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Church Cleaning | Divine Intervention | Miracle Workers

We need a miracle every day …

And miracles do happen, but divine intervention isn’t necessary to create a beautiful, clean, fresh inviting Church space. Miracles are people and products.

A miracle is an event not explicable by natural or scientific laws. Such an event may be attributed to a supernatural being, magic, a miracle worker, a saint or a religious leader. Wikipedia

Let’s just say that maybe, the church cleaning crew are miracle workers…and some of the products to help along the way? Pretty miraculous too.

We get used to our church, don’t we? We don’t actually “see” it anymore. But, this building, this church has the same maintenance and cleaning requirements as a school, hospital or hotel. What do we see? We see our friend’s familiar faces, and new ones, happy energetic kids upsetting the old folks, a sage Minister, ladies who command the kitchen, friends sipping coffee after service discussing the next book club meeting. We don’t quite see the building as a building anymore.

We may be blind to little “not exactly sparkling clean” areas that hint at our familiarity with this safe and peaceful place. But, after all, it is a building with the same cleaning requirements of a school, hospital or hotel only with an unpredictable cleaning schedule. A wise minister once told her congregation to stop, to be mindful upon entering church. Look around, observe, really “see” the church. The doors, narthex, entry, walls, windows, floors, restrooms, carpeting … are they clean, fresh? Look with new eyes. This is what newcomers will see as they enter this sacred space. What will they see?

So, Look with New Eyes & Think about Church Miracle Workers

Little churches, huge congregations, small chapels, big campuses … all require an exceptional cleaning end product. Cleanliness is next to Godliness and knows no boundaries, big or small.

Churches have unique circumstances affecting how and when cleaning takes place. Even though the predictable nature of Sunday service defines church routine, those who are in charge of keeping the church clean are busy, beyond a “normal” routine. Friday and Monday are the busiest times for maintenance and cleaning crews to set up, break down and clean. Large churches that encompass campuses beyond 100,00 square feet can be especially challenging due to the enormity of ground to cover. Exceptional cleaning methods and results remain the same regardless of size and the element of time must be considered when undertaking especially large cleaning jobs.

Beyond Sunday

For most churches, the array of programs, meetings, potlucks, construction, events, both planned and unplanned translate to a maintenance and cleaning program that never sleeps. With all of these activities, logistics, and configuration of church space with internal staff and outside groups, common areas are constantly being rearranged as tables, chairs and computer equipment are moved and moved again … Set up and take down tasks throughout the week interfere with the schedule of the maintenance crew as they are called upon to pitch in. Something to consider.

Weddings and Funerals

Weddings are planned. Funerals are not. Obviously. In either case, the cleaning crew may have to rearrange their schedules – carpet cleaning, as an example would have to be rescheduled as an unscheduled event like a funeral or celebration of life service takes precedence. Flexibility to accommodate the special needs of the church community is a given. Knowing this helps the cleaning team understand that their role is vital, and will more than likely include coming in to help on their day off.

Sunday School & Kid Space

Churches that are fully engaged in their future offer a full range of programs for children of every age. The Sunday school space is often used as a daycare center throughout the week as well, leaving Saturday to thoroughly clean and sanitize this area in addition to daily surface cleaning. From babies in cribs to teens with guitars, a vibrant kid friendly culture means that the space is probably ripe with germs of every variety. A good disinfectant and sanitizing cleaning solution is critical to keeping these areas sparkling clean and germ-free. This is a good one by the way! Spartan PSQ – Disinfectant Cleaner

Various Surfaces, Floor Composition & Care Products

Unlike traditional buildings that accommodate a wide population, churches may incorporate a complex variety of floor materials for different parts of the campus, which can prove to be challenging. Appropriate cleaning products must be utilized for each surface application. Consider that larger congregations may incorporate the use of brick pavers, stamped concrete, ceramic, carpet, vinyl composition tile, wood flooring and slate. Each surface must be treated and maintained with a specific product and methodology. Acid cleaners work well on ceramic but never on wood surfaces. Slate does not have to be cleaned often but high gloss vinyl should be mopped and scrubbed regularly with periodic recoating. Miracle workers and the best products on earth make this happen. Our “Floor Care” options are available for review and for further consultation, contact us for expert advice @ 800.983.8280.

Everyday Necessities

Just like a business, certain procedures and protocols must be in place to run an effective enterprise. Fundamental products are the key to success in keeping churches running smoothly and efficiently, from a cleaning perspective. Not every congregation requires huge quantities of everyday necessities, but in moderation, every church needs a maintenance closet stocked with these items:

  • Toilet Tissue – Heavenly soft, 2-ply, jumbo roll, recycled, green plus, premium, standard, single rolls, quantity
  • Paper Towels – Brands: Boardwalk, Bounty, Cascades, GEN, Georgia Pacific, Kleenex, Scott, Wausau Paper, Windsoft
  • Air Fresheners – Application: Washroom, smoke & odor eliminator, refrigerators, odor control, fabric, carpet
  • Candle Wax & Chewing Gum Remover – Freezes gum or candle wax for easy removal; tables, chairs, floors
  • Furniture Polish – Wood polish, lemon oil, aerosol, foaming, dust & allergen, natural, wipes, professional grade
  • Neutral Floor Cleaner – Green Certified, industrial, super concentrate, damp mop, degreaser, disinfectant
  •  Window Cleaner – 3M, CFR, Clorox, DAX, Lysol, Quality Park, Read Right, Spartan, Ungar, Universal
  • Carpet Spot Remover – heavy duty, professional instant, paint, oil, grease, natural stain slapping. green solutions
  • Restroom Cleaner – Virucidal, germicidal, disinfectant, bio-renewable, green solutions, organic digesters, non-acid
  • Forks, Knives, Spoons Plates, Foam Cups etc… – Contact us for a tailored product mix for specific need and quantity

Have something to add to this list? Let us know.

We are honored to partner with the church community since 1976!   

 Sani-Chem Cleaning Supplies

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Church Cleaning | Divine Intervention | Miracle Workers


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