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She And Her Ex Broke Up 6 Months Ago After He Found Out He Had A Child, But Her Parents Secretly Invited Both Her Ex And His Son To Their Thanksgiving Dinner In Hopes Of Getting Them Back Together

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This twenty-six-year-old woman and her ex-boyfriend named Tom were together for a couple of years.

And unlike many daughters, she got pretty lucky– because her parents absolutely loved her boyfriend.

In fact, Tom would be invited to every single family function, and her parents constantly talked about him and her as if they were already married.

About six months ago, though, everything changed in a matter of one day. More specifically, Tom randomly found out that he had a child from a one-night stand that occurred just before they started dating.

And at first, she tried to be understanding and roll with the situation for a few months. But as time went on, everything simply became too overwhelming, and she did not want to deal with so many issues so early on in the relationship.

In turn, she ended up breaking up with Tom and truly believed it was for the best. Her ex, though, had a different perspective.

According to her, Tom desperately tried to get her to stay with him. He even reached out to her parents and got them to try to talk her out of leaving.

She was not having any of the pressure, though, and told her parents that if they did not drop the topic, then she would go no contact with them.

So, thankfully, they did, and she has spent the last six months trying to piece her life back together.

Aarrttuurr – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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“I have Tom blocked on everything. All of the mutual friends know the score and are good at keeping things separate, and I am dating again,” she revealed.

So anyway, this past Thanksgiving, she showed up at her parent’s house as usual and expected to have a traditional holiday dinner. Lo and behold, though, as soon as she walked in, she saw Tom and his now toddler son sitting in the living room!

Apparently, her ex stood up “all happy” to see her and went to say hello. But she was shell-shocked and immediately turned around, walked out of the house, got into her car, and drove back to her hotel.

Soon after, she received a call from her mother asking where she had gone and why she had left. But she basically told her mom to stop playing dumb.

“I told her she knew damn well why, and I asked why Tom was there,” she recalled.

It then came out that her parent’s still considered Tom and his son to be family and did not want to father-son pair to be alone on Thanksgiving.

And even though she kind of understands that, she still questioned why her mother conveniently forgot to mention that she was about to run into her ex in her own childhood living room.

And at that point, her mom faltered. First, her mom stalled on the phone, then her mom admitted to knowing that she would not want to see Tom on the holiday.

So, her mom claims to have set up the surprise just to get her there– because, apparently, her parents are convinced that she still loves Tom.

Moreover, they thought that if she could just see “how great” everything was going with him, then she and her ex would end up reconciling their relationship.

Understandably, though, her mom’s meddling just infuriated her. First of all, she does not want to be a step-parent right now, especially not in this particular situation. On top of that, she has already moved on!

So, she told her parents that what they did was beyond wrong and really out of line. She also ended up going home and telling her parents that she hoped their Thanksgiving with Tom would be everything they hoped it would be.

And afterward, she just shut off her phone for the rest of the day to collect herself and calm down.

If you could not have guessed, though, as soon as she turned her phone back on, she had countless texts and messages from her parents. Some of them were even from Tom himself using her parent’s cell phones.

She opted not to listen to them, though, and just deleted them all. Then, after one week of not speaking to her parents, she finally decided to reach out to her mom again once she had calmed down.

Thankfully, her mom did ultimately apologize for just springing Tom on her like that.

And during that conversation, she reiterated that her parents needed to stop hoping she and her ex would get back together since she honestly does not want Tom in her life at all.

At that point, though, even more beans were spilled– because it came out that her parents had also invited Tom to Christmas, too!

“Evidently, he now has sole custody of the kid, and my parents have been playing grandparent,” she explained.

“But I told her that any function Tom is at, I will not be at, and if they ever spring him on me again, that will be the last time we speak for a very long time.”

Ever since then, though, her parents have accused her of being straight-up cruel. They claim that by giving them an ultimatum, she is forcing them to choose between her and Tom.

On top of that, her parents also threw in a side dish of guilt by claiming that Tom’s son “needs a family.”

To be quite honest, though, she really could not care less if her parents wanted to play grandparent or even be friends with Tom.

All she wants is for their relationship with Tom to be kept completely separate because she wants nothing to do with it.

Despite her believing this is perfectly reasonable, though, she has recently gotten some pushback from friends.

More specifically, after people heard about the whole situation, they actually accused her of acting like a petty jerk.

So now, she has been left wondering if refusing to visit her parents after they attempted to get her and Tom back together was actually justified or if she was really in the wrong.

Can you imagine walking into your parent’s house for Thanksgiving and seeing your ex sitting in the living room? Why do you think her parents believed that would work? Did she have a right to turn around and leave? How would you have handled the situation? 

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She And Her Ex Broke Up 6 Months Ago After He Found Out He Had A Child, But Her Parents Secretly Invited Both Her Ex And His Son To Their Thanksgiving Dinner In Hopes Of Getting Them Back Together


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