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I Was Injured During Fiesta; What Can I Do?
2024-05-15 19:57
Fiesta is one of the most anticipated and thrilling annual events in San Antonio. This event brings several million people together to watch the parades, enjoy the music, and eat amazing foo… Read More
What Are Texas’ Passing Laws?
2024-04-17 18:14
Texas has a series of laws regulating passing on the state’s roadways. While some may find these laws reasonable and others view them as overly restrictive, they are there to promote t… Read More
The Dangers Of Empty 18-Wheelers
2024-04-03 18:19
When most of us think of large trucks, we see them pulling massive trailers filled with cargo. However, 18-wheelers are often between pick-up points, meaning they are either deadheading (pul… Read More
2024-03-12 20:07
In the heart of San Francisco, a pedestrian faced a life-threatening series of events when attempting to cross an intersection. Struck first by a conventional vehicle, she was then thrust be… Read More
2024-02-14 14:22
Electrocution accidents pose significant risks that extend beyond burns. The construction industry, with its heavy reliance on electrical equipment and power tools, is inherently susceptible… Read More
2024-02-07 18:51
Knowing and following move over laws keeps workers and fellow motorists safe on the road. These laws, found in all 50 states, lay out what you need to do when you come across certain vehicle… Read More
2023-12-06 19:37
Concussions fall under the umbrella term of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), which can lead to lasting and profound changes. A TBI can significantly impact daily life for victims, and can de… Read More
2023-11-21 22:17
Whether you are involved in a car accident, suffer an electric shock from downed wires while walking by a construction site, or are caught in the middle of a machine explosion at work, you m… Read More
2023-11-01 18:38
Accidents involving 18-wheelers can have multiple liable parties, including the trucking company itself. In such cases, San Antonio truck accident victims can file a lawsuit against the comp… Read More
2023-10-25 18:20
T-bone accidents, also referred to as side impact or broadside collisions, are one of the most dangerous and deadly accidents. Many people may assume that these types of accidents are simila… Read More
2023-10-18 18:04
Truck rollovers are one of the most serious accidents in which truck drivers and passenger vehicle drivers can be involved. In fact, these types of accidents commonly lead to fatalities or l… Read More
2023-09-13 19:15
It might be safe to say that anyone who drives a typical passenger car does not enjoy driving around a commercial truck. Whether it’s behind them, beside them, or just in front of them… Read More
2023-08-25 21:23
It may be surprising to discover that San Antonio has several helicopter tours available for those with a desire to see the sights. From several romantic-themed night flights over the San An… Read More
2023-06-06 21:47
Trucks play an essential role in transporting goods across the country, but accidents involving these large vehicles can have some devastating consequences. The aftermath of a truck accident… Read More
2023-02-15 18:33
A wrongful death case is a civil lawsuit that may be brought against someone who causes the death of another person through either negligence or on purpose. Although most wrongful death case… Read More
2023-01-05 22:36
Heavy equipment is used in almost every industry imaginable. Heavy machinery does help to expedite the process of achieving daily tasks, but with that expedition comes a level of risk. There… Read More
2023-01-05 22:23
Heavy Duty trucks, Semi-trucks, and tractor trailers sometimes have a major flaw – They can be very top-heavy. When a tall and heavy vehicle has a weight that is above its center of gr… Read More
2022-11-29 21:09
Losing a loved one is always a difficult experience, but when that death occurs due to an accident or the negligence of others, it can be absolutely devastating. If you have lost a family me… Read More
2022-11-08 22:48
If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, you may be wondering if you need to hire a personal injury lawyer. The answer depends on the severity of your injuries and the circumst… Read More
2022-10-11 14:53
When you think of catastrophic injuries, brain and spinal cord injuries likely come to mind. While these are some types of catastrophic injuries, the concept goes deeper. According to 42 US… Read More
2022-08-08 14:48
It’s no secret that a knee injury can be incredibly painful. But did you know that a knee injury can also be catastrophic? This is especially true if the injury causes long-term or pe… Read More
2022-03-31 14:51
You can sustain a catastrophic injury as a result of any accident or traumatic event, but what makes this type of injury different from other types is that it prevents you from performing a… Read More
2021-10-15 14:15
While most doctors and other medical professionals are competent and attentive individuals who are truly passionate about their work, it is still possible for errors to occur, which can inju… Read More
2021-10-15 14:12
Medical malpractice is a relatively common problem in the United States. Unfortunately, more than 250,000 people in the U.S. lose their lives each year due to medical mistakes. What’s… Read More
2021-07-15 14:20
As you may or may not know, rideshare drivers are required to carry different types of insurance coverages than those who simply drive for personal use. Texas state law requires rideshare dr… Read More
4 Most Common Construction Hazards
2021-01-26 14:00
Construction hazards abound, making construction one of the most dangerous industries in the country. In fact, according to EHS Today, an average of two construction workers die every day in… Read More
5 Ways To Prevent Oil Field Accidents
2021-01-20 14:00
The oil and gas industry is one of the most dangerous sectors in the country. Oil field accidents result in hundreds of serious injuries and dozens of fatalities every year, and the numbers… Read More
2021-01-10 14:00
Like anything in life, there is a process to reaching a settlement after an accident. The car wreck insurance process can vary some from state to state, but there are general steps to take i… Read More
5 Qualifications Of An Injury Lawyer
2021-01-04 14:00
Are there personal injury lawyer qualifications you should look for before hiring an attorney? Absolutely, yes. The size of your settlement may depend on it. If you were seriously hurt at th… Read More
4 Safe Driving Tips For The Holiday Season
2020-12-14 14:00
In this blog, we’ll discuss 4 safe driving tips for holiday season traffic conditions that can help you and your loved ones make the family Christmas trip safely. 4 Safe Driving Tips f… Read More
Injured My Back At Work, Now What?
2020-11-24 14:00
I injured my back at work, what’s next? We are! As your personal injury attorneys, we can help file your claim, gather evidence, & represent your interests. Back injuries are serio… Read More

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