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She’s Sick Of Hosting Her Husband’s Best Friend’s Family Every Other Weekend And Feels Like It’s Straining Her Relationship, But She’s Not Sure How To Get Out Of It

This 29-year-old woman and her Husband, who is 34, have been married for two years and do not yet have children.

However, her husband is best friends with a Family of four. And apparently, the family just invites themselves over to her house to get a “night out” every other weekend.

Her husband doesn’t even invite the family to come over. Yet, he cannot say no, and every time the family asks, they are persistent about coming– even if she and her husband do try to say no.

“And when they come over, it’s at least $100 in expenses just for groceries since we’ll be cooking the dishes and snacks that the kids love,” she said.

So, she’s attempted to talk to her husband about not having the family over so often. However, he keeps claiming that they can’t just turn down the family each time they ask.

Plus, even if she and her husband say no to one weekend, the family will just ask to come over the following weekend, and it creates a whole cycle.

Regardless, she never even enjoys the hangout or has a good time. She just feels constantly stressed out and tired of hosting them on Saturday and Sunday.

Now, there was about a three-month streak when she was able to successfully avoid seeing the family by planning out her weekends either with other friends or with travel plans.

“And one weekend, I just refused to allow them to stay over and cook meals for them,” she added.

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This did seriously upset her husband, but honestly, she didn’t care. She felt like she just needed to rest and relax before the work week ahead of her, and she wanted to destress without worrying about other people.

Still, during that streak, when the family didn’t stay at her house, her husband went to visit the family at their house.

And afterward, he claimed that the couple’s younger daughter, who is 2-years-old, missed “coming home.” Apparently, the little girl also put on a backpack and said she wanted to “go to uncle’s house.”

This actually brought her husband to tears and made him super emotional. And now, the family is pushing even harder to stay at her house every other weekend again.

That’s the last thing she wants, and she really just wants to get out of this situation and stop feeling so obligated to host the family at her home.

“It’s stressing our relationship financially, mentally, and physically,” she vented.

But she’s still just not sure if not wanting her husband’s best friend’s family to stay over every other weekend actually makes her the jerk in this situation.

Can you understand why hosting so often makes her stressed out? Would you want to have regular houseguests every other week? How can she handle this situation with her husband and make him understand her perspective? What would you do? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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She’s Sick Of Hosting Her Husband’s Best Friend’s Family Every Other Weekend And Feels Like It’s Straining Her Relationship, But She’s Not Sure How To Get Out Of It


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