle in Canada permanently. For example, children can sponsor their parents and grandparents, especially when the parents and grandparents depend on these children. The elderly get a maximum of 10 years but there are many ways this period can be extended, especially if it can be proven that if you go back, you won’t be able to sustain yourself on your own.
  • Visitor visa: This is like a temporary visa and while applying for visitor visa, you will have to present a proof confirming that you will be going back when the period of the visa has expired. Again, there are many opportunities that you can use to make this visit visa into a permanent resident visa but for this you will have to partner with an experienced immigration agency or an immigration consultant.
  • Federal skilled worker visa(FSW): This type of visa also makes Canada one of the top popular immigration destinations in the world. Through this program, once you have submitted your application, the various Canadian provinces themselves invite you to come to Canada as per your qualification and as per the local requirement. You can apply for FSW visa either from outside of Canada or from within Canada. When you apply for this visa, you are ranked on a point system that allocates various points to your age, your proficiency in English or French, your work experience and your qualification. You need to get at least 67 points out of 100.
  • Business class immigration visa: Do you have a net worth of at least C$ 300,000? Then, is a popular immigration destination, Canada offers you another opportunity to migrate to Canada so that you can set up your business in the country and contribute to the overall GDP.
  • Canadian experience class visa: This is a good way of applying for a Canadian permanent residence visa if you have already acquired experience during your temporary work permit, working in Canada. This requires a minimum of one-year experience working in Canada and a good functional knowledge of English or French, or both.
  • Federal skilled trades program: As we have mentioned above, Canada is in constant requirement of people who can work on construction sites, oil rigs, shops, restaurants and other places where hard physical work is required along with functional technical knowledge. For example, if you are a carpenter or a plumber or an electrician or a healthcare provider or even a hairdresser, this will be a good category to apply under FSTW program.
  • Provincial nomination program: Different provinces in Canada are constantly in demand of various skills and capabilities that cannot be sourced locally. This is why, they score through the applications of prospective immigrants and then send invitations to the selected few. Provincial Nomination Program is one of the fastest ways of getting a permanent resident visa in Canada and one of the main reasons why in recent times Canada has become a popular immigration destination.

Québec has a similar program but since it has more or less its own constitution, it has its own way of inviting people to Canada by the program.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, there are some other categories under which you can apply, but the basic point is, you need to understand that Canada offers you multiple opportunities to apply for various reasons.

3. Canada has very lax immigration rules

By “lax” we don’t mean to say that Canada is careless when allowing people to enter Canada – the country definitely has some rules, some dos and don’ts – but even during economic down times, Canada doesn’t become anti-immigrants. In fact, the economy of the country is structured in such a manner that more immigrants mean a better economy for all.

4. A very people-friendly social security system

This is also one of the reasons why Canada is one of the most popular immigration destinations in the world. Once you have become a permanent resident, you get many benefits such as healthcare benefits, child benefits, Canada Child tax benefits, disability benefits, employment benefits, old age Security pension, pension plans for various reasons and monetary support even for the unemployed.

5. Great job opportunities

As we wrote in the beginning, Canada has no population problem. There are more jobs and less people to take up those jobs. It doesn’t mean it is easier to get a job in Canada – you have to qualify and you need to have experience and you should also be able to speak English or French or both – but more than creating obstructions, the government of Canada along with its various provinces, creates opportunities so that you can get the job you’re looking for.

There are less people competing for a single job. There are jobs available in the IT sector, in the construction sector, in the real estate building sector, in forestry, farming, mining, oil rigging, research and development, retail, transport, engineering, healthcare and medicine, care for the elderly, finance and accounting and a slew of other job categories.

6. Canada is one of the safest countries in the world

In the 2017 Global Peace Index (GPI) Canada is the 8th safest country out of 163 countries. The crime rate is negligible. You can easily move around. Women can come home from work even after dark.

Although it cannot be confirmed that where there is economic prosperity and social security the crimes are less, but this is a general trend. In Canada people don’t have to compete for essential necessities such as healthcare and other factors that improve quality of life and hence, people live a more satisfied and safe life and consequently, the crimes our fewer.

There are very few hate crimes as people from all over the world come to Canada. The politeness of Canadians and their tendency to not get into fights is renowned all over the world. Diversity and inclusion are a part of the social fabric in Canada.

Compared to America, the gun laws are tougher in Canada. You can’t just go to a shop and buy guns the way you can do in America.

7. A great network of immigration agencies to send people to Canada

This is actually a self-fulfilling phenomenon. Since Canada is a popular destination for immigration, more people want to go to Canada and since more people want to go to Canada, there are more immigration agencies providing services to go to Canada, and since there are more immigration agencies providing services to help you go to Canada, more people are going to Canada.

Anyway, the point is, there is ample help available if you want to go to Canada. For example, our own agency provides services to hundreds of aspirants every year and most of them successfully become permanent residents of Canada from India.

8. Cultural diversity

Canada being a popular destination for immigration means that people from all over the world can easily come and settled in Canada, making it a culturally diverse society.

In Canada there are no anti-immigration political parties. When Trump made it difficult for people to come to America and work, Canada welcomed immigrants with open arms. There is no popular resistance against immigrants, as it is in many other countries.

Another reason, as briefly mentioned above, the Canadian society depends on immigrants for its economy and social balance. The indigenous population of Canada is ageing fast and there are fewer people to indulge in laborious activities. On the other hand, younger immigrants who are motivated and energetic, readily take up physically laborious assignments.

Hence, it becomes a win-win situation.

In 1971, Canada became the first country in the world to have an official policy on multiculturalism. A charter of rights and freedoms to protect multiculturalism was included in the Canadian Constitution in 1982, by Prime Minister Trudeau (father of Justin Trudeau, the current PM).

What proves that Canada is among the top popular immigration destinations in the world is the fact that 20% of the total Canadian population consists of immigrants, the highest proportion among the G8 countries. You will find most of the diverse immigrants in Québec, Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia. According to the 2011 census, there are almost 200 ethnic origins in Canada and 13 of these sectors crossed the 1 million population mark. So, you can very well imagine what a diverse ethnicity Canada has, consequently making it a popular immigration destination.

9. Easy travel to other countries as a Canadian citizen

Canada has very friendly relationships with almost all the countries in the world and it is well-known that once people come to Canada, they don’t want to go anywhere else. This is why, if you have a Canadian passport, you enjoy a visa-free travel to almost all the countries in the world. Once you become a Canadian citizen and have obtained a Canadian passport some of the countries where you can travel without having to get a visa include India, Japan, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Nepal, the Philippines, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Switzerland, Spain, Argentina, Mexico and USA, Australia, New Zealand and a wide array of other countries.

10. Good quality, flexible education

Many people migrate to Canada for the quality education the country provides. Whether you’re looking for good education for yourself or for your kids, Canada is easily a popular destination because education in Canada is not just affordable and well-evolved, it is also quite flexible. Whichever combination of courses you want to take up, more often than not, it is available, whether you want to study in a senior school or in a college.

Education in Canada is very affordable. The country has a well-funded education system and at every stage, financial help is available, whether it is primary education, secondary education or post-secondary education. You can get financial help even for private education for that matter.


Canada is particularly popular among immigration aspirants from Third World countries. The quality of life improves immediately. With its wide range of choices for these entries and one of the most robust social security systems, Canada doesn’t just provide you career opportunities, it also provides you support in case you run into rough waters and cannot get a job for some time.

Raising a family is comparatively easier in Canada because for every child you can get help from the government.

The best thing about immigrating to Canada is that, it being comparatively easier to go, once you are in Canada and have spent a few years working there, you can move to any other country of your liking. Apply for Canada immigration by consulting Kansas® Overseas Careers immigration consultants.

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Top 10 reasons why Canada is a popular immigration destination


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