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Digital Human Live Shows Become a Hot Topic: AI+ Digital Human Technology will be a new trend in the market

Nowadays, the appearance difference between Digital people and real people is getting smaller and smaller. Compared with some low-cost virtual anchors with rigid voice and rigid body movements, the “digital person” can combine deep learning, digital human rendering, and other techniques to present vivid and realistic interactive performance, whether it is lip movements, facial expression or body posture, which is tantamount to a real person.

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Digital human live-streaming apps are happening everywhere

In fact, the application of digital people in the live broadcasting industry can be traced back to the Double 11 in 2020, when many brands used the early 3D virtual “AI anchor” to bring goods. Later, more international brands began to use Procter & Gamble, including Procter & Gamble, Philips, Shiseido, and Clinique, for live streaming.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays that just ended recently, many online real anchors rested, and “digital people” anchors were quietly on duty. Some broadcast rooms clearly write “AI anchor”, but do not look closely and real anchor is no different.

The 24-hour live broadcast of digital people can realize long-term and continuous content output and is not limited by the language, ability, and energy of anchors. Compared with real anchors, it can be applied to live broadcast on different platforms, different regions and different categories at home and abroad.

At the same time, digital people can also lower the threshold of small and medium-sized businesses in the industrial belt, providing a way to simplify the operation process without site preparation and equipment preparation. Most importantly, digital people can return people’s attention to the content or the product itself, and digital people’s live broadcast will transfer the factors that affect the effect of the live broadcast from the anchor back to the product and the content.

Artificial intelligence generation capacity drives the development of digital people

It is worth noting that 2023 is a year of AI running, and also a year for digital people to regain new vitality.

Industry insiders evaluate that the era of AI digital people to upgrade the brand store broadcast has come. The development of AI digital human technology will bring about a universal “technology equality” revolution. High-quality store broadcasting services will no longer be the exclusive business of big brands. Technological innovation can help enterprises and brands reduce costs, and also insert digital wings to the real economy.

With the mature application of AI technology, virtual digital people will accelerate their pursuit of public life. According to statistics, from 2021 to 2022, there were 57 financing cases of digital human track, with a total amount of 4.461 billion yuan.

In the first half of this year, in the related investment of AIGC, there was an obvious structural boom in multi-modal, cross-modal, and cross-modal projects, which all saw the development potential and application scenarios of digital people. With the rise of the chance, digital people take advantage to start.

Under such a market background, based on the hot market demand, many Internet giants have to seize the digital person market. It is understood that Ali Cloud (BABA) Dharma Institute machine intelligence lab for merchants to provide virtual anchor technology in Taobao broadcast room; Tencent (TCEHY) launched “smart film digital person”; Baidu (BIDU) digital person “gas” has been speaking for McDonald’s.

WiMi Hologram Cloud will revolutionize the digital human industry development paradigm

In addition, AI tech giants Microsoft (MSFT) and WiMi Hologram Cloud (WIMI) have also entered the game. Earlier, artificial intelligence giant Microsoft (MSFT) announced that it will launch new AI digital employee solutions for Asian enterprise customers, aiming to further improve enterprise work efficiency and productivity.

Microsoft’s new generation of AI digital employees, based on the international version of Azure, can achieve a wide range of logical thinking, multi-modal generation, and leading city expertise for customers, helping to further improve the efficiency of AI digital employees.

According to the data, WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI), as a technology enterprise focusing on 3D rendering, AR, simulation, and AI vision technology, is committed to realizing digital transformation through technology empowerment. In addition, WiMi Hologram Cloud has strong technical capabilities in virtual simulation and integrates AI, digital twin, AR, and other technologies to empower digital people and realize the conversational artificial intelligence interaction of virtual people. In the future, it will extend to the multi-modal interaction function of digital people, so as to achieve cross-dimensional upgrading.

In terms of AI digital people, WiMi Hologram Cloud can realize the diversified marketing effect of AI digital people through customized marketing and personalized promotion, which can be more closely combined with the brand and create more marketing gameplay. For example, AI digital people created by WiMi Hologram Cloud can have stronger user experience attributes in the fields of e-commerce, social networking, and live broadcasting. In the future, they can also realize digital human shooting and production methods, such as text generation, audio generation, image generation, video generation, and 3D model generation.

Even more, some upgraded digital human anchors can also identify netizens’ barrage, accurately answer questions in real-time, and use multi-dimensional interaction to simulate the effect of live broadcast with goods.

The application of each technology is actually a limiting test of the hard-core innovation technology but also forces the continuous evolution of the technology. WiMi Hologram Cloud has also been exploring the application of various cutting-edge technologies, and its vision is to build a digital technology engine to drive the future of the digital economy. When the era of AI comes, we can see that the WiMi Hologram Cloud has created new possibilities based on AI technology. In the future, we will continue to explore the combination of virtual digital people and various fields and hope to provide more creative and marketing ways for brands through the operation of digital people and AIGC marketing.

To sum up

Digital human is an important application form of artificial intelligence technology in the field of video. It is a combination of various technologies and has a very wide and rapidly developing application prospect in live broadcasting applications. Guosheng Securities research report said that the future use of AI digital people will be far not limited to anchors, customer service, etc. In the process of building digital content in the future, digital people will be integrated into social, creative, and sharing, and is expected to become a multi-modal killer application after GPT 4. In conclusion, AI digital people is a historic technological innovation that changes the workflow and production patterns in all walks of life.

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Digital Human Live Shows Become a Hot Topic: AI+ Digital Human Technology will be a new trend in the market


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