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My Review About The Situation

In Tuesday's morning while I was drinking my coffee I thought about this situation and thought I should share my thoughts with you all. Gfslegion said to people in her profile page GFSLEGION will upload more notes to show girl's true face and then some days later I found user's TheWomanShadow comment on GFSLEGION's story reviews on fanfiction. net.

The comment says from our blog it appears girl is just a human who makes mistakes while GFSLEGION (Trixi) and Grummel83  (Kai) appear to be liars, hypocrites and bullies who possibly didn't like that girl wasn't kissing  GFSLEGION's and Grummel83'sarse as much as Hellraiser-89 (Chris) is kissing it. 

I thought about it and it seems GFSLEGION and Grummel83 are so presumptuous that they don't like when people are disagreeing with them and as the comment says they possibly don't like when somebody isn't kissing their ass as much as they expect.

Take a look on notes and you should understand girl hasn't done anything that can be considered as such a big crime and comment is right. Girl is just human who makes mistakes while they're just liars, hypocrites and bullies. There're notes where girl is freaking out, overreacting, maybe even jealous, said something which didn't make sense and that's sick? No! Count the notes in which you can read all her jealousy, freaking out and overreacting. Sick and mad are people like GFSLEGION and Grummel83 who says that for example 10 times in a whole year is always or every day. That's something that just sick and mad people can say. Girl invades GFSLEGION's privacy? How? By asking how are you just because she knew she can be sometimes very clumsy with everything and not notice everything so she was asking you how are you because girl wished to know how are you feeling GFSLEGION which you could decide yourself if you wish to say that to her or not. Girl didn't wanted to know what you eat, drink or do at that time when she asked how are you. 

Funny that GFSLEGION is complaining about privacy invasion when without my permission GFSLEGION could find out my approximate location with that google analytics tool which is my privacy invasion! Don't complain about what others do wrong especially when you aren't much better GFSLEGION!  

I also would like to know how girl could force them to do anything like coming online every day when GFSLEGION and Grummel83 are living in Germany while girl lives in Latvia. As I know that lying hypocrite and coward Grummel83 Kai lives in Hamburg and if somebody is trying to make themselves look like victims and denies truth then it's GFSLEGION and Grummel83 who does that.

Here's shown their real ugly, unpleasant face. Not pleasant when somebody has discovered you are just a hypocrites, liars and bullies right  GFSLEGION and Grummel83 who're possibly the maddest and sickest liars and hypocrites?

We have provided to you all reasonable explanations, evidence while GFSLEGION and Grummel83 provides to us all sick and mad accusations without evidence! Excuse me but just because you have google analytics tool you can't accuse girl but nobody forbids you to say girl is your suspect! SoulGuardian explained to you that suspecting and blaming aren't the same. First thing is GFSLEGION could be lying and using that information about girl she got in friendship days to lie about girl and accuse her for what she didn't do. Second thing is worse. Worse because if girl's computer is really used for crimes girl didn't do then it will be harder to prove what we already know especially if traces that could lead to real criminal are erased.

I took this from other post which might be deleted after some time. Good hint which you should consider GFSLEGION and Grummel83.

A little hint for you GFSLEGION and Grummel83! You should read less bullshit and find true news then you would understand why she didn't took that job! Girl's not unintelligent slave like you! If you make this into excuse then I wouldn't wish my employer would be someone with your thinking because I'm getting impression you wish people to do as much as possible and pay them as less as possible and that's not good!

Girl wasn't misrepresenting anything. GFSLEGION and Grummel83 are misrepresenting everything in their sick and mad head. Army has brainwashed GFSLEGION so far that GFSLEGION obviously still thinks that sick crazy and mad hypocrite and liar Trixi is in the army where people aren't allowed to freak out and overreact otherwise that's not a soldier who's freaking out and overreacting. Snap out of it! You're not in the army anymore so stop brainwashing people with your sick and mad bullshit you learned in army! Poor when so many people let's you to brainwash them with that sick and mad bullshit.

Worse is GFSLEGION and Grummel83 thinks just they both have rights to do everything including wrong things and when they both do wrong things then that's alright while when others do wrong things that's very wrong!

In short I can say what was said before.

From all these screenshots we all previously have seen we can see that girl's true face is she's nice person who can admit what she did wrong, sometimes freaks out, overreacts and apologizes because girl is a human while your true face GFSLEGION, Grummel83, Hellraiser-89 and sarahthrel is you're just poor meaningless hypocrites, liars, bullies and jerks!

And GFSLEGION with Grummel83, Hellraiser-89 and sarahthrel are also poor cowards who denies and hides the real truth!

It was around the middle of January when GFSLEGION went to police at least that's what I've heard. I was thinking police can arrest simple cyber criminals within few days and within few months those who are more skilled but can't arrest a girl who knows nothing about hiding IP address and hacking in almost two months? That's just getting more ridiculous with each day and more obvious with each day that girl is innocent and when GFSLEGION with Grummel83 are accusing girl for all the sick madness they've come up with they both are actually talking about themselves. Admit it people! You blame wrong person here!

You can see yourselves Grummel83, GFSLEGION, Hellraiser-89 and sarahthrel are poor meaningless, sick, mad liars, hypocrites and bullies who cowardly hides and denies truth and also misrepresents it!


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My Review About The Situation


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