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YES and NO Valentine's Gifts

The popularity and reception of Valentine's gifts can vary greatly depending on personal preferences and relationships, but here are ten gifts that are generally well-received:

  • Flowers: Classic and timeless, a bouquet of flowers, particularly roses, is a staple Valentine's Day gift symbolizing love and affection. See about the top florals for Valentine's HERE.

  • Chocolates: Another classic choice, chocolates are often associated with indulgence and romance. Opting for high-quality or personalized chocolates can add a special touch.

  • Jewelry: Whether it's a necklace, bracelet, or ring, jewelry is a luxurious and meaningful gift that can be cherished for years to come.

  • Dinner at a Fine Restaurant: A romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant is a popular choice for couples to celebrate Valentine's Day together.

  • Personalized Gifts: Anything customized or personalized, such as engraved jewelry, custom photo frames, or monogrammed items, adds a personal touch to the gift-giving experience.

  • Spa Day or Massage: Pampering your loved one with a spa day or a relaxing massage is a thoughtful way to show appreciation and care.

  • Weekend Getaway: A romantic getaway for the weekend allows couples to escape the routine and spend quality time together in a new and exciting location.

  • Love Letters or Poems: Handwritten love letters or poems expressing your feelings can be incredibly meaningful and romantic.

  • Tech Gadgets: For the tech-savvy partner, the latest gadgets like smartwatches, tablets, or smartphones can make great Valentine's gifts.

  • Experience Gifts: Consider giving the gift of an experience, such as tickets to a concert, a cooking class, or a hot air balloon ride, creating lasting memories together.

Ultimately, the best Valentine's Day gift is one that reflects the unique connection and interests of the couple involved.


  1. An item clearly chosen without consideration for the recipient's tastes or interests
  2. A self-improvement or self-help book implying the recipient needs to change
  3. A scale or gym membership subscription implying the need for weight loss
  4. A re-gifted item with the original recipient's name still on it
  5. Cleaning supplies or household appliances suggesting chores over romance
  6. An expired coupon or voucher
  7. A framed photo of yourself instead of a couple's photo
  8. A cheap or tacky piece of jewelry
  9. An impersonal gift card without any indication of thought or effort
  10. A dried up plant 
  11. A cheap box of candy from the Dollar Store
  12. A pet that the recipient is allergic to
  13. A subscription to a dating app 
  14. A used or second-hand item from your relative’s yard sale stash
  15. A "breakup survival kit" implying the relationship may not last
  16. A gift that clearly benefits the giver more than the recipient (e.g., a gaming console for the giver's enjoyment)
  17. A generic greeting card with no personalized message
  18. An IOU for a future gift or experience, without any token of affection.

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YES and NO Valentine's Gifts


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