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Grill with Thrill: BBQs for your Outdoor Spaces

4 Different Grills for Outdoor Spaces

The mercury has started climbing, and it is the time to get out of your indoors and spend more time in your outdoor Barbeque area. It is that time of the year when you show-off your culinary skills to your family and friends. BBQs allow you to be experimental with food.

If you want to make barbecue that everyone would enjoy you have got to ensure that you also have got the right equipment for the job. These days there is a variety of options available in BBQ grills. Depending on your requirement and purpose, you can choose what suits you the best.

While you select, you need to keep in mind that the option that you choose, should be up to the mark and of a good quality. The quality of the BBQ grill that you use will show in the quality of the food that is cooked.

Types of Outdoor Barbeques

1. Gas Grills

The gas grill is for those who need a quick start to their BBQ evening. Gas BBQ grills do not require a very long preparation time and can fire up very easily and quickly. This allows you to begin grilling the food material right away. This is one of the most used grills in the market. You need to get a natural gas connection from the utility provider in your area. The gas barbeque grills also run on bottled propane. Though there is not a major difference between natural gas and bottled propane, the use of natural gas or methane is convenient and affordable comparatively. If you choose to use bottle propane then these bottles can be refilled when required.

Gas Barbecue Grills For Quick Start BBQ EveningThe gas Barbeques range from $100 to few thousands. The lower end versions of the gas grills will have aluminium bodies. It may have one or two burners depending on the size of the grill. The gas barbeques also have porcelain covered steel bars. When you want grill marks, this option is great. The high end versions of gas barbeques will have three to five burners, a burner on the side for heating pans or pots and a sturdy stainless steel body. The grilling surface will have iron grates, stainless steel bars, bent sheets of stainless steel or porcelain covered steel bars. Though the flavour of the grilled food is not same as that grilled on a charcoal BBQ, the gas barbeques prove to be a quick option for barbeque evenings.

2. Electric Grills

The electric barbeques are great for the city people. If you live in a condo or an apartment then this option is the one for you. The electric barbeques are powered by electricity. You are not required to fire up the barbeque. Based on the space that you live in and your requirement, you can choose between the outdoor and indoor electric barbeques. These barbeques do not produce any smoke so it is perfect for indoor use as well.

However, the flavour of the food cooked on it is nothing near to the one cooked on a charcoal grill or gas grill. Though the food is cooked well but the smoky flavour is absent. The electric barbeques are available at prices ranging from a hundred dollar to five hundred dollars. These BBQs do not require a very high maintenance. The only additional cost is for electricity. These can be stored in the same way as the other barbeques.

3. Portable Grills

The portable barbeques come with a lot of merits. First of all, as the name suggests, these BBQs can be carried along on camping trips or picnics. The portable barbeques are designed to work on charcoal as well as propane depending on the availability of the fuel. These range in sizes. There are ones that are perfect for four to six people and then there are ones that can serve up to fifty people in a go.

The portable barbeques are not very expensive and easy to carry around. You will find the right grill for your use from thirty dollars to two hundred dollars. While selecting the right one for your use, pick BBQ grill that is not very heavy and yet is durable. The quality and durability play a big role here because if the grill is not made of a sturdy material then it will not last long. It is also important to select the size of the portable barbeque depending on your requirement.

4. Charcoal Grills

Best Smoked BBQ Experiences With Charcoal GrillThe classic charcoal barbeques are the most famous BBQ options. It is the absolutely perfect option for those who love a laid back barbeque evening. A charcoal barbeque will cost you anywhere between a hundred dollars to a two thousand dollars. The food cooked on a charcoal grill is seared well as the charcoal burns at a temperature higher than gas. It takes up to 45 minutes to start a charcoal barbeque as the coal needs to be fired up. The food cooks slowly on it in comparison to the above options.

The charcoal barbeque has an added cost of charcoal everytime it is used. Cleaning this barbeque is a task too as the ashes of the burnt charcoal need to be disposed off with every use. But these things can be easily overlooked when the flavour of the food cooked on the charcoal barbeque is in consideration. It provides the right smoky flavour to the grilled food. The cooking surface of a charcoal BBQ is either porcelain coated steel bars or plated steel. This gives great grill marks to the food. These bars can be cleaned easily with a wire brush.

Based on the demand, brands have developed BBQ grills specially designed to serve a small group to a large number of people. ProjectLink brings to you a few of the best BBQ grills form its collection:

a) Retrofit Barbecue

Electric Barbecue For Instant Barbecue PlansThis single plate BBQ is an electric barbeque that offers an efficient performance. It consists of a sealed quad layer ceramic insulation that is unique. This directs the heat to the cooking surface constantly. It heats up the entire surface instead of a certain area. This enhances your cooking experience. This single plate BBQ is reliable and durable. It is very easy to install and maintain and is energy efficient.

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b) Equal Access Double Barbeque

This BBQ is designed to serve your purpose of a great barbeque time as well as low installation cost and efficiency in energy consumption. It weighs about 320 kgs and has a LDX Duplex Stainless Steel 2205 non warping cooking plate. You can adjust the temperature upto 320 degrees Celsius. It also has a child safety option that allows you to push the on button and hold for 6 seconds to start the grill. It can be connected to solar grid on request. As per your requirement you can also get a stand alone barbeque installed.

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c) Custom Built Enclosures Barbecues

Custom Built Enclosures BarbecuesThe custom built enclosures barbeque is designed for those of you who like to follow an energy efficient lifestyle. This BBQ grill is known to use up to 70% less energy in comparison to the existing technologies. It uses only 1800 watts energy per hour of cooking. It is easy to install. This BBQ grill can be installed indoor or outdoor and is easy to maintain.

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d) Double Plate Park BBQ

The double plate park BBQ is made using a maintenance-free stainless steel which allows it be placed outdoors in any weather condition. It uses up to 70% energy to work in comparison to other BBQ grills. This double plate park BBQ comes with an optional solar grid connection. The cooking surface has a sealed quad layer ceramic insulation that allows the heat to be evenly distributed to the surface for cooking. It comes with a safety audible alarm.

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Grill with Thrill: BBQs for your Outdoor Spaces


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