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How to increase your email subscribers with instant pop-ups by Rares Banescu

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Email is one of the most powerful marketing channels that you can use to deliver a message. Learn how to increase the number of those who gets your message.

Gathering customer contact data is essential for any business. The more email addresses you have in your list, the more people will hear you, means will find your Newsletter in their inbox.

If you read this, you probably already realized the value of an email marketing campaign. And if you’re willing to make the effort to increase the number of subscribers to your Newsletter, you should ensure that new subscribers are good. A higher number does not necessarily mean a success if newcomers are not part of your target audience. Better to have 50 new good subscribers than 500.

How you can use pop-up windows to increase the number of subscribers to your Newsletter

In an ideal world for marketers, customers should be enjoying whenever a pop-up window appears to their desktop and … it doesn`t let you see the content that interests you. Although they can be annoying, pop-up windows still exist because they really work – pop-up windows can increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter with up to 400%.

If you`re afraid of the reaction of your readers who might feel offended by nosy windows, there are ways you can make them more attractive:

Design: exactly as a landing page, the way the pop-up looks can greatly influence the results. Make it look good and reliable. At the same time, it should offer consistent information, so that users won`t believe is simply advertising.

Title: tell about benefits, promise them that you will solve a problem; in other words, draw them attention!

When it should appear: Some marketers say that the ideal time to pop up’s appearance is after 15 seconds from accessing the page, others say that after 60 seconds. But it’s best to test on your site.

Size: it should be large enough to attract attention and to include the information that you want to transmit to the user; It`s not indicated that the window to be much higher than the content contained within it. Consider how it appears on mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.).

Section / Special bar in the website header: header is one of the most visible areas of the site and it can even be made to move up and down while searching. Add a call to action attractive for users to click and then complete contact details in the special form. Newsletter subscription form must be as short as possible and concisely. You can actually just ask the users email address.

Trick: To stand out, the call to action bar must be colored differently from the rest of the page.

How to use exit pop-ups

The idea behind this technique is that you can track the cursor movement, so that when it approaches the close window button, to send a window pop-up notification. The surprise element is strong and allows the user to show him something interesting. Notification must, of course, include a form for filling out the contact details.

Services like offers this trigger for your site.

Where is better to place your exit pop-up

1. Top right corner

The area in the top right corner of the site is where visitors expect to find a newsletter subscription form. Posting the form in this place makes things easier, especially for visitors who appreciate you and you don`t have to convince them to subscribe.

2. At the end of each blog post

If one reads the whole article on your blog means that piece of content has attracted his attention and considered it valuable – this is a good occasion to ask his email address. Give him something in return, such as a set of guidelines included in an ebook.

According to a case study, realized by Conversion Voodoo, the number of those who have subscribed to the newsletter increased by 36% just by adding the text “Enter Your Email Here” in the field where the user should write the address email.

Before the test, the field had no text. The result makes sense, because when entering text in the gray box, it became more clear to users what they should enter in the field. When typing, the current text disappears.

Other tips

1. Add option to subscribe to your newsletter with social media accounts

Newsletter subscription option it can be easily inserted into certain social networks. Facebook is one of the friendly networks, where you can find a lot of applications that allow you to add a special tab for registering email addresses of users in the database of the company.

2. Promotional offers for new subscribers

Offers discount vouchers to new newsletter subscribers. It’s a technique practiced by biggest sites of e-commerce, such as H&M.

3. Contest for new subscribers

Also, a good idea is to organize a contest or a raffle. Ask participants to fill in your email address in the registration form for the contest.

3. Be transparent about the frequency of sending the newsletter

Even you probably wouldn`t like to wake up every day with three emails coming from the same online shop. Tell your users how often they will receive an email from you, if they subscribe to your newsletter. Use words like “week”, “month”, “periodically” etc.

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How to increase your email subscribers with instant pop-ups by Rares Banescu


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