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Why Overcoming Obstacles Is The Key To Your Success in Network Marketing


There will be Obstacles in building a successful network marketing business. The fact of the matter is, there will be obstacles in pretty much anything good you are working to achieve. The key to success is getting past those obstacles. Building a successful home business is well worth the effort getting past the obstacles.

We are in a business where products must be sold if we are to earn commissions. At first, the goal is to get the costs of product and other expenses covered. Whether you are intent on covering expenses or earning a substantial full time income, it all comes down to one thing: marketing or promoting your products.

There will be obstacles. It doesn't matter what kind of business you are in. It's just a simple fact of life. Your success depends on how you react to the obstacles that come up. There will be health issues, days when you just have the blahs, family obligations, some family members and friends may disapprove of your business building, starting out with money issues, mindset, self-sabotage and limiting beliefs, marketing methods that fit your style and lots of other things.

One example is finding ways to promote your business or product in a way that feels comfortable and good. Over the years I have seen many distributors who started by trying one or two marketing methods and didn't see results so they got discouraged and gave up.

There are many ways to promote your business. Some ways work well for one person but for another person, not so much. We all have our own personal style and what fits our personality will be different from what someone else may do. If your marketing does not fit comfortably with your personality, you will not stick with it very long. That is why testing different marketing methods is important. Find out what works and fits your style. If one thing isn't working, adjust and try again or try something completely new.

An obstacle isn't something that has to stop you. It just makes you change direction a bit. If you are on a trip headed toward a destination and you come across a Detour or road closed sign, you don't stop your trip, you just find another route.

Here are a couple things to keep in mind when obstacles come up:

Tap into Success - There are plenty of people who have went through similar obstacles and kept going in spite of it all. Surround yourself with those kind of people. Attend events, listen to audios and other trainings, read books and newsletters. These things will help you have a determined mindset that will be there when the obstacles arise.

Daily Activity - Income producing activity. Not organizing your office or files but productive activity, marketing and promoting your business, getting people to your web site and connecting with prospects. Some days you will do more than others but the key is to keep moving forward, making progress.

A Never Give Up Attitude - This is the attitude that will get you past the obstacles. There is always a way around or over an obstacle. Be determined to keep going and get past the obstacles. Do NOT Give Up!

Keep Testing - Test, Test, Test! In order to find what works, Test, Test, Test! Test different ads and marketing techniques, test headlines, test niches, test what images you are using, Test, Test, Test! I have had distributors tell me advertising doesn't work after running one ad for a few days. Seriously?? You're telling me that after one try?? NO! You have to find what works for YOU! Test, Test, Test! ;)

If you stick with it, working a little every day, you have a pretty good chance of getting there.

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Why Overcoming Obstacles Is The Key To Your Success in Network Marketing


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