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Wind Turbines For Homes

Introducing one of the most significant green technologies for now, and in the future… Wind Turbines!

Wind Turbines are now gaining momentum faster than ever. It has grown to staggering heights now with the green movement, and people looking to save a lot of money on their energy bills.

Now is your time to catch the wave and incorporate the material which we cover on this page to further your knowledge, get educated, and learn how to take advantage of this information like thousands of families & homes all over the world are now doing.

Getting wind turbines for homes installed normally costs and Avg. price of $7,000. This is a huge expense which the the average household cannot afford. In addition, it can take many years just to get your money back from such an expense. Therefore many people will not sacrifice the time, money & effort to hire a company to install wind turbines…

…Which is the main purpose of this page. We will inform you of ways in getting step-by-step instructions on exactly how to build a wind turbine for your home — ranging from $100 -to- $300. And you don’t have to have any kind of wind turbine “experience“, or be “technically inclined” to do so. Anyone can do this — considering the fact we provide step-by-step instructions.

We will also give an overview of how wind turbines work, along with it’s main parts & functions.

Whether your interest is in ‘going green‘ to reduce your carbon footprint, or saving big $$$ on electricity, or a combination of both — learning how to build your own homemade wind turbine is truly a win/win situation.

in addition, its an opportunity to learn something new! Learning how to build a wind turbine can be a lot of fun with your family & friends.

How Home Wind Turbines Work

When we picture wind turbines, we generally think of the blades -or- the propeller. Obviously there are more parts and inner workings to a wind turbine which we will cover. But first, we will focus on the blades, and then stem off that to show you how everything is connected and powered.

  • Think of the blade as an airplane wing. The air passes on both sides of the blade, however the shape of the blade causes the air-pressure to be uneven…thus causing more pressure on one side of the blade, and less pressure on the other side of the blade. This is essentially what causes it to spin in one direction — The uneven pressure differential!
  • The tail fin is similar to an airplane’s vertical tail fin ,and points into the wind which acts as a navigation & directional system which allows the blades to always be into the face of the wind. This will essentially always allow the blades to spin.
  • The blades are connected to an internal shaft, which also rotates, thus turning the motor/generator which then generates the electricity as DC voltage. Then sending that voltage to a charge controller.
  • The charge controller then either directs the DC power directly to the batteries to bring them back up to optimum charge levels; or if batteries have a full charge already, the controller diverts that power to a secondary load to prevent overcharged batteries.
  • The batteries harness all of the potential (DC voltage/stored energy) that was sent to them until a (demand/load) is acted upon them to deliver the (electricity/power).
  • When the demand for electricity from the batteries are needed, an inverter then inverts the DC current into AC current, which are utilized by almost all homes today.
  • This is the magical process of generating free electricity with a wind turbine that is recycled, reused, and restored for future use.

How To Build A Homemade Wind Turbine Guide
The company GreenD.I.Y.Energy currently stands at the forefront as one of the world’s leading guides in teaching people step by step the exact process for building wind turbines for homes.

Their step-by-step guide allows you to cut your costs to a mere fraction of what it would normally cost you if you were to pay retail for an installation. In addition, if you were to purchase a new wind turbine, and have it installed from a company — the average return on investment would pay you back between 14 to 17 years.

The average costs can run you around $7,000 to hire a company to build and install a wind turbine system for your home. GreenD.I.Y.Energy teaches you how to make a wind turbine for under $220.

And they designed their guide in a fashion that is very simple to follow that a complete beginner can get through the whole guide.

They teach you about the most inexpensive (or sometimes free) tools & materials needed to build a homemade wind turbine.

These are the primary reasons GreenD.I.Y.Energy created theis step-by-step guide — in addition to making it fun — so you can get it up and running quickly & easily — and start producing your own electricity for your home.


“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” ~ Jimmy Ray Dean

So reach your destination, and awaken to the latest & greatest wind harnessing secrets — and start making your own wind turbines for homes like thousands of other people in the world are now taking advantage of.

The efficient use of wind turbines has been used as a source of power for the better part of a century. However, this technology is not implemented in the high majority of homes for a few reasons. Here are those reasons:

  • Generally, almost all wind turbine companies, popular ones such as GE Wind Energy, Nordic Windpower & Clipper Windpower do not offer wind turbine installations for residential homes. Instead, their focus is more on a larger scale projects such as wind farms & wind turbine communities.
  • Second, companies that do offer wind turbine installations do so at prices that’s way above beyond of whats affordable for the average household. We will be sharing some of the easiest & best methods for building your own wind turbines, while saving a lot of money — however, if you do not have the time, and do have the money — these are some of the most popular alternatives — Bergey, Windustry & southwest windpower.
  • And the most common reason is 99.9% of people do not know how to build home wind turbines.

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Wind Turbines For Homes


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