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How to Locate a Cockroach Nest & 10 Tips to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Your Home

A. Signs of Infestation

cockroach nests outside

Cockroach Nest – What are the signs of Cockroach infestation? Cockroaches are known as nocturnal insects, which means that hey choose to be feed or live in dark areas. When you see a cockroach at day time, that could be possible signs of infestation. Usually, cockroaches prefer to stay in moist and dark places to breed or hide.

They can be usually found behind your stoves, sinks, refrigerators and also under your floor drain or inside your appliances. Cockroaches can fit in narrow areas, as they have the ability to compress their bodies.

Cockroach might be found as well beneath your rubber mats and behind wallpaper or within the wall cracks of your home. Cockroaches feces are visible during the infestation.

The small cockroach produces feces which look like black pepper or coffee grounds. While the larger ones expel droppings that are tube-shaped. The amount of feces is usually good signs of infestation. Some of them release unpleasant smells.

Their bodies especially the dead ones can be usually found all over the house. If you noticed and smell musty odor or strong oily odor, you need to take an action for that as there is already serious cockroach infestation in your house.

cockroach nest in house

Oval-shaped eggs or also called as oothecas are oftentimes visible in furniture or in some hidden places such as, spaces between the books. Early intercession is the best key to effectively deal with pest infestations in your home.

The occurrence of live cockroaches in your homes or gardens don’t really mean that you’re having insect infestation. But, when you see huge numbers of cockroaches, egg cases, droppings or shredded skins, then you have pest problem.

You can look for such signs infestation at night using small mirror or flashlight to find the places where they build their nest. In addition, you can set some sticky traps in order to identify the species and it can also help to know the quantity of roaches living in your house.

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B. Common Species

american cockroach nest

There are more than 3000 different Cockroach Species. Some species are considered beneficial in natural environment while some are pests. Pest cockroach species can carry various diseases. What are the common cockroach species you can find in your homes or gardens?

Common household species of cockroach in United States are the American cockroaches, German cockroaches, Brown banded cockroaches and Oriental.

Among these species, American cockroaches are the largest with 2 inches’ body length. While the German and Brown Banded cockroaches are just about half inch long. German cockroaches can be identify with their two brown stripes at their back.

It is very necessary to identify what kind of cockroach species you have in your home because their habitat preferences are different from each other. Knowing what kind of cockroach species living in your homes can give you an idea where to find their hiding homes and on how to fight them.

C. Where to Find the Inside Homes of Cockroaches 

australian cockroach nest

Cockroaches almost have Transformer-like as they have capabilities to fly, walk, flatten their bodies, scuttle and upside down before disappearing in thin crevices. Therefore, these insects are most likely hard to kill. Inside the homes, cockroaches gather and build their nest in moist areas.

They can also be found in places where there is good source of foods. One of the obvious hidden places of these species is in the kitchen of your homes. They prefer to stay in the kitchen because they can easily feed their selves and able to lay eggs.

You can also look signs of cockroach infestation in the cracks behind your appliances, under the cabinets, or near other plumbing.

Most of the cockroach species including Oriental cockroaches may also stay in basements close to leaky, in drains, covered plumbing, wall cavities of the house or in bathrooms, where there is moisture.

D. Where to Find the Outside Homes of Cockroaches 

cockroach baits nest kill

Not all cockroach species prefer to stay or hide in the house. Some of them live outdoors where they can stay out of sight. One of the most common outdoor homes of cockroaches is the garden.

Cockroaches like Wood cockroaches are often lay eggs under the logs or loose bark on the trees. The adult roaches tend to stay in dark locations, in moist, such as under the wood piles or inside the hollow logs, where they eat through rotting organic matters. They may even gather under wood shingles or house siding.

Wood cockroaches also migrate in inside homes. Sometimes, they can be carried on the firewood, then once inside, cockroaches tend to walk and scatter around the house. They can quickly establish their population indoors.

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E. Control Methods to Combat Cockroaches

baby cockroach nest

When you noticed that there is pest in your home, you immediately want to combat them. Insecticidal dusts that contains boric acid, silica or diatomaceous earth are one of the most effective method to use in controlling the cockroach species infestation in your home.

Scatter the insecticidal dusts in your home, where the cockroaches travel & gather, including under the cabinets, appliances or in cracks of the walls.

But, make sure that when you scatter the dust, your pets and children are away from the area. Also, don’t put it in surfaces or areas that used for preparation and storage of foods.

Prevent smelling and inhaling the insecticidal dusts. Roaches baits consisted of insecticides that the cockroaches carry back in their nest areas. The poison can definitely kill some cockroaches.

For better result, you can place it in the corners of the walls where the cockroaches feed & move, such as near trash can, under appliances, and inside cabinets.

10 Tips to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Your Home

cockroach egg nest

The given home remedy is highly useful and effective to eliminate the occurrence of cockroaches in your homes. But, you also need to consider and take care certain matters while attempting to combat the cockroaches. Here’s the things to remember:

1. Avoid inhaling the insecticide and chemicals.

2. The cockroach baits used to terminate these pests may contain harmful ingredients for children or pets. Always keep them away from such chemicals.

3. Clean the area immediately.

4. Don’t let clutter to gather in your house.

5. Putting naphthalene balls inside the cabinets can help to prevent cockroaches from staying.

6. Do not leave dirty dishes outside overnight.

german cockroach nest

7. Keep the bathroom and kitchen area damp free.

8. Clean the floor and kitchen counters with disinfectant liquids.

9. Immediately fix water leaks.

10. Always store pots and cooking vessels upside down.

These simple tips and the above control methods can help to fight the appearance of cockroaches in your homes. But, if you can’t eliminate them with these methods and tips, you can seek the assistance of a professional pest controller. That could be one of the safest and effective ways to kill those pests, as professional controllers are more equipped and know exactly how to handle the situation.

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How to Locate a Cockroach Nest & 10 Tips to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Your Home


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