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Vote for Someone You Can Trust - Bernie is Right - Corporate Control is the Problem

In This Election - Vote for Someone You Actually Can Trust

There is only 1 surefire way to do this - base it entirely on the voting record rather than what someone says in their speeches to try to "win"  trust as if this were some kind of parlor game to insult everyone's intelligence.

People rarely change at the age these politicians are - so the strongest indicator of how they will act in the future is how they acted in the past.  A voting record is the strongest indicator of someone's likely future actions and decisions in government.

Corporate Controlled vs Big Government and 2-Party Politics - What is the Real Problem?

Highly polarized 2-party politics is a problem in America. Yet we act as if only 2 highly polarized sides have the solution or best choices, at opposite ends of the political pendulum.  Unfortunately, the problem is more complex, because there is a reason why both parties are equally wrong.

The Republicans will have you believe that Big Government is the problem.  The Democrats will have you believe not enough government or regulation is the problem. Both use these arguments, where they continue to debate inside the very picture they should both step out from.

It's like the saying "look at the entire forest, not just the trees."  Neither side is telling the real story - the fact that corporate-controlled government is actually the problem for both the Left and the Right.

Everyone, including Democrats and Republicans, need to wake and stop letting the corporate-controlled government and media continue to avoid this issue and look only at the Democrat and Republican "ideals" within the debates.  The larger issue is the corporate vice grip on America.

This distraction of both parties just wags the dog and avoids the central issue - corporate controlled rich one-percenters who run America at the expense of everyone else.  We're talking about the 1% who use the 99% and also both Democrats and Republicans as a means to their own greedy ends.

The 1%ers are so rich, that they have managed to pay off scientists and politicians to lie to everyone saying global warming is a hoax and a myth.  To them, it is as Al Gore said a long time ago, an "inconvenient truth" to their corporate Un-American agenda.

They have enough money to get experts to tell others that obvious truths are a myth - in spite of all the signs in nature that clearly state "It's Global Warming, Stupid."  That should tell you how bad things have gotten, and how extremely rich and powerful these corporations have gotten.  It's time everyday American people vote properly and no longer let these tyrannical overlords have their way.

Bernie Sanders is Right

Bernie Sanders is right about what he says in his speeches about the need for massive changes to the power structure and control, rather than just pursuing the status quo, as most politicians will do.

If someone other that Bernie Sanders gets elected, what will result is corporations will continue their current policies of "more of the same" and nothing will change.  Things could even get worse.

We need sweeping, revolutionary changes and we need better than just small compromises and promises.  We need to have fundamental change in this country so that corporations stop their massive exploitation of the little people (that is, anyone not a millionaire).  Who doesn't believe that?

People like Elisabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and perhaps a few others are the truly ethical, right-hearted and wise representatives of the common people that the Founding Fathers had always envisioned to represent the common, everyday people of America.  Both of these individuals are the  ones truly speaking to the heart of America's soul - the people.

Bamboozling the Taxpayer “Left and Right”

We see too often in our unfortunate 2-party politics game that the taxpayer is often tossed to and fro, with decisive words and slick speeches about what is good and what is bad about the other side’s policies and decisions or actions.

What this does is gravely distract the taxpayer from the obvious real problem at the heart of the matter.  Both sides are wrong and there is a better way, a different way, a third way that these two polarized and pendulum-swinging sides just can't see or refuse to acknowledge,  Only Bernie has.

Today, much freedom is lost and more corporate controlled government rather than truly democratic government of the people, by the people, for the people - encroaches on every area of our lives.  But we can put an absolute stop to this and power-bust the monopolies that were allowed to thrive beyond belief for the last several decades.

Be Careful

Both sides are often controlled with textbook string-pulling of rich and powerful corporate lobbyists and interest groups.  The result is a a bunch of unintended consequences that backfire on both sides and force everyone to bargain using drastic measures that make hardly anyone happy, except the super-rich and powerful.  Can anyone say "Real Estate Bubble?" and "Great Recession?"  Just remember who lost and who won by getting bailed out.

Other issues include: pollution, the resulting global warning, the resulting harmful health effects, pesticides, allergies, pharmaceutical dependencies, rise in diseases and pestilences, mosquitoes, etc; an absolute conundrum of cause-effect-interdependent problems and relationships ensnaring common every day people and the government, continually.

Yet these issues are the price of making the rich richer, that corporations are willing to pay.  Is it worth it while we lose our planet in the process?  Even the 1%ers who have children - don't they care that there may no longer be a planet for their own?  Apparently not.

The politicians and corporations distract you with the constant shiny-object arguments that pull you away from the real issues that must be faced and changed in America.  Social justice is a must.  You must vote for someone who promises real change, who is not a mouthpiece of the establishment.

When you vote, base your decisions on the facts and records, not on false promises, debates of the moment, commentator opinions or the opinions of possibly skewed polls.  Heed the signs.  Vote smart and vote right, let your conscience and common sense be your guide.

Look at the prospective candidate's voting record on critical issues, a key indicator of what they will continue to do rather than being distracted by their slick logic in a debate or their showmanship, false advertisements, accusations, media manipulations, crafty words and other tactics.

The Real Problem - Corporate Control

Both sides advocate policies that result in overspending, corporate control and big government..  These are all anti-capitalist, anti-freedom and anti-liberty approaches to the issues.   The massive corporate control is achieved via thousands of splinter groups that are part of the same corporate cause, but give the illusion of  independent support.  This is how they are hiding their support and spreading out their campaign contributions..

Both sides use words like “freedom and liberty” to take your eyes off of the obvious, that there is a very powerful and concerted effort of corporate control behind the propaganda.  What a sham.

Vote for Someone You Can Trust

Vote for someone you can trust, who will bring a smaller, but more highly regulated non-corporate-controlled government - one that stands up for ordinary human beings and their rights, the 99% and not the massively privileged and rich 1%  who are too sold out to money to care about anything else.

Otherwise, with the kind of set-up we have today, we might as well be considered to be living in a type of virtual dark ages of sorts with a virtual caste system and a matrix-style system of control.

Is our destiny to be continually enslaved by debt and controlled by corporations that exploit us in every way possible?  Big data and marketing is continually getting people to spend spend spend rather than save and invest.

The corporations find ways to steal your privacy for the mighty dollar, target-market you non-stop and only want consumers that spend rather than creators and innovators who in their own right make something that can compete - as it is meant to be in a truly Capitalist system.

I don't know about you, but to me, these things are just not right.  Vote for someone you can trust and who has the willingness to make it right - someone who is not a sellout.  Keywords - trust and no-sellout.

Only someone trustworthy will stay the course to do everything they can to make things better and make things right as they lead by example and do not accept contribution pay-offs and buy-offs by the rich.   Look at their record - their actions speak so much louder than their words ever will.
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Vote for Someone You Can Trust - Bernie is Right - Corporate Control is the Problem


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