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How To Buy Property In Dubai From Russia ?


Dubai’s luxurious real estate market has attracted asset buyers from around the globe, including Russia. With its tax-free environment, stable political climate, and high rental yields, Dubai offers an attractive choice for Russian traders trying to buy assets in remote places.

This manual will stroll you through everything you need to know as a Russian citizen searching for shopping for actual property in Dubai. We’ll cover the prison requirements, office work required, using a buyer’s agent, financing alternatives, areas to invest in, and more.

By the end, you’ll be well-prepared to navigate Dubai Property Market and make legitimate funding.

Why Are Russians Buying Property In Dubai?

Russians increasingly buy property in Dubai due to the emirate’s solid political and economic surroundings. Dubai offers several attractive elements:

Tax Incentives

Firstly, Dubai provides a tax-loose environment that appeals to Russian traders. Unlike in Russia, customers no longer must pay capital profits or ongoing assets taxes while buying a home in Dubai. This lets Russians maximize their funding returns without additional expenses.

Luxury Lifestyle

Beyond the price range, Dubai offers a glamorous lifestyle with posh retail centers, great eating, leisure sports, seashores, and general sophistication that caters to rich Russian tastes.

Investment Opportunities

Dubai’s belongings market, especially buying off-plan homes, offers many probabilities for capital profits even earlier than tasks are completed, maintaining the chance of substantial income. Dubai’s reputation as a worldwide business hub also appeals.

High Returns

Expansion of infrastructure and Dubai 2040 grasp plan affect the demand for housing progressively. Dubai offers the best apartment yields globally, with apartments typically returning around 6% annually. Cheaper fees, more space, and higher returns than Moscow make Dubai especially attractive for Luxury Properties In Dubai For Sale .

Capital Appreciation

Dubai’s increasing market and population boom expect an increasing call for housing, offering buyers possibilities for enormous capital returns while lowering buy-in necessities.

Residency Incentives

Spending over AED 1 million on belongings without delay qualifies buyers for a residency visa. This additionally guarantees reliable tenant demand, presenting steady apartment profits. Moreover, the GCC unified Tourist visa also attracts Russian shoppers to Dubai real property.

Proximity To Russia

With just a 5-hour flight from Russia, Dubai offers comfort and the possibility to benefit from the emirate’s burgeoning tourism and actual estate sectors.

Steps For Russians Buying Property In Dubai

Follow these key steps as a Russian to purchase your ideal Dubai property successfully:

1: Determine Investment Objectives

Firstly, decide why you are Buying Dubai Property and your financial goals. Key questions to ask yourself include:

  • Is this for investment income, capital growth, or lifestyle enjoyment?
  • What is my budget?
  • Am I planning to rent it out or live there part-time?

Your objectives will determine the property type and locations to focus your property search. If you choose an off-plan property , browse through this list of things to consider when buying an off-plan property.

2: Select Dubai Investment Location

Research areas that align with your goals. Top locations for Russian investors include:

  • Dubai Marina – upscale waterfront apartments with an urban lifestyle
  • Palm Jumeirah – premium beachfront villas and apartments
  • Downtown Dubai – luxury high-rise apartments next to Burj Khalifa
  • Jumeirah Beach Residence – modern properties overlooking pristine beach
  • Business Bay – affordable high rental yields on studios and 1-bed units

Other freehold zones include:

  • Dubai Sports City
  • Emirates Hills
  • Dubai South
  • Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)
  • Business Bay
  • Jumeirah Islands & Jumeirah Village
  • International City
  • Arabian Ranches
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Midriff (specified plots)
  • Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT)
  • Old Town
  • The World Islands
  • Discovery Gardens
  • Dubai Investment Park (DIP)
  • Dubai Marina
  • Dubai Motor City
  • Falcon City

3: Choose Between Off-plan And Ready-To-Use Property Market

The Dubai property market offers off-plan projects sold directly by developers and Ready-to-use properties. Off-plan usually has lower entry prices and flexible payment plans spread over construction. However, completion may take 2-3 years, and properties cannot be rented out.

Ready-to-use properties cost more upfront and don’t offer payment plans, but they are ready for immediate use. The choice comes from your budget, timeline goals, and risk appetite.

A: Buy Off Plan Property From Developer

  • Inspect the property plans and development site, and show units to understand what is being offered.
  • Confirm the project is registered with RERA, which provides buyers protection.
  • Complete a reservation/application form providing personal and contact details.
  • Select the specific apartment, villa, or townhouse unit to purchase.
  • Depending on the developer and scheme, pay an initial deposit, typically 10-50% of the unit price.
  • Receive an initial ‘oqoodi’ agreement of sale certificate in your name from the developer.
  • Make subsequent installment payments linked to construction milestones.
  • Pay DLD transfer fees of around 4% of the total value at various stages.
  • Receive the final handover completion certificate and keys upon full payment and unit readiness.
  • Register a change of ownership with DLD and DEWA for utility connection.
  • Property laws and procedures are updated frequently, so check with DLD and RERA for the latest requirements.

B: Process To Buy Ready-To-Move Property

  • View the property with a RERA-licensed real estate agent and conduct inspections
  • Sign an agreement of sale/MOU with the seller and pay a deposit (usually 10% of value)
  • Clear any existing mortgages or outstanding payments on the property
  • Obtain a no objection certificate (NOC) from the developer clearing all fees
  • Register the transaction with the Dubai Land Department (DLD) along with both buyer and seller
  • Pay the remaining amount to the seller and registration fees (4% transfer fee, title deed fee, etc)
  • Mortgage registration with DLD if taking a new loan
  • Pay any maintenance/service fees to the developer/owner’s association
  • Receipt of title deed issued under buyer’s name from DLD
  • Update utility ownership with DEWA and pay connection fees

Legal Paperwork

Title Deed

The original title deed is one of the most important legal documents proving property ownership. It contains details of the property like location, boundaries, owner name, date of transfer etc. It establishes the legal owner of the property.

NOC (No Objection Certificate) From Developer

For off-plan properties being built, an NOC from the developer is required. It confirms that the property is free from legal issues and all dues have been cleared, giving no objection to the sale.

Passport, Visa, Emirates ID

The original passport, valid visa and Emirates ID of both the buyer and seller are required legal documents for verifying their identities and residency status in Dubai.

Form F (MOU – Memorandum of Understanding)

It is a legal contract signed by the buyer and seller in the presence of a witness (usually real estate agent) at the Registration Trustee’s office. It outlines the terms of sale, like payment plans. A security deposit is also paid here.

Choosing The Right Dubai Development

With thousands of project options in Dubai, selecting the optimal development is crucial.

Here are tips for picking an ideal property project as a Russian investor:

  • Developer Reputation – Stick to award-winning developers with long, successful track records in Dubai real estate
  • Construction Progress – For off-plan, 30-40% completion is the ideal balance of capital gain potential and project risk
  • Location and Amenities – Pick established prime areas with community facilities, retail, and lifestyle offerings
  • Property Features – Modern unit fittings and technology maximize rental demand
  • Return Potential – Focused on higher yields, aim for studio/1-bed units averaging 8%+ gross yields

Our property experts can provide personalized recommendations on current market opportunities matching your investment objectives.

Property Taxes And Fees In Dubai

Fee or TaxRate in AEDApproximate Ruble Value
Land Registry Tax4% of Property Value Plus AED 5404% of Property Value Plus ₽ 13298.79
Registration Charges for Properties up to AED 500,000 in Value2,000₽ 49254.78
Registration Charges for Properties Above AED 500,000 in Value4,000₽ 98509.56
Mortgage registration fee0.25% of loan + AED 10 fee0.25% of loan + ₽ 246.27 fee
Mortgage processing feeUp to 1% of the loan amountUp to 1% of the loan amount
Valuation Fees2,500-3,500₽ 61568.48 – ₽ 86195.87
Oqood Contract Fee(if purchasing through a developer)4% of Property ValueN/A
Conveyance Fees6,000-10,000₽ 147764.34 – ₽ 246273.90

Financing Dubai Property Investment

Utilize the optimal financing strategies for your chosen Dubai property:

  • Payment Plans – Off-plan property can be paid in flexible installments over 2-3 years
  • Equity Finance – Self-fund purchase price through existing capital
  • Mortgage Loans – Borrow up to 80% of property price from UAE banks

As a foreigner, securing a Dubai Mortgage requires a minimum direct equity contribution. Have finances ready before making any payments.

Ready To Buy Your Dream Dubai Property?

Dubai offers among the planet’s most lucrative and secure real estate investment destinations for Russian buyers. With the proper guidance, financing, and partnerships, you can seamlessly add Dubai property to your global investment portfolio.

Our Russian-speaking property advisors make buying property in Dubai easy for you as an investor abroad. We handle everything from sourcing ideal projects with guaranteed returns to full post-purchase management.

Contact us today for assistance finding and financing the perfect Dubai development to match your lifestyle and investment objectives!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Main Reasons Russians Buy Property In Dubai?

Russians are attracted to Dubai’s tax-free environment, luxury lifestyle, high rental yields, investment opportunities, and capital appreciation potential. Proximity and residency incentives also play a role.

What Locations In Dubai Are Popular With Russian Property Buyers?

Top areas include Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Residence, and Business Bay for their lifestyle offerings and rental income potential.

Should I Buy Off-Plan Or Ready Properties In Dubai?

Off-plan has lower entry prices and payment plans but takes 2-3 years to complete. Ready properties cost more upfront but can be used immediately. Choose based on your budget, goals, and risk tolerance.

What Is The Process For Reserving And Paying For Off-Plan Property?

Reserve by paying a recoverable booking fee to the developer, usually 10-20% of the purchase price. Keep making payments on schedule until you settle the outstanding amount before receiving the keys.

What Legal Paperwork Is Required For Buying Dubai Property?

Key documents include title deed, NOC certificate from developer, passport/visa/Emirates ID of buyer/seller, sale agreement Form F, and receipt for registration fee payment.

How can I Finance A Dubai Property Purchase As A Russian?

Options include payment plans for off-plan property, self-funding through existing capital, or mortgage loans covering up to 80% of the property price.

What Taxes And Fees Apply When Buying Dubai Property?

You must pay a 4% land registry tax, registration fees up to AED 4,000, 2% estate agent fees, and mortgage registration and processing fees, among others.

How Do I Evaluate And Choose The Best Property Development?

Assess developer reputation, construction progress, location, property features, and expected returns. Focus on gross rental yields above 8% for solid demand.

How can I Manage My Dubai Property Investment From Russia?

Work with a specialized propеrty managеmеnt company that can oversee tеnant acquisition and lеasеs and maintenance and utility payments and rеntal incomе rеmittancе.

Why Work With Real Estate Advisors For My Dubai Property Purchase?

Expеriеncеd rеal estate advisors simplify thе buying process by recommending thе idеal developments and sеcuring financing and nеgotiating purchasеs and handling post purchase management.

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How To Buy Property In Dubai From Russia ?