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The Dengue days

4th September, 2011 (Sunday)
10:00 AM (i guess)

Somehow, I woke up. My Body was burning. All my bones were kissing the bed. No joint was willing to move an inch. My mouth failed to make even the lowest of noises. I felt those were the last few minutes of my life, seriously. I tried to think of my dreams that are to be fulfilled. My brain didnt work, et al
All I could do was count numbers in random order - and I was asleep again in a few minutes, no idea how many.

12:30 PM
Oh my Goodness! My joints did agree move this time! I could talk as well. My body though continued to be a furnance. I immediately called and texted my friends to get some medicine for my unbearable Fever and headache. I took Crocin and fell asleep in a ziffy. I woke up at, I dont remember exactly, should be around 5:30 PM. Temperature was under control and I felt Normal again. I thought it was just some fucking flu and ignored it and consumed 2 egg puff. 

I vaguely tried to remember what I had consumed the previous night - A McDonals Burger, A Pizza hut Pizza, 2 Virgin Mozettos and some french fries. Yes, it was a treat from Desto team. It is ridiculous to consider that pizzas and burger raised my temperature. Moreover, I was feeling sick inside since Friday (2nd September). So, just to be safe, I went to the hospital and reported the same. I was given normal paracetemol tablets and was asked to revisit in case the fever persists.

I tried to figure out why such epic fever attacked me but since I Turned normal, I didnt give a fuck.

On Monday (5th September) night, I felt dizzy again. I felt like sleeping. I woke up on Tuesday at 6:00 AM with a fucking hot body. I could sense some 104 degrees Fahreinheit. I immediately asked my friend to call the ambulance. I was hospitalized. It was then that I came to know of an embarassing way being practiced in institute hospital to reduce the body temperature quickly. Some random guy came to me and started wearing gloves. "Remove your shorts" he said. I thought he was attending the wrong patient. "What?" I asked to be sure.
"Remove your shorts" this time, he kind of yelled. Wondering why, having no other option, seeing that no one is watching me, I turned on one side and lowered my shorts a bit just to be sure that it was the same thing this guy wanted me to do... Even before I could do anything more, he took something and inserted into my (_|_). It was freaking cold. Whoosh! I could feel an immediate relief from the heat being generated from my body! This thing, whatever it is, absorbed all the heat coming out from my body and my temperature reduced within minutes. Whatever this guy did, I dont care.

I then gave a blood test - one report came in the evening. It showed all parameters in the normal range except for total count of WBC which was exceeded normal limits - a sign of infection. Dengue fever is characterized by low platelet count. But, in my case, they were fine because my usual count itself is close to the upper normal limit. 

However, doctor advised me to take as much fluid as I can for at least 1 week as he could see signs of dehydration in my body (not sure if this because of Dengue). A minimum of 4 liters of water should go in, is what he said if I remember correctly. My brother came to my rescue by supplying infinite fresh fruit juices and tetra packs. A worried he, called my parents. They were so worried that they immediately took a bus from Nellore and came all the way to my room on Tuesday night. I wonder how, but on seeing them, I felt a great sense of relief. I turned as normal as I am! I had 2 quizzes, one on Wednesday and the other on Thursday and I could take both without much discomfort. Seeing that I am fine, my parents left on Wednesday afternoon after buying me 5 Tropicana Big tetra packs, 1 small tetra pack, 1 flask of mosambi juice - home made, 3 biscuit packets and 2 apples. I consumed every single thing happily in 2 days time.

The other report came on Thursday.
It said, "Dengue IgM +ve (11.71)" 
When I first read it, I thought it said "you are dead". It sounded that dreadful.

Thursday afternoon to evening was again a period of torture - I could experience all heat transfer equations LIVE! conduction from my body to the mattress via bed sheet; convection from my body to the surrounding air; radiation from my body to all over the room...
Again, my brother helped a lot by supplying fruit juices frequently.

Friday, I was normal as hell.
Saturday, again I was normal as hell.

Just when I thought that the fever subsided, Saturday night turned to be a nightmare! Sunday morning story repeated. Bed-sick in my brother`s AC bedroom, consuming fruit juices/glucose/electrol/water at the rate of 1 glass per hour, I somehow survived till Sunday morning. My parents took the pain of coming again and this time, I cried inside on seeing them - Happy tears. 

I went home with them on Sunday evening (in spite of having a quiz on Monday) and stayed there for 4 days. I gave another blood test there that showed Dengue is dying down but some infection is still present for which I was prescribed Antibiotics. Home is THE place to get refreshed. It is as if you press F5. I turned normal on Thursday and started back to Chennai.

This post is dedicated to all Dengue-effected patients in institute :P 

Things to remember during Dengue fever:

  • You can do nothing about it - So have patience and let it go off on its own
  • Fever follows an on and off cycle.
  • A head ache concentrated on the back of your eyes  may kill you.
  • Your taste buds will not work and you will loose appetite.
  • In case you consume cold juices as I did, you will get cold and because of that cold, you will get an extra head ache and fever.
  • If you dont get fever for 2 days, dont think that it is all over and do a head bath (yes, I did). You will be tortured even more!
  • Best thing to do - consume water-sleep-urinate-consume water-sleep-urinate and so on.

This post first appeared on GRT, please read the originial post: here

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The Dengue days


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