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Texas Electricity Ratings Blog
The Blog covers Texas Electricity news, prices, and industry insight. It is the only website where you can Rate, Review, Compare and Shop for Texas Electricity Service. Whether you’re looking for a great electricity rate, Texas Electricity news or information, The Texas Electricity Rates blog provides you with the tools to make the best choice for your electricity needs.
Our Bill Calculator Saves Time And Money
2022-08-09 11:36
How Much Should You Spend on Electricity? Use our bill calculator to see how different plans work with your usage. Compare bill amounts to find the plan that works best for your lifestyle… Read More
Stop Summer Drafts To Reduce Energy Usage
2022-08-06 11:44
Fighting Summer Drafts Lowers Your Electric Bill Drafts aren’t just for winter. Summer drafts pull in hot, humid air and make your AC run longer. Find out what to look out for and w… Read More
Can My Texas REP Pause My Rate?
2022-08-03 11:02
How Your Provider Can Change Your Fixed-Rate Contract It’s rare but your REP could pause the rate on your fixed electricity plan so that they could raise the rate you pay. Learn wha… Read More
Is Your Hot Attic Killing Your AC?
2022-07-20 01:26
Will Your Hot Attic Burn Up Your AC? Texas home builders have put HVAC systems for decades. But high summer heat can reduce their efficiency and cost you more. Find out why and what you c… Read More
Simple Crawl Space Hack Cut Cooling Costs
2022-07-16 20:21
How Does Crawl Space Improvement Reduce Cooling Cost? It might be dark, damp, and full of spiders, but if your crawl space isn’t sealed it could be raising your electric bills. Find… Read More
Best Fathers Day Electrician Tool Sets
2022-06-17 19:34
Dads Deserve the Best Gift for Father’s Day It’s shocking to think that not all dads like ties and mugs. So, check out our picks for the best Fathers Day electrician tool gift… Read More
2022 Texas Hurricane Season Begins
2022-06-03 23:11
The 2022 Texas Hurricane Season Has Started! Another above-normal season?Texans are doing a double take at NOAA’s hurricane prediction. Find out why and what you can do to keep your… Read More
7 Ways To Cool Your Home Without AC
2022-05-30 11:17
Can You Cool Your Home Without AC? This summer in Texas will be brutal. But if you reduce your AC use, you could save a lot of money. Find out how with these simple 7 ways. This year… Read More
2022 Texas Hurricane Season Forecasts
2022-05-17 11:02
Above Average Hurricane Season Predicted Forecasts from four major weather bureaus all confirm it’s going to be a busy 2022 Texas hurricane season! The broiling Texas weather loo… Read More
Texas Adopts Electricity Supply Chain Map
2022-05-13 10:44
How Will the Electricity Supply Chain Map Help Texans? The Texas grid is big and complex. Learn about the map that could help grid managers avoid costly emergencies and keep power flowing… Read More
Save! TXU Summer And Winter Discount Plan
2022-05-09 18:40
Unlock TXU Special Discount Plan  If high energy prices and high temperatures in Texas have got you worrying about your monthly electric bill, check out this new TXU plan that comes… Read More
Why Are Electricity Rates Rising In Texas?
2022-05-07 11:49
Are Texas Electricity Rates Rising Faster Than Inflation? Find out why a combination of hot weather and high natural gas prices are raising electricity rates. Learn what to do if you&rsqu&hell…Read More
7 Ways To Keep Cool This Mother’s Day
2022-05-06 01:32
How to Keep Your Cool In Spite of ERCOT’s Warning Keep cool with your mom this hot Texas weekend plus find out how you can reduce your AC usage and save money with our 7 tips! Be… Read More
Texas Electric Plan Of The Month
2022-05-03 23:18
Save With Our Electric Plan of the Month Sorting electric plans is confusing even without rising prices. Let us help you find the best Texas rate with our Plan of the Month for May. Ch… Read More
Could Panel Probe Shade Texas Solar Farms?
2022-04-22 11:26
Could Investigation Stall Texas Solar Farms? U.S. Commerce Department probe into solar panel imports could stall solar farm investment in Texas. Find out how it could increase your electr… Read More
Is The Return To Work Impacting ERCOT?
2022-04-19 17:10
How is Electricity Demand From Work Affecting ERCOT? Back again working at the office might save on your home electric bill, but is work demand straining the ERCOT grid? Find out if it co… Read More
What’s In The ERCOT Spring SARA Report?
2022-04-09 01:39
Does the Spring SARA Show Enough Power for Texas? ERCOT’s Spring SARA report is a useful tool that helps electricity shoppers gauge reliable supply in the Texas market. Find out why… Read More
Is ERCOT Safe From Russian Hackers?
2022-04-08 16:36
Russian Hackers Pose Threat to ERCOT  The Public Utility Commission of Texas is closely monitoring attempts by possible Russian hackers against ERCOT and the Texas power industry… Read More
Jeeves And The Houston Electric Bill
2022-04-01 11:39
Electric Bill Outrage For April Fool’s Day, find out how the omniscient Jeeves rescues his cope-less employer from the terrors of a high Houston electric bill. [With apologies to… Read More
Choose A Wee Electric Plan In Dallas
2022-04-01 11:26
Electricity-spotting the Best Deals in Dallas Ye hev the power to choose! Choose your future. Choose life. Choose a family. Now, let’s choose a Wee Electric Plan in Dallas! With… Read More
Best Electric Bill Savings In Dallas
2022-03-25 20:05
Best Deals to Save on Your Dallas Electric Bill Summer rates could be higher! Now’s the best time to shop to lock in the best savings on your Dallas electric bill! With electric… Read More
Are Green Electric Rates Lower In Dallas?
2022-03-19 17:53
Green Electric Rates in Dallas Can Be Cheaper Too Did you know 100% green electric plans in Dallas can be cheaper than those fossil plans? Find out how you can save money and save the env… Read More
Best Free Weekend Houston Electricity
2022-03-19 11:57
What’s Not To Love With Free Weekend Houston Electricity? If you can shift your highest energy use to when it cost less, then you could save more on your monthly bills. We’ve… Read More
St. Patrick’s Best Houston Irish Pubs
2022-03-12 17:27
Which Houston Irish Pubs Will Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? With Covid lock-downs over, it’s a grand time to celebrate with great food, great beer, and craic! Check out our lis… Read More
Save On Electric Bill Rates In Dallas
2022-03-07 17:50
What Is the Cheapest 12 Month Electric Rate in Dallas Right Now? Finding lower priced electric plans in the spring is usually pretty confusing. To help, we’ve sorted out plans that… Read More
Shop The Best Prepaid Plans In Houston
2022-02-25 12:57
Which Prepaid Plans in Houston Have The Best Rates? Is your electricity plan is expiring but rates will probably come down in April? DON’T PANIC! Find out how Prepaid Plans in Houst… Read More
Shop The Best Pre-Paid Plans In Dallas
2022-02-18 12:37
Which Pre-Paid Electricity Plans Are the Cheapest Now? Are you just DONE with shopping electricity plans while you’re waiting for the spring shoulder months? Learn how pre-paid elec… Read More
CES 2022 Best Energy Gadgets
2022-01-21 12:21
CES 2022 was virtual but amazing and cool! Learn about our picks for the Best Energy Gadgets for your home in Houston! Which CES 2022 Gadgets Save Energy?  Billing itself as &ldqu&hell…Read More
Grab A Cheap Electric Rate In Dallas
2022-01-14 18:47
Which Texas Electricity Providers have the Cheapest Rates? Grab the cheap rate that fits your usage right here! Check out these 12-month electricity plans in Dallas! Looking to grab a… Read More
Find The Cheapest Electric Bill In Texas
2022-01-12 12:26
Which Electricity Plans Offer the Cheapest Rates in Dallas If your usage isn’t working for your current tiered or bill credit plan, now’s a great time to shop these plans offe… Read More
Find High Use Electric Deals In Lucas
2021-12-30 12:53
Using more than 2000 kWh a month? Get a cheap rate to power your high use electric. Find out the best deals and start saving! What’s the BEST 12-month for High Use Electricity? A… Read More
Which Long Term Electric Plans Cost Less?
2021-12-29 12:46
Do Long Term Electric Plans Work For Customers? Because rates are climbing, long term electric plans are still very competitive with shorter 12 month plans. Find out how you can save with… Read More
See These Christmas Attractions In Texas
2021-12-19 11:26
Top 3 MUST-SEE Sights for a De-Light-Ful Christmas in Texas Even without the snow, there’s great holiday attractions with markets, cowboys, and lights! Check out these three great p… Read More
Great Gifts That Save On Electricity
2021-12-18 12:07
Give a gift that helps your loved ones save on electricity this winter. Smart thermostats are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s lots more you can stuff in their stocking! Which C… Read More
Compare Cheap Electricity Deals In Allen
2021-12-10 20:48
How to Get The Lowest Electricity Rates in Texas There’s lots of tough choices when you need to compare electricity deals. See whether a short term or longer term plan with a low ET… Read More
Get 12 Month Electricity With Low ETF Rate
2021-11-29 12:35
Some cheap electricity plans can strike you out with expensive early termination fees. See how getting a low ETF rate plan can help save you money this year over the long term.Which 12 Month… Read More
Do Fixed Rate Electric Plans Save You More?
2021-11-19 12:07
Do fixed rate plans REALLY save you more money than flat rate plans? We compare two of the best head to head. The results are surprising!Is Fixed Rate Electricity the Cheapest? When it comes… Read More
Get The Best Electricity Treat In Plano
2021-10-29 11:16
If you’re looking for the best electricity in Plano this Halloween then TREAT yourself to how much you could save with these great cheap electric plans.The Trick to Cheap Electricity R… Read More
2021-10-15 11:04
As new weatherization rules are debated in Austin, many Texans wonder if they’ll again scramble for bottled water and firewood as they did during Winter Storm Uri. Is the Texas gr… Read More
2021-10-11 16:06
Savvy electricity customers know that timing is everything. Fall’s falling electric prices means you snag plans like these with low monthly bills.Can You Take Advantage Of Falling Elec… Read More
2021-10-01 11:07
Tiered rates and bill credits offer you crazy-cheap rates as long as you jump through all their hoops. Want predictable monthly electric bills? Get a fixed rate 12 month plan so you can stay… Read More
2021-10-01 11:03
Nothing is supposed to be cheaper than free, right? But the key to not losing your shirt is to understand your own usage. Learn what to watch out for when you shop free electricity plans and… Read More
2021-09-24 11:06
A no contract electricity plan can be a shrewd short term solution while you wait to shop low shoulder month rates. Find out the best no contract electricity plan to get you there and save!B… Read More
2021-09-19 11:03
Amaze and astound your roomate!Let us show you who had the best low use rate in Ft. Worth. See how much you can save when you lock in a cheap, low-usage plan now!Best Electric Company for Ap… Read More
2021-09-10 18:05
So you’re AC and appliances are all working great and you’re conserving energy like pros. So why are you getting a high Houston electric bill every month? Find out why the wrong… Read More
2021-08-27 11:32
Price isn’t everything. When you compare electricity deals in Aldine according to your usage, you’ll see which low rate plans actually cost you less!What Is The Best Electricity… Read More
Who Has The Best Low Use Rate In Houston?
2021-08-20 11:42
Can you afford to keep your cool during record heat? You can when you know how to shop for the best low use rate in Houston!Can You Power Your Apartment For Cheap? The sweltering heat of Aug… Read More
Most Popular Ft Worth Electricity Plans
2021-08-13 20:53
Don’t be cowed by the herd of  popular electricity plans available in Ft. Worth. We’ve corralled and sorted through them all. Check out which ones are the best at saving y… Read More
Who Has The Best High Use Rate In Dallas?
2021-08-09 11:01
Energy rates are rising. If you’ve got a big house then lock in the best high use rate with one of these great Dallas light companies.Compare the Cheapest Electric Rates With summer ga… Read More
Shop Free Night Electricity In Tomball
2021-08-06 19:15
Are free night electricity plans for real? Yes! Learn how to adapt your usage patterns so you can save on your Texas electric bills.Which Tomball Electricity Plans Offer Free Nights? Texas h… Read More

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