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Take a Robust Approach to Business Finance with VCA

Aligning company costs and Financial operations towards organizational goals can help in achieving optimum productivity. Business finance processes involve innumerable tasks such as calculating operational-costs, bookkeeping, budgeting and more. And when done manually, Costing and financial planning can be challenging, time consuming and prone to errors.

Tasks like preparing spreadsheets, allocating budgets and­­­­­­ maintaining ledger books are still done manually by many Businesses. But to minimize human errors and to make goal-oriented cost and financial planning more efficient,more and more businesses are opting for advanced automation tools which can lead to surplus productivity and consistent performance. Among the various automation software, VCA is one of the leading technological solutions that offers a holistic and robust automation framework.

Take a Robust Approach to Business Finance with VCA

VCA not only streamlines business costs and financial operations, but also enhances overall financial health of organizations. The system acts as a financial controller that reduces operational costs and helps in efficient budget allocation. VCA gives businesses control over financial processes and real-time tracking of the data. Let’s take a look at some of the important features and benefits of VCA’s Automated financial system.

6 Benefits of Automating Cost & Financial Operations 

Automation of cost and financial operations bring along multiple benefits that make it worth considering for your business. With VCA’s automated processes, businesses can evolve on a digitized platform, where paperwork is minimized and data is digitally protected on servers. Following are 6 of the many benefits you can experience with VCA automated cost and finance module:

  1. Improve Efficiency & Make Business Cost Effective
  2. VCA automated cost operations streamlines budgeting and financing of businesses. With this, businesses can build a healthy accounting system. Preparing & reviewing financial reports can become easy and fast, giving more time to a company to focus on financial decision-making strategies.The Automated financial system can also prepare customized reports that help organizations in financial analysis tasks.

  3. Accurate Analysis of Time & Cost
  4. When businesses use automated financial and costing systems, tasks become easier and hassle-free.  The automated system sets actual cost and standards, enabling businesses to analyze and measure actual costs that would incur on any particular task. It not only allocates cost but also the time that is required to complete it, to make the task more cost-efficient. This can prove helpful in making business financial planning strong and effective.

  5. Automated Businesses Audit
  6. Business auditing processes can be tedious when done manually. Even more, there are possibilities of mistakes and miscommunication. But with VCA automated module, chances of errors and miscommunication are eliminated. Since VCA keeps a record of all cost and financial operations in real-time, any change in any accounting book is documented in an automated manner for future auditing purposes. VCA automated financing also prevents from the financial losses that can occur due to fraud and other similar activities.

  7. Automated Banking & Billing
  8. VCA’s automated processes add great value to financial operations of businesses by integrating certain processes with affiliated banking institutions. It sets reminders for both payments and collections. Payment of salaries, deposits in company bank accounts, EPF submission and more financial tasks are managed by VCA. Managers can view such data on their visual dashboard. VCA’s automated system can also create invoices and keep records of transactions.

  9. Minimize&Detect Financial Risks
  10.  Minimize and Detect Financial Risks

    There can be lot of risks involved in financial decisions and its implementation when done manually. But VCA’s automated financial system minimizes errors and detects risks before they result in failure or loss. In the event of any task or process exceeding the allocated budget, VCA immediately notifies authorities for a call-to-action if necessary.

  11. Automated Cost Differentiator & Analysis
  12. VCA automated cost and financial processes are programmed to scan and analyze financial data in real-time. It offers an integrated platform that keeps company ledger books updated by recording every single transaction detail. VCA is designed to give visual control to finance managers, where their dashboard displays cost and financial data.Costing and budgeting decisions when made by humans can go wrong and lead to further financial overreactions. Be it tools, workforce, material or any other relevant expense, VCA determines all the different costs involved in completing a task.

Let Financial Automation Transform your Businesses

With its advanced features, VCA adds value to different processes that play a role in the financial health and security of a firm. Knowing more about advanced automation solutions, businesses across the globe are initiating to embrace the change. With VCA’s automated financial module, businesses can transform and prove to be profitable in the short and long run. Preparation of financial statements and studying the budgeting and financial reports can be a hassle-free task now. VCA not only calculates and concentrates the budget towards achieving company goal but can also lead to efficient management and sustained growth.

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Take a Robust Approach to Business Finance with VCA


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